Below is a drawing of the two tunnels seen while astral gazing over the area near the Csejthe Castle

Fireside Chat 

2nd Draft Re-Edited October 23.2006

(first placed on website October 19, 2005)

As we celebrate the ancient holiday of weirding this October.


The Bathory Account

Looking Deeper into the Surrounding History and into the Carpathian Mountains


I will never be able to give a full description, one that would satisfy me, of the Carpathian Mountain region where the phenomena of subterranean worlds truly exists.


I can only speak a small part here on this page. There are so many layers of thought, energies manifesting, new styles of adaptation and things and places magic. This place is magical!

The enduring desire to accomplish, succeed, to be known, is at a most powerful zenith in this area, having made up in the past the personality of the many people seeking elite structure who inhabited this region. Their ghosts still very much active – very much alive.

The residue of the game of hide and seek, struggles for power grabs, is intensely manifest in this area, as the dual personality seeking attention is highly prominent in the nature of surface dwellers’ minds.

However All that which seeks to be hidden, is also easily viewed by those who practice the art of long viewing, astral projection, and the use of time travel.

We humans are on the verge of knowing the practical application of our gifts again, the powers of seeing and being in other dimensions, naturally unfolding with and then without the fears of trials and anxiety. Immortality is now, always has been, very much there for our asking. There is no transition of time – no planetary bodies moving through space, no stars winking in the Heavens; only Your Mind and God’s Mind. Immortal consciousness – whole.

The Journey which I am going to speak of and the journey you are invited on, is a place in which can be viewed a people who built, exploited, were spat upon, courageously protected, warred over, spilled barrels and pools of blood for; and yet this place is still as clear and harmoniously available as nature intended it to be for all those who wish to enter – even today. Now.

Here is the story:

A while back, quite a while back, I read of a lady who once lived in Romania. She was one of the worst temptress, murderess, cosmic screw ups, historically on this plane. Everything wise- she did just the opposite to. Her life was full of receiving terror and giving terror. Her name – Lady Erzsebet Bathory, of Transylvania.


What lead me to re-examine her life and her ways, was born more from a state curiosity, in the back of my mind I felt that there is a hook here into the Inner Earth, after all distraction and attraction work for one primal goal of the universe’s intelligence – to reveal, reveal-ation. I had taken up reading werewolves and vampires again, since I had spoke with one individual concerning the adaptation of monatomic gold into the body through the taking of blood of the priestess’ of Egypt. A direct line of wisdom purportedly secreted in the mysteries in Translyvania.

Following receiving this information, I took journeys into portals around the planet and at one time was attacked viciously, barred from entering the Inner Earth, by creatures that come from this culture of vampires and werewolves. I then decided to take on task, the getting to the bottom of this, at least to satisfy my own need to know, and in that, still another major doorway to the Inner Earth, cracked open.

But first I need to find the ‘place of awares’ (the ritual altar), walk down the weirding hallway, enter several circuitous routes, travel through 3 large caverns…before entering the high expansive caverns containing the long plains of the Middle Earth. How wonderful the Inner Earth is.


My Journey begins

Fri Oct 7, 2005  1:13 pm


took a little peek into this person's world

be prepared these are not folk you want to be around

for very long, energy very active still

there is some talk concerning her mentor

there is some subterranean activity in the area, which

may have some effect as to what occurred in the castle

one of the teachers, was receiving information through

one of the cavern vestibules, mostly animal sacrifices

- then there were relics placed

Like dominoes….falling, hold on…


Sun Oct 9, 2005  12:00 pm

Subject: the gold pyramids  

Right now, I am going over the land of what we call Transylvania, Romania and there is a tunnel or tunnels in the root of the Carpathian mountains, 2 deeper, one major in respect of going deep. In measure as how do these energies/entities of these tunnels control the politics of the outer surface areas through empowering Stephan Bathory. Which appears to go back to Egypt and the grid of golden pyramids that surround the Earth in a belt, which control the surface magnification/ electromagnetic current. I am accepting that there is one machine in beneath the Gaza plain/plateau that is alternating the frequencies of the subterranean gold pyramids, changing weather currents, causing earthquakes, pressuring political climate, particularly control of CIA agendas...which are demon-strating as testing human spirit – that’s their moral (sap) cover.


As we talked about early, this machine or machines beneath Gaza are hooked into machines on Mars, primarily, but not alone.

