Observations Reported While Astral Traveling to Skiros in the Aegean Sea

by  Leslee Dru Browning

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Target Aegean Sea Skiros
Time of Visit 11:00-11:45 PM 6/27/01
Report Written 1:30 AM PST 6/28/01


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Skiros in the Aegean Sea

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 Meditating on the map of the Aegean Sea I was magnetically drawn to the Island Skiros.

I am at Skiros now and am investigating the island before I enter into the Aegean Sea. This island is a key to the HE. A very sacred vibration emits here—like the island is actually a big magnet of some type. Also, the island was once in 2 or 3 pieces and somehow it has merged into one.

I see a ring. Although I do not see any hands, I feel it to be a man’s ring, or a symbol. The ring is gold with a narrow to medium band and if slipped on a finger it would lay vertically, with a miniature chalice on each end to the design, and the stems of the cup coming together on the band of the ring.

Do you feel this ring is worn by the people of this area? Or is it the ring of a priest/priestess? This ring is symbolic of both a priest and priestess, a holy ring. I do not think this ring is worn by anyone in the area now, but symbolized a society of the past, probably a secret society, and may be a clue the tribe of the people in this particular of the HE area.

A strong sense lingers that there was once a monastery or a church on this island around 950 AD, give or take a few years either way. I am seeing it now, but it was destroyed. There seems to be a large building in it’s place, maybe a castle, or very expansive home. Viewing the church that was destroyed I am shown the basement area of that church where a tunnel lead to an underwater tower.

Underwater tower…how is this designed? Is there anything inside now? Underwater tower is gone, most likely from underground volcanoes and quakes. The actual tower reminded me of a stone edifice built either beneath the church that was once part of the city Skiros, or it was an actual part of the church leading straight down into the sea. I am looking in a book that I have for a—and this is indeed interesting—The Tower in the Mythic Tarot Deck is what it looked like, and now reading about it Aphrodite is mentioned…so, this must be a clue since I saw the tower and heard her name. I will try to get my scanner hooked up and see if I can scan the tarot card tomorrow, but it was under water, not above. Tower usually represents a collapse of old forms, both thought & belief.

This is symbolic I believe, and is showing me there is an entrance to the HE this beneath these waters. I also see lions guarding gateways, again symbolic, and I believe the Roman era, or Roman inhabitation at one point in history.

Pirates traveled these waterways and treasures still lie beneath the waters. Gold is prominent. Also, a lot of blood was spilled, war, both territorial and holy. This whole area has been shifted around in volcanic action over thousands of years.

I am looking at a beach (where is the beach? On the west coast?) that is like a forest area, and I think there could be some hidden caves in the area. I sense danger, so perhaps land openings that one could easily fall into if not careful. Northern part of the Island.

Looking on the map I am entering the Aegean Sea at the midpoint between the Island of Skiros and the ‘o’ in the name Skiros.

Going down, water is warm. A lot of gold down here. Still going deeper. I hear the name Aphrodite and actually sense her presence, that she was once under this sea, or what she represents is under this sea. On the bottom of the seabed there is what looks to be half of a disk, silver, metal—could be a space ship but think it is symbolic of a place where Hollow Earth’ers can enter.

I want to do a drawing of this disk - can you give some more details as to its geometric form, size? General idea is about 50’ across and looked imbedded in the sea floor. Under water it looks silver, think if half a dinner plate, but rounded outward on both sides, so there would be a hollow inside area.

I am just going to walk through this disk. There is tunnel, feels like it is heading west, slope is extremely steep, almost drops off vertically, and it is just a black dark opening. There doesn’t seem to be any dangers in this particular opening. I am flying quite fast now. Down about 200 miles now, now 850 miles. A portion of the HE is here.

How do you describe the HE at this point. Are there colors? Is there a sense of what you are experiencing? An energy signal? I just land there. It is light. I am in a building, like I just pop in to visit. Like someone would teleport to a location. It is like I fly though the tunnels and openings and stop once I am inside HE, which at this point I felt was a monastery. I am just there.

I see several maps down here. I see many people carrying maps, or, I am assuming they are maps. Telepathically I am hearing maps. They look like rolled up scrolls. Also, there are written histories available here that are no longer known on Earth.

This has an entirely different feel to it than when I entered the HE in Canada. There is more of an Egyptian feel here. This is a working area. Also, a part of the HE with many sacred people dwelling. I hear the name Aphrodite again. Which is interesting. This is a very wealthy area. Jewels. Treasure chests but can’t see in them—but sense books. I would call this room a monastery. Connects with what I saw in Skiros with the ring and the church.

