The Deepest Point We have accessed is the 650 mile mark beneath the Aegean Sea in the place called Porthologos, home of Mikos, giants 14-22 feet in stature. Other astral journeys to locations as described in the schematic above are as follows:   

1) beneath southern Spain 150 miles, 10 foot giants and their communities observed

2) 450 mile depth - at an angle along the path trajectory through Northern Italy then beneath Switzerland, several times over 2 years; Agartha revealed at the 450 mile distance as exalted beyond all civilizations

3) the geological crystal grid accessed at the 100 mile mark beneath Northern Brazil – and in the same period of a week discovered an opening leading to the 60 mile deep Global Network, which connects the Earth through a subterranean tunnel system running on pure VRIL. This is a very expansive, very engaging and encouraging energy current. Great freedom is realized once one accesses this energy current. The ability to travel through the globe using this subterranean network is truly overwhelming. 

4) from a surface portal of 50 miles near Amundsen’s camp in the Antarctica, passing an Atlantean territory at the 100 mile mark, and then to a depth of 200 miles into the Earth, there viewed the hall of Giant Kings mirroring the 12 leading sacred divine cultures throughout the planet.  I then walked through the Hallway of the 12 Giant Kings and came to the gateway of the Kingdom of the Gods below the Antarctica leading into the Hollow Earth. 

I say now as I said 10 years ago, the true entrance to the Hollow Earth Paradise, begins at the 200 mile mark.

  further information on  TRAVELING to The Center of the Earth

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