This horror show, the killings of the girls at the Castle Csejthe, were a continuation of what had been happening through time, up from and into prehistoric time. A degeneration of spirit from a previously exalted current, of an ancient society. Which some claim are hooked into the tunnel systems beneath Rennes-le-Chateau.

(note: after studying this phenomena – of 14,000 B.C. to 900 A.D. I believe there is enough information that all that happened at the Csejthe Castle was a an intense thumbnail of what went down over a period of several thousand years dealing with genocide and very high minded (austere) predatorial priestess’ as well as a strict order of queenship)

There is a woman I am seeing very clearly who claims this territory of the Carpathian Mountains, prehistory. She has a small shield on her belt and has a fur covering, her hair was full, fair skinned. It appears that the reptilian agenda is to complicate and breakdown the female human character in the eyes of humankind. As the female historically has been the root of the major spiritual changes, upheavel-s. Through the rumors of duplicity marginalize the true nature of Mary Magdalene. Who is a supreme immortal.

I am sensing that all the wars that were the concerns of these people who came into the Carpathian regions were to deal with those who already were there, genetic accountability through a measuring stick of some kind. The native woman, heads of their clans, received information from the elder shamans to go in and remove certain genetic strands. That the ones who came in from the north were fair skinned and the locals were rougher. Rougher in the sense that they were probably smaller, darker complexion, spoke different tongues of ancient languages, that were poetic, but yet bothered the tribes from the north.

That this came over much later as this genetic memorex into the 17th century and persevered in a very strange universal plausible anathema, that of severe witch-crafting, vampirism, blood letting. That those of the lineage who were set out to destroy the primitive cultures ended up leaving some damnable history far-reaching into pre-history.

Even into the 14th and 15th centuries genocide was rampant, part of the continual self equating ritual; if you  picked up a stick it was very probable than not, it would fall on some one’s head that day, most probable, several heads.

There is no escaping that these fair hair ladies of prehistory were set on doing, in order to supplant their people and children in place, for their order to benefit. Their desire was the self-murder of lower(?) cultures through pressures, incantations, blood letting ceremonies. In truth these powers still dominate Eastern Culture European and of the Americas.

They are telling me I have a limited understanding of such matters  

Whoever or whatever is guarding the entrances and sub-regions of the Carpathian Mountains is very monstrous. The 'rough' skinned people originally of the area, probably have a deep folklore concerning these monsters.



Tue Oct 11, 2005  12:48 pm

Subject: Monstrosities at the Carpathians              


Monsters are hard to avoid when one goes trekking into the Earth. For unknown(?) reasons they are given a home there, established to block areas ...from us savage surface humans.


I have seen the Erzebet Bathory entity, she is a biter and very quick. What is not stated in any of the readings (I’ve come across) is that she is small; she was physically abused by several people taller than her. Also I believe she was either given poison or took poison herself when she was 15 in order to cover a second pregnancy or in a ritual of transformation, a concoction/potion that went bad, and portions of her spirit were removed or drained. Which may have diminished her moral constraint-s, even implanted a predator animal instinct.

Anna Darvulia was one of Erzebet's helpers for acquiring young local victims, but it was Erzsi Majorova who encouraged the abduction of girls of noble blood in other areas. I believe it is Erzsi Majorova who had/made/found/re-engineered the ritual altar in the cave wall area not too far from the castle. I saw this person's face. She is baiting for the game, which is receiving energy from the monsters at the entrance. A serious soul game for certain. A practice that persevered throughout this history, since people were allowed no longer to enter.

She is the one I bounce off of to enter the caverns.

Now, the interesting thing is that these beings are in another time gate. They see us as living in obscurity, false phenomena. We see them as monsters and they see us as lost or free radicals. As long as they stay in their place, they feel, are deemed safe, and do not have to change, encounter their past; experience the consternation of that, control the mortification, slow it down.

And somewhere is the idea that the proper alignment of discontent and absolute content is crossing over to the next plane, this is where the handlers come in, those who want to use the demons here for their craft without getting caught. The witches are combining DNA in their rituals, playing at the link manifestation game. The one witch Erzsi Majorova is pretty deep, and I think she believes that by using the energy DNA matrix of the girls of nobility (some bones, hair, small organs), this will get her over to the other side of the gate.


There may be a million dramas in ‘the crossing’ seeking immortal awareness. As these people are using victims to get a glimpse, they are most likely falling away from their goal of absolute consciousness - all sustaining power. They need more victims, to get more power from the monster(s) inside at the gate.