Can you describe this room, the monastery, in more detail. If it is a physical location, do you perceive the color of the walls as made of a substance, the floor, any wall hangings. Is there a roof? A light source? Symbols on the walls? I think it has the feel of a monastery, hushed, sacred, everyone quiet and pouring over ancient texts, only men in this room. Jewels are in the walls, blue is prominent---sapphire. But ruby’s slashed in the middle of the blue spiral—an end point? The jewels are arranged in some type of circular mazes in the walls---a spiral, probably a symbol for something—the only thing that I could think is if it was a symbol for reaching the center, or being centered. Gold disks, old, not bright gold, but darker, hang on the walls also.

Another room—many secrets held in here concerning various maps, books, and ancient knowledge—again a sacred atmosphere to this area. Umm---almost looks like olive trees, which is kind of strange, I have never seen one before, but this is what I am told they are.

Dress for woman is white with lot of gold accessories, adornments. Head bands, belts, bangles. Again, the skin is surprising to me because it is medium, not light like I would expect in a HE, a Mediterranean skin tone. Actually a Mediterranean people.

You mention Egyptian, are the people dressed in costumes of that area of time? How are they dressed? Are there symbols on their costumes? Yes, that is why I mentioned Egyptian, it was the attire they wore, especially the woman. The cloth is embroided with gold thread, billowy look to the flow of the fabric, probably silk. Where the men were in what I would call skirts, the woman wore either long white dresses, or what you might call the outfit on the old program "I dream of Genie’ (SP) although their midriff’s were not bare, but the pants are the same type. Belted at the top around the waist, billow out then tapers in at the ankle. The adornments were gold belts, gold bracelets, head bands with the shape of a diamond on all headbands. So, the biggest symbol would be the diamond shape. And the gold.

They are showing me the Moon, I think they are trying to tell me they rely on astrological placements & alignments in all that they do. They have studied the Moon and Planets in-depth. There are tables; this is a huge library.

Can you say the size of the library? Compared to what buildings or type of building on the surface? What colors dominate this area? Are there stacks or are the books on shelves? Dominant color is earth tones, --sandstone would be a good description, the color of pale tan sand. Tables were ordinary, wood, square, only one person to a table. Shape seemed square, high ceilings, lots of light again w/o a visible source. The books are everywhere, on tables, in boxes—or chests, on shelves; much of the written work is wrapped or rolled like scrolls. Some papers are in bundles tied up in what appears to be clothe or leather? I wold say this library could be compared to a University library, but I only saw one floor. So, it is large and spread out. It appeared each person was working on their own private work.

The women have darker hair than I thought they would have, they are quite beautiful, very feminine and alluring.

How tall do they stand, in comparison to your self? I am 5’4"—these woman were at least 5’11", maybe a bit taller. Much more rounded in figure than we see today, voluptuous is probably the word, or full figure.

Men resemble what I would consider some sort of Roman Influence. Very muscular and lean—wearing what I would consider skirts. They are showing me a lot of precious metals—bronze seems to be the key, maybe something to do with the Bronze Age.

These people are not as open telepathically as those who were under Canada were. Here they are quiet, yet showing me many things. They are showing me, gosh, this is a strange thing—it is a maze. Like a building that is built but I am somehow looking down at it—a model of something on Earth.

On top, on the surface? Is this maze buried or can it be seen by normal eyes? They tell me it is on the surface of the Earth, so I would guess it is a place that is more a mound, with walls, than say a pyramid. A grassy area, or green area. Also, it could be a place that is in ruins, as I believe they showed me the model of which it was patterned after. Like an architect would keep on file. My guess and I am seeing this now, is that the walls may only be partially there now. It is very hard Greg to extract exact information with these people, because it is like a game, a clue here and there. They are not going to come right out and give all their info, their locations etc, but they will show me some things that perhaps we can put together.

There is a basic square built out of white sandstone…the square is in the center and has no opening into it, maybe the size of a park area. I am hearing mile by mile, I want to say but I will go with what they tell me. All enclosed. The center of this maze is a green grass area. There are structures that are built around this inner wall per se, which have openings to it. Reminds me of a tall hedge that had been made into a maze if upon the earth---a comparison. Except. Yes, they tell me these are actual structures that are upon the earth right now and they are showing me what I would consider space satellites, UFOs maybe, —but more like satellites. They tell me these ancient sights are alignments or points. Probably since they are showing me the Moon at the same time this could mean one of two things. One, that these space machines or satellites actually come down into these places at night, or two, that they are lined up throughout the world astrologically to certain astrological degrees, but the Moon is a big influence.

There is a red drink, looks like wine to me, but you know, it is almost like they are showing me the spilling of blood. I don’t mean it in a sacrifice way, I mean there is something that is coming above the Earth—that blood is going to be spilled.

Coming above? Is this a thing coming from outer space to Earth in the future? No. This is on Earth of our own doing. I feel a war. And, it could have been reference to the war in the Middle East, or an up coming war. Also, could be reference to all the people dying from starvation, disease, etc. Killing animals in England due to hoof and mouth, they did not specify, just that it is on Earth and we are the ones who cause it, not from space.

