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The VRIL Hollow Earth Circle is connecting, building the
bridge to the Inner Earth. This bridge is open to
ardent seekers accessing the power of the divine.




What is being offered on The VRIL Hollow Earth Circle
The Hollow Earth Circle is centered and established in the belief that the Inner Earth, the surface realm as well as the many dimensions, may be studied/examined through the release and use of the electrical power of the Inner VRIL. This circle of seekers, is gathered with the understanding that those of this circle have come together to establish a clear and clean connection with those who exist in the ‘high light’ communities of the Inner Earth. And in participating and receiving this energy, all those are made aware and secure the awareness that the Hollow Earth may become their future home, as so decided, and chosen.
VHEC has received information and will continue to receive information acquired from deep as well as the shallower tunnels in the Earth through the process of meditation with the divine tool, the VRIL Generator. Publications will make aware of  present uses as well as the new uses of VRIL, in the practical application of self-realization, and for enabling and strengthening the stronger physical and spiritual bodies. The study of, and adaptation into the peaceful life of Inner Earth residents, their life style, and the abundance acquired through the removal of distractions.
The following is a list of places we have visited with tangible results:

Mt. Shasta

Niagara Falls

Cheops Pyramid

Bermuda Triangle

Arctic Circle and Coastal Islands / North Pole Region

Mt. Kailash, Earthly Residence of Shiva (Tibet)

Cuzco,  Andes Mountains, Peru

Lake Titicaca



Vatican City   

Skyros in the Aegean Sea   


Spike Near Greenland  

Overview of Turkey , Origin of Constantinople 

Northern Brazil Crystal City   

Glastonbury,   Tor


Giza Plateau in Egypt Gateway to the Inner Earth?  

Isis Temple in the Grand Canyon

Easter Island  


Area 51 (not recommended)
Structure Underground – Prehistoric  dwelling
A plateau, which is honeycombed with tunnels
With 1 main tunnel which is blocked by water
The sidereal tunnels
Maze under Austria

Grand Canyon
The Destiny of Gold
South America - Awareness of the Global Maze
Porthologos - Aegean Sea
following the tunnels
The Egyptian Pyramids
The Control Nerve of the planet
Time Traveling
July and August 2001
New York and surrounding area
Travel to Other Planets
Mars, Saturn, Jupiter
Iraq and Iran - the hidden Temples at the Bridge of Time
Stargate buried below? 


VRIL Hollow Earth Circle
Ten components of success, and the necessary tools of

1  The strengthening of the body-mind-spirit conduit
through meditation, accessed through the combined
energies of the Light Grid, the Light Beings in the
Inner Earth, and the aspirants of the Hollow Earth

2   Recognition of the real makeup and nature of
planet Earth.

3   Contact with the "light grid consciousness",
including observation of the liberated state of
ecstatic union and freedom in the One Light.

4   The awakened, innate superpower of navigation.
This entails moving along the ley lines by using the
natural magnetic forces of attraction and balance.
One realizes they are sailors of the light energy

5   Finding and accessing portals to underground
cities of light.

6   Entering (liberating one's self) into the
subterranean realms of light. Developing accurate
insight into the powerful streams of energy that
connect inside the planetary girdle of the light

7  Immersion in this intelligence and energy, known
as the VRIL consciousness. Developing connectivity
with one's own self awareness.

8   Sharing the fruits of this ongoing development
with others. Communicating revitalized energy
insights and increased sense of light awareness.

9   Entering the Solar Gates and nurturing and
developing the natural association with the
inner-planetary grid of the HOLLOW PLANETS of the

10  Awakening to the Central Sun and entering the
kindness of the Christ awareness. The complete
embrace of 'all is one'.

The combined use of the VRIL Generator and an open
heart attracts VRIL power, the power manifest in the
increased interconnectivity of the Earth-light-soul
matrix. Through earnest meditation on the center of
the heart and on the beings of the Inner Earth light
communities, great innate power is discovered within
the aspirant's self and in the Hollow Earth. Once
released, these energies open the soul to the
realization of their own immortal heritage. Through
the awakening of the ancient ley lines that lead back
into the Hollow Earth, the pure states of ecstatic
union as salvation are given. This power is only
bestowed on the deeply devoted.

The continued desire for strength will procure
results. Once opened to the energy grid and the power
of infinite consciousness through the heart conduit,
all energy will flow into the self. Positive,
abundant VRIL will fill the aspirant and overflow to
the many. Then the ardent seeker will be given
freedom from the false (ill) confidence, and the
liberated state of happiness will be bestowed.

The passion of the VRIL Hollow Earth Circle seeks to
reawaken all surface dwellers to their true state of
liberation - the identity of 'one self' in the
unending journey of pure Light Consciousness. This
path has been prepared for many centuries. The light
Hollow Earth giants have sought to bring the true
hearts back to the treasures of the VRIL power, the
gift in great spirit. This path has always been.

Sailors of the Light Energy Ocean, Riding in Force and

Beckoned from the temporal state of existence, the
immortal sailor ecstatically rides the waves of the
inner oceans of light that bathe, govern, and pervade
the many Hollow Planets connected in the Universal
Light Ocean. This light energy is accessed through
the opening of the meridian line of the heart circuit.
The heart light energy is the path to freedom.
Riding this truth, the initiate of the VRIL power is
set on the path back to the inner self, to witness the
treasures of the light grid and experience the
wholeness of the immortal sense of awareness.

I am thankful for this gift of spirit. This sense of
accomplishment has come through the integration of my
many Hollow Earth friends both on the surface and
inside the planet. Through these contacts I was able
to enter Telos, visit beneath Skiros, access
Porthologos beneath the Aegean Sea, enter the portal
of the Biscaye Bay and access the hidden histories
laying in the great crystal crater, the last surface
city of the Agarthian empire.

True passage is accomplished only when freed of
blocks. Like a great coil of copper leading off into
space, the heart-mind connection must be freed of all
corrosion, fear and contamination. These separate
parts which cause false needs and reactionary
fractures in the aspirant must be destroyed. The
personality deceptions and prolonged hardships that
enforce vanity, the desire to punish others to
maintain one's inner grace, take strength from the
squelching of positive power. The continued
duplication of these false dark energies must be
removed so that the deep virtue of the self may be

The cleansing of the copper coil must be allowed and
endured, so all royal connectivity with the mind and
heart may be opened brightly. Then, access to the
Sushumna (the inner connectivity of spirit in the
spine with the seven chakras) is opened in full power.
A torch to all souls, the brilliance is revealed in
the heart and manifests through the eyes of the
awakened soul. This is the bestower of faith. This
is the intelligence of the divine.

You are the sailor of the universal ocean of light.

The VRIL Hollow Earth Circle is connecting, building the
bridge to the Inner Earth. This bridge is open to
ardent seekers accessing the power of the divine.


Greg 2006