In terms of drawing the monsters. There is one main monster, amorphic with many helpers, very chilling, requiring the protection of many sacrifices. Once that is established the ethers will open more for that traveler and strange netherworlds/vacuums etc. will be revealed.

I think, though I can not substantiate it, these beings in the immediate subsurface caverns of the Carpathian Mountains have to make certain that those who wish to enter are willing to spill human blood, to be entrusted, to be trusted. It is not dissimilar to what is going on in early America on the East coast with the various disciplines of the Masonics to make certain that all 'predators'? of their order are diminished on the face of the Earth, through ritual sacrifices.

In our studies here, all of this can be leaped over by higher astral spirit as there are some brilliant cities deeper in, several more than that - 20.

There is so much history and so many brilliant souls that come out of this region, that there has to be a very deep vibration, catalyst. I believe that the phenomena of the Lady Bathory and the fact that her uncle was King of Poland who united many areas, draws surface people to study this phenomena and receive the knowledge that there is an inner place.

Which goes to say that all things serve God, however strange the way.


Wed Oct 12, 2005  10:02 pm

Subject: Carpathian Portal

This is a tough portal.

I am thinking that this was a very active open place at one time, great societies of high enlightenment. There is hidden, but once was a great deal of history.

People physically walked back and forth here, at one time and may still today. The nobility clubs knew of this place and had a roster of people who could go into it. I do not see the monsters coming in until later (5th century) for protection. One 14th century king is under the monster's control. I do not know who he is yet, but I will look around.

There is a big clue here, about the opportunity of knowing who one is. Transformation is self awakening.

Date: Thu Oct 13, 2005  2:49 pm

Subject: Carpathian Mountains journey deeper...          

Carpathian Mountains journey number #2

From the altar to the inside, two sections.

Went through some major stuff last night, actually all night long, very strenuous, no blocks just numerous attacks. My spirit references told me I was in for a nightmare, all night long. I tried to block it. But was unable to disengage. The show was already on.

Finding that those along this entrance are the worst cosmic screw ups ever.  Murderers to grave robbers. And I thought grave robbing was a noble profession, ha!. They're all jammed in here and each had their chance to slam me as I walked by. Some of them were pretty big, harsh, and I had to ask Shiva to come out and he banged some on the head with his ball on a stick, so they let up. Others were small, just standing there, waiting for help. Lots of people who got caught in with these misfits doing time here.

After getting beat to the extreme through the first tunnel, a very long distance and seeing this major military industrial complex (definitely state of the art); I get a good study, as much as I want, can handle, hammered, as I want to keep truckin' (this place is truly intolerable) in that limited period. A real district of ghoulish misfits (seriously hundreds maybe thousands, each with their separate story [a gold mine for someone wanting to do chaos missionary work] ...several dynasties of major foul ups) that took about 2.5 hours to push and push and push through.

                 Then some thing magnificent and wondrous happens.

I come to a huge cavern – beautiful! It just springs out in front of me. Wondrous!!

There are exalted Roman temples built inside this cavern, my mind and spirit lights up. Further up on the sides I can see them - several. And there are also a few smaller homes strewn about, almost like huts, medieval style (inspiring as well). No one is there now in the cavern. The place was covered with gray dry dust, no moisture anywhere. I am trying to figure where my light source is coming from, as it strikes me as artificial, tungsten, (perplexing), strong shadows. Looks as if no one has been in there for some time, a very long while. But the one hut, just off the path, is the most recent. Maybe in the last 200-300 years.

There is a large structure, which is not that stable which is sitting up further on the left, that is bothering me very much so. I try not to bother with it, but it keeps calling me back, like there is some thing there I have to look at. I am thinking what could that be? As the building is larger, higher and has no floors. So I think it may be a place here they housed military and horses. That it was built primarily to hold heat in as there is no weather inside the cavern other than it does get cold down here, to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

I found out who the monster is guarding the first entrance – it's a huge story.  I will continue writing on it in the next messages coming. To be honest I was not interested in going this distance (as the myth was so frightening) it is only because of pure curiosity that got me this far. The truth is that now that I am in here, I am excited, and there is some really good things coming up.

This morning I am looking now over down to where the large cavern with the Roman temples leads to and there is another decline and open area. And there is a dragon like thingy with a huge fat tail sitting there at the entrance to another place which is in the shadows, he has a sort of "make my day" attitude.

It looks as if there will probably be a pass, he is giving me the pass.