Now I am entering some tunnel areas. I am always amazed at how quiet it is in the HE.

The tunnel areas…are there symbols over the top of the entrances? I did not look, but the walls were light and bare and the tunnel a perfect square in dimension of walkway opening.

It is just a very different frequency than on Earth, yet the air is charged. There is light but no light bulbs, nothing like that what so ever.

The light source? Is it coming from some thing, in any manner? I can only say this light source is what we would consider daylight. There are no light bulbs. The light seems to be from an energy source that comes into the HE in all directions, including beneath the floor. I say an energy source because there is a charge of some type in the atmosphere. I would have to say it is soft particles that are emitting this source, as explained in Joseph Cater’s book, The Ultimate Reality, and also talked about on APH. I am not a scientist, so I would recommend to either read the book, or contact allplanets-hollow for the exact explanation on soft/hard particles. I think this is the light source.

I am being taken down deeper, walking down a very large spiral staircase.

Can you see the stairs on the stair case, is that a substance of some kind? This staircase is a very large spiral case that perhaps would be seen in large buildings, such as castles. I am very aware of them and can see them. The stairs are made of brown/bronze metal and end in the center of the circular room. This room is dimmer than the rest of the rooms.

Ooh, wow, this is a bit strange. What I would say that I am seeing is ---oh jeez, this looks like some type of monitoring system. When I come down this stairway I am in a cylinder, or a circular room. Inside this room there are monitors all around the walls—it is some type of technology where they are able to view not only the upper Earth, but also the entire galactic system.

Very exciting. How many monitors? Who is looking at them, what are their characteristics? Are they dressed in the same costumes as the others? Is it a simple layout, or is there a lot of complicated machines here? The room is a large circle. The walls are the monitors. It would like be like placing very large TV Screens (the type you might see in a sports bar—or a movie screen) side by side all around the room. The screens are concave and shaped right into the circular formation of the room. There is only one man here, he is dressed in a simple brown tunic, with a wide 3" belt of very light gold around his waist and now that I am looking closer, the buckle area appears to be a screen on the belt, very small. Everyone in this particular area wore a pale gold belt, men and woman alike. The man is sitting in a swivel chair, and there is a panel of sorts in front of him, with buttons, and I sense these are like computer buttons. Controls for the screens. He can either move around in his chair to view a particular screen, or he can push a button and the screen (Walls) will move to him. He is like a NASA Tech keeping track of what is going on in space, yet these screens also show earth and what is taking place on earth. From what I saw, he can pull up anytime period on these screens.


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Now, I want to clarify that although I entered the sea in the Skiros area, I traveled west in the tunnel and there is a sense that I am no longer beneath the sea but near some land--- possibly the eastern sea edge, another island. I hear a 100—I do not know what it means.

850 miles inside the mantle beneath this island on the eastern seacoast? Right—I felt I was, if not under an island then at the edge of it. The monitoring system was at the 875 point. So, I have a sense that either the whole area is 25 miles deep, or the exact mileage was not to be known. (Probably the later as I initially heard 850 miles, and I find my first impressions are usually correct so let’s stick with that)

There is some sort of bubble, actually bubbles, I think they are used as energy sources. There are several in this room, perfect spheres of clear glass, no crystals.

What are the sizes of the bubbles? There is one that is large enough for a person or two, to enter into it. I wondered if they used it for a charging device for their bodies? That is the sense I had, but was not told that. The others were floating and range in size between a beach ball & then 3x a beach ball—some type of crystal force. Except for the large one, which actually touched the ground, the rest just hovered in the air.

I am 850 miles—although, I am now told that I am about 875 miles down in the room I am now in.

There is, I don’t know, to be honest I am surprised I am in here---you know I am seeing something I can’t describe, a tool perhaps. Looks like it is made out of precious metals—bronze in color, don’t know what it is. Almost looks like a key ring with a flap—but something that we would consider electronic, like a remote control. It emits a magnetic force.

Do you wish to describe this further? This was the hardest for me to describe, because it looks like a simple ring, like we would use to place keys on---yet it has on one side a flap. Maybe a better word would be a ‘ledge’—pieces of rectangular metal –narrow side attached to the ring, and only know it emits a magnetic ray. What it is used for I have no idea.

We are going back up the staircase now; I am being lead by a woman—Kirsta. There are children here. Quite a few.

Kirsta…can you describe her in more detail? Fullness of hair, formation of eyes. How are the children dressed? Kirsta is taller than I am. I am 5’4" and I would say she was close to 5"11, maybe a bit taller. Hair was almost black, long, past the shoulders, thick, kept back from her face by a gold head band, which both men and women wear. This band actually lays on the forehead, gold and in the center a diamond shape, not huge, a subtle design. Children are simply dressed in tunics, and age in the area from maybe 8-19.

