The Critical Factor

The most simple of techniques I would recommend is that of observation. Once the critical factor is sufficient one will wake in the dream state, and experience a state that has been experienced by many called Lucid Dreaming. Following this it is very easy to propel or repel the body once it is free from the entanglements of the physical body in deep slumber.

Before going to sleep I tell myself that I will astral project. I repeat this as many times during the days and evenings as necessary until I project. The body is not unlike a machine that when you keep feeding a command to do some thing eventually it will do that. In truth you are willing yourself to project by command. Or, in the case of Lucid Dreaming you are willing yourself to wake in the Dream State. Often times I awake in a Dream State and realize that if I become only a little more aware of my body that I will fully awake. So Lucid Dreaming does take some mastery to fully realize the benefits which are immeasurable.

I have been told by friends that 'they have tried to astral project many times' but without success. There are a variety of problems that will keep one from astral projecting. I first projected when I was 18 years of age without any problem largely due to the fact that the first book I read on astral projecting clearly stated that I, the reader, would astral project and indeed harmoniously astral project. In fact, the author unrelentingly repeated this statement over the breadth of the book through every page. Though I had not as yet astral projected at this time I felt the courage and ability was already in me due to the repeating mantra of the author's words. In fact, this became the process of my first technique: I repeated the mantra "I will astral project, I will astral project " over and over again. The repetition of the mantra would always give results within a 3-day period.


Time Is the Answer

Of the difficulties an astral traveler may have the real problem comes down to making sufficient time. This art of astral travel takes a dedicated time to accomplish.  A practitioner needs to be alone and quiet within a totally comfortable space to project. Relaxation is the key. Sufficient desire to become relaxed is the beginning to accomplishing astral projection.

I do not wish to confuse anyone when I use the words 'astral project' with a full awake practice, for I always project in my sleep through the process of awakening in my sleep or popping out of my body. Though in the past I have experienced conscious projection with very striking results, there were difficulties. I will not recommend this process to those reading this page, as conscious awake astral travel takes a great mastery for wise results. I will simply say that during 'awake astral travel' l was slammed into my body due to a large noise nearby and the discomfort caused when entering the body so rapidly has kept me from practicing the awakened process for the time being.



When I practice the following, I Astral Travel or experience Lucid Dreaming without fail.

1    Relaxation is the key. Lay on your back in total comfort making certain you have no tight clothing, heavy bedding or other distracting constraints on your body. Adjust your pillow so that your neck is level - or remove your pillow entirely. A small cushion beneath the neck is usually adequate. Make certain your bed is sufficiently warm and has good support. If not, lay on a pad on the level floor.

2    Begin the deep breathing process. Your breath is like a bellows that is going to keep a fire going. This fire will propel you through the air like a rocket. It is as easy as that. Some times when you are out soaring about you will hear your breath as it fills the bellows to fire your rocket ship. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. It is as important to exhale as to inhale. Breathe in a state of relaxation. Your deep breathing will open up your nervous system and cause your physical body to vibrate and attune to the astral body.

3     Choose a target. The place you are going to go - describe it to yourself. I usually ask the Universe that I can go some where and then repeat this desire many times before it occurs. I allow my desire to become very strong 'to go to a distant place' where I know a lot of energy will be necessary to visit and be exchanged - such as another planet. It is as if my body is storing up energy in preparation to propel my astral body to this distant place. Open the channel to that target with love. Make a sacred agreement as in all processes of conviction. And place a protective power covering around and through your body through what ritual you practice. If you are going to visit someone it is best to tell them ahead that you are coming. That way they can enable themselves to join you ahead of time. As in life always treat the astral planes and other astral journeyers with respect. On the astral planes the laws of gentle play are even more true. As in other practices preparation makes the journey more fulfilling. But, desire is always the key.

4   Allow your body to vibrate. When you are very still, while breathing deeply and relaxed, your body will become magnetized and it will begin to vibrate like an iron filing - as an electrical stream of energy is pouring into you. Allow this process to happen gradually and as you become more accustomed to it until all the muscles and bones of your body are vibrating or bathed in this current. Your limbs will eventually go to sleep as well as the rest of your body and you will no longer be aware of your physical body other than your breathing. Then tell your astral body to project as soon as you slip into sleep. This process has never failed me.

Before I sleep if I meditate (now) on my third eye chakra I will project, whether I am conscious that my body goes into the state of vibration (or not), as in the past.

One sure way to experience Lucid Dreaming is to write your dreams down in great and critical detail. Examine to length what you remember in your dream as soon as you wake up. Make the effort to record every detail as you see it. This is only an exercise to make you reach the critical factor, leading to the goal where you will eventually realize you are conscious in your Dream State, or Lucid Dreaming. Soon your mind will be recording the dreams as you are having them in your sleep. It is a simple heartbeat away from this to say 'I am there, I am awake in my dreams'.

There are a number of books written on the process of Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming, of which I have made a list of, the URL is at the bottom of the page.

A focused positive faith will always lead to a positive outcome. Keep in mind that 'desire' is the key. The level of desire will equate the nature of the results. Will, in astral practice, is the ability of relaxation and attunement as you adjust to the astral planes. The repetition of this practice will bring results.


Mostly I enjoy the flying and the powerful movement that astral travel gives you; the going to places in the dream world or astral worlds and having full cognizance of what is going on about me thrills me.

I hope that you find the time in your life to practice this art. Your time and effort will bring you many rewards of joy and peace.



Once you have control of the vibrational state, you are ready to leave the body.
BOOKLIST ON ASTRAL PROJECTION AND LUCID DREAMING List of Sources for Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Mind Travel, Remote-Viewing
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