Sensing some thing down further…

I am wondering about this dragon, fat tail, green glow in the tail.

I am beginning to get a feel as to what is going on around here. Why all the darkness in the past history around this portal. Why the myth is so popular.


Thu Oct 13, 2005  3:46 pm

Subject: here is some Romanian history with the types/houses inside the mountain...       


Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania

Beginning with the 10th century, the Byzantine, Slav and Hungarian sources, and later on the western sources mention the existence of statehood entities of the Romanian population - kniezates and voivodates - first in Transylvania and Dobrudja, then in the 12-13th centuries, also in the lands east and south of the Carpathians. A specific trait of the Romanian's history from the Middle Ages until the modern times is that they lived in three Principalities that were neighbours, but autonomous - Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania.

This phenomenon - which is by no means unique in Mediaeval Europe - is extremely complex. The underlying causes pertain to the essence of the feudal society, but there are also specific factors. Among the latter, we wish to mention the existence of powerful neighbouring empires, which opposed the unification of the Romanian state entities and even occupied - for shorter or longer periods of time - Romanian territories. For instance, to the west the Romanians had to face the policy of conquests conducted by the Hungarian kingdom. In 895, the Hungarian tribes, who came from the Volga lands, led by Arpad, settled in Pannonia. They were stopped in their progress towards the west by emperor Otto I (995) so the Hungarians settled down and turned their eyes to the south-east and east. There they encountered the Romanians.

A Hungarian chronicle describes the meeting between the messengers sent by Arpad, the Hungarian king, and voivode Menumorut of the Biharea city in western Transylvania. The Hungarian ambassadors demanded that the territory be handed over to them. The chronicle has preserved for us the dignified answer given by Menumorut: "Tell Arpad, the Duke of Hungary, your ruler. Verily we owe him, as a friend to a friend, to give him all that is necessary because he is a foreigner and a stranger and lacks many. But the land that he has demanded from our good will we shall never give to him, as long as we are alive".


Oct 13, 2005  3:50 pm

Subject: the kingpin I see on the monster is...      

…Vlad the Impeller, Voivode of Wallachia

is the main head on the worms coming out of the beast at the front entrance...I see clearly…the monster is saying ‘this is my main guy!’.

the other is a duke of some kind or archbishop...there are three big guys on the monster then there are hundred or so littler guys jammed onboard doing service to the three big guys. This looks like a big surreal hairy blob which is moving about, swirling, turbidly.

The monster is taking a stance as if he is going to punch the new  usurper.


Thu Oct 13, 2005  3:58 pm

Subject: One big guy coming from the depths            

There is (another entity) one big guy very powerful, coming up swiftly into my space, who has an independent group, whose presence is very powerful. Making certain I know he is there. Even overbearingly. He is checking me out and definitely feels there is a danger. I am waiting for him to do something. And I am surprised that he is being very cool. Not engaging. I sense he is vulnerable, but some ways down still. Deeper into the Earth. An elitist colony I am sensing.


Date: Thu Oct 13, 2005  4:45 pm

Subject: How I do      

You are probably wondering how I do what I do, and is it simple.

The practice I have and am continually working on is to clear the mind while entering an energy zone, receive clarity, a higher energy level, while focusing/thinking of/on an area I want to examine, go into, drop the body into. This happens automatically now, spontaneously in great ease. At one time it was a no go. I just had desire.

In many ways these areas want the seer to come inside, inviting the traveler, as if the Earth is an intelligence, a goddess that wants to teach others about her. There are magnetic areas. This is a kind game as well as a very difficult one. There are many rewards. A sense of achievement is almost immediate once one has discovered a new area, taken into a new area. It is as if the Earth is saying: ‘come this way’.

I had some thing of an understanding of this method earlier back on, several years, but not until I was with Dianne and then Leslee and later RavenStar, that I learned to tune it, receive higher energy along levels of awake seeing/viewing. Because I was around these people, and not in the physical, in the energy vein, I was able to heighten my ability to acquire new information, readily with greater ease.

There are many levels in this journey. And the intense magnitude of an area is what draws me in. Mt. Shasta is the best to work out in. It’s the safest from my standpoint.

Usually there are layers and layers of information, in these places, histories, like a library full of books. I have to go in and look around for a piece of information I want; at times grabbing some knowledge comes with a price. Being attacked is a part of journeying into areas that are very well guarded. Shielding and filtering have to work simultaneously, or one will not get any info at all. Usually I can take what is being shoved out, but there are times where I am way over my head, so now I am working on a completely new shielding system. I am working with placing my entire body in a VRIL shield, and then extending my eye from that. This last walk through the entranceway to the Carpathian Mountains was like getting pummeled on the football field.