Talking to me again about some type of spillage Earth—if not the spilling of blood, then I think pollution spilling into Ocean waters. Some kind of a –what is the word, not a pyramid, more circular, like a cylinder that comes to a point, no, it is a cone. There are metals cones sitting on pedestals and rotating, silver in color? There are many tunnels, or I should say, hallways, in and out of here. Although all the rooms are connected.

This is a learning center. I would consider it a training area, I see more children than adults. People looking at maps, at books, but the children seem to be far in numbers than the adults. Training center. I think anyone could astral travel in here.

Are there any colors you see? Any bright metals? What is the size of the learning center? Blue jewels were prominent, a few red, gold everywhere, and bronze. There is ton of metal…..I would say the size of a large amphitheater, or a state capitol building. I think the children are taught with the screens where all points of history can be shown. Also, probably tutors from the library, and spiritual knowledge imparted from the monastery area.

I am being shown a black horse? What does this mean? Also showing me a flood…this is past though—showing me pictures of events that have already transpired. This is an area were a person can see any period of time—looks like the time period for Noah’s Ark, or it is another flood, appears to be turbulent waters, but this is an image that is being flashed on a big screen—again I feel training center. This make me wonder if there is some sort of control system down here. Whatever it is, it has access to everything that has happened and will happen. Huge power source, possibly, and since they kept showing me the Moon, maybe this was a station that is in direct communication with the Moon inhabitants.

How do you describe the huge power source? What is the form of energy? I think the energy is from a combination of three things. The first being a light source coming from our sun that penetrates it the Earth’s crust. Add to that, that these people are very knowledgeable about the power of crystal energies, plus I think the "metal cone" turning on the pedestal keeps a charge, or puts out magnetic energy, at least this was my initial impression when I saw them. So, a combination of all three provides the source for running this area. I was quite fascinated with the cones, I knew instantly that it either created a magnetic field, or it was generating power.

As far the Moon and the power source I believe all the planets are connected, I think the points of connections are made via pyramids, sacred mounds, both on land and below waters. This has been told to me on every travel I have made into the HE. There is a certain alignment of the planets corresponding to ancient sites, which connect us all. That is all the information I have been given so far.

Again, I entered on the western side of Skiros and traveled down to the seabed where I came upon half of a metal cylinder. I went through it and then rapidly flew down at a very steep westerly drop, to 850 miles. The building was extremely large with many rooms. Both used as a training center and a monitoring center. Seems they are using both crystals and metals for their energy source.

 Leslee Dru Browning

note: questions in red were asked by Greg Gavin/Onelight.com

Some Information and History of Skyros, in the Aegean Sea

Skyros is the largest island in the Sporades and the southernmost of the group, lying opposite Evia, to which it belongs administratively. Situated 22 sea miles from Kymi, it has won fame for its handicrafts, especially embroideries and furniture. It is also a place whose manners and customs have come down through the centuries virtually unchanged to our own day. This island in the middle of the Aegean, with its bright sunshine and pleasant climate, offers much more than just sand and sea.

Skyros's chief settlement, simply named Horio or "Village", lies above the coast in the north part of the island. It spills down the slopes of an enormous rock, whose peak once housed the castle of a Homeric king, Lycomedes.

Sections of wall from the ancient (5th c. B.C.) acropolis can still be seen, while traces of much older ruins have been found, dating to the Bronze Age.

Well-worth the climb up through town are the Dormition of the Virgin, erected according to its inscription in 895, and once the island's principal church, and the superb monastery of St. George of Skyros, which tradition maintains was founded in 960 either by St, Athanasios or Nikephoros Phocas. The view of the village from the monastery is stunning - a Cubist's composition of square houses and flat grey roofs without an inch to spare between them.

The island also boasts a rare species of pony no more than a metre high. Some years ago, there were as many as 2,000 of these ponies on Skyros but, gradually, as machinery replaced them in carrying out agricultural tasks, their numbers dwindled and only about 150 are left now. The municipality of Skyros and the state are currently involved in a breeding drive to prevent the species from dying out altogether.


From the mythological point of view, Skyros is one of the most interesting islands. Mythology tells us that two major events concerning ancient heroes took place there.  Achilles, disguised as a girl was sent by his mother, the goddess Thetis, to the court of Lykomedes. However, Odysseus who had been charged with finding the warrior, brought gifts of swords and dolls. When Achilles impulsively picked a sword he was discovered and went on to become one of the great protagonists of the Trojan war.

Theseus also sought sanctuary in the court of Lykomedes, who treacherously pushed the Athenian king off a cliff while they were on a walk. The Athenian general Kimon conquered the island in 476 B.C. and discovered the remains of the hero which he brought back to Athens to be enshrined in the Theseion.

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Theseus in combat with Amazons

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