Remote Viewing from the safety of your room while still in your body, is much wiser than astral projecting fully into an area and then finding you have to be a gymnast just to get yourself out of a difficult situation. Recovery can be dramatic. Breathing has got to be clean, full. I can not tell you how many times I have projected out of my body in my sleep, only to find that my arm was covering my mouth, and I couldn’t power up enough to get twenty feet away. Returning to the body just to move your arm off your mouth can be highly injurious to one’s spontaneous desire to project.

When I astral project with my full astral body, I look for a nice well lit place, with plenty of sacred energy, before, during and as I land. Especially with going into the Earth, which is fraught with all kinds of strange energies.

Often I look around 360 degrees; if its a tough area, I lite out, or vibrate up, both. Now, if I am not clear in my energy field, I will not project. The only time I have had accidents or confusions is when I astral project with others. For that reason I presently practice traveling alone (before working with the Shaman Guide of VHEC).

If you want to travel with a friend, make certain they are close, I advise you both grind a ritual out before, Step by step. Some thing like planning a trip. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of surprises. The trust has to be there, so that when things happen everyone can spring. It suffices to say that one must be on their feet, when they are adventuring into areas that are known for having powerful phenomena. Two people will be braver together, and the routine is some times to see how one can be more daring on the journey.

Remembering what is important is always at task. Seeing some thing exciting, can later allow, make one lose their balance. Powering up and then staying on the power grid is always wise, but people often venture into unmapped areas. It's human nature.


The VRIL Generator will smooth the mind frequencies. A crystal, meditation stone, are good helpers, amplifiers. The VRIL is the best I have, as it sends a circular route of energy back into the body.


I sense there are some very good friends deeper inside below the Carpathian Mountains. Maybe I will see you there.


Fri Oct 14, 2005  10:00 am

Subject: Running out of chaos  

I am running out of chaos here, as I pass down to the next level there are large stone blocks, wide across, 6 feet high, like steps. But steps for whom (ancient giants?)? Nothing has changed here for millenniums. The blocks have moved about. They were once, in line. Now they are all turned about, tipped up, strewn about. The welcome mat has been - disengaged.

The density of the vibration is changing. I am going into another area. I am getting frightened that I am going to meet some Giants and I will spend the rest of my days walking around looking up, so as not to get stepped on.

I was just getting up for another challenge and here it looks as if I am accessing the Inner Earth already. Which strikes me as way too early. Then it hits me that this area, this Carpathian Mountains, why there is such trauma, craziness, myths of horror, and all that is attached to that. This hallway to the Interior would be short. This is a shallow entrance. Still splendid and wonderful, untouched.

That at one time the beautiful Roman temples inside the caverns were embraced leaving beautiful ecstatic memories. And, in time a war did occur. Wars did come here. Degeneration, greed, power, violence. Which broke the whole connection running between these caverns of peace and bliss, transforming them into to ones of treachery and horror. This place was at one time a terrible place.

Where I am sitting on the blocks at the doorway to the plains of the interior, is where the final battle(s) occurred. This is the true doorway to the Inner Earth.

I get the feeling that the secret societies began clamping down on these tunnel systems to the inner earth as early as the 1830s, turning off the water access that leads down into these tunnels, where people ‘could’ survive underground. That by the 1930s they were building installations at the main entrance areas, as by then they had developed the technology that would allow for the boring in and the necessary metallurgy (always busy thinking). There are very advanced systems placed in the main portals to the interior. It's much easier for the secret societies and more in their vein of spirit (peer-ology) to build installations of technological wizardry than it is to program themselves to a more advanced, higher evolved emancipation of self-being –  trust thy neighbor ethic. Using artificial engineering appeals more to them than working with Mother Earth. I feel they want to own some thing, earn some thing that is entirely not of this world. Only of their own vision. Also working with the tunnels is too expensive, hard to control, too many variables, so they sink shafts, which can come under their complete control, no matter what. These people are monitoring entrances into the earth all over the globe. The New World Order depends on the control of all accessible entrances to the Hollow Earth. These barbaric suck heads want to `own' the Hollow Earth. They can’t go in, they would have to evolve, so their journey is to fence it off and try to sell it to the highest bidders. That’s for the next 200 years.

note: following this experience I came to the conclusion that the secret societies work on a 100 year cycle with major fluctuation in their Subterranean agenda ; i.e., 1750, 1850, 1950, 2050 and so on.


Csejthe Castle

I am up in the castle again walking around studying the faces where there is horror as they are being discovered out. The gig is up, and the law is moving in on the house. These people are not very smart. In fact as I look around most of these people running about are totally hysterical. Except for Lady Bathory who is looking very reserved in comparison.


I sense that Lady Bathory was born with a defect, perhaps premature, her father was very heavy handed, and pursued destabilizing her personality in her early years. She suffered from this trauma her whole life. In the beginning her husband and her had a good mix, soul mates, doing rituals, drinking from a certain sacred cup. He opened her up to numerous experiences, special potions, magic rites which he had learned in his travels. And then she became deviant in areas that he did not like, so he punched her with his armored glove, and left two deep marks on the right side of her head. As she moved to the left to avoid being hit (the move to cover the lie). She also suffered more beatings and the relationship becomes very bizarre.

When he was away she emptied her fear and dominance on others, younger girls who could not fight back. Small people. Apparently her husband encouraged this behavior. Then he dies, she becomes an addicted sadist, seeking mastery in the craft. Numero Uno.


I see children from all over the world into the year 2020 gathering at this place the castle of Lady Bathory, with all kinds of weird masks, faces painted, celebrating this very strange phenomena.



The Monster in Us

I went back the next day on a prompt from another on the astralhollow list (now closed except for archives) to take a long study of the monster, the Head Monster at the front of the gate, going into the tunnel. The main guardian.

I was not looking forward to this, and was trying my best to get him out of my mind, as I had just had a visit  with Lady Bathory who had come into my space with about 4 others on her team, and her energy was very, very difficult. Bait, traumatize, suck.

But when I approached the monster at the gate for the second time, I was baffled, the monster was hiding. Even frightened. I looked over around the side and gazed at one yellow eye. It was trying to be fierce but was afraid of my dedication. It was clear to me at this point that a lot of knowledge was on its way coming over to me.

I begin thinking crucially, even fearfully that this was a set up, that indeed I was looking into the mirror. That I was the monster. And now I had to come to grips with this. I felt as if everyone was around gazing on me, saying to themselves and each other ‘welcome Greg, now you know what we know, everyone is the monster, everyone’s ego gets trapped, everyone must change'.

This energy laid on me harshly. All I could think was all my friends were noble and strong with God and I was a lone appendage of weak vanity. That even if I wished to be good, this was a vain thought.

The pity party did not last long, as then some thing quite remarkable happened, truly a miracle lays hidden at the end of every long funeral march.

I saw a piece of gold behind the monster. Immediately I said to myself, this is the reason everyone is here, all the dark entities, what they are hiding, surely it is gold, like the Nibellungen. And then I thought ‘gold, just gold for all this?, that would be passe’. Then I saw the gold was a crown, a crown of a King. The monster had in his left hand hidden now showing me his true self.

Before me the monster revealed he was a King!

More than that he was a huge 9 footer, wonderful Giant King, he once ruled this area (his main palace is a little farther north). Wondrous!

I just gazed on this being, his energy was so beautiful and pure. Magnanimous, grand. Then I asked what happened?

No direct words. Only, he tried to take on too much property, was the vibe.

Now, this was before I entered the main cavern with the Roman Temples. And then it all hit me. The reasons why, what happened, the outstretched arm of the King who became the monster went too far into the lower regions and a war was started. That would be my first thought.

But, the King was a giant. And I believe he felt the Inner Earth was sacred. Which he totally obeyed as his truth, as did his daughter. But, that the outer regions, which he wanted to unite, came under the rule of human sacrifices. He had brothers aiding him. Humans were thought as expendable.

Genocide was a part of life back in those days, it was not until he started taking on too much land that he drew the attention of others.

He was clearly killed in a terrible execution (arms cut off) and sentenced by the sorcerers (heavy duty priests) of the area to protect the entrance.

Nearby is the Castle Csejthe.

As time passed on the creepy things began coming out and people such as Lady Bathory with her crown popped open by mean intent, and all those of her dominion were infected by the weirding crafters, who can not all be contained at the front of the tunnel systems.

(Solved?, you are invited to take a look, but be prepared to see some things one priding themselves as patrons of sensibility would prefer better left kept hidden)

As we celebrate the ancient holiday of weirding.