April 2012


   Entering Vesuvius with the Shaman Guide





After completing the third time travel journey of Vesuvius at the 79AD mark, I asked the Shaman Guide to join me in the following journey, this took the energy of the experience to a higher light valence.


The existence of Vesuvius, and the eruption of 79AD fated humanity to a new era of centralized belief, discipline and the raising of the sacred value of each individual of humankind.


I am seeing the placement where the mountain Vesuvius exists in the surface Earth’s crust goes well back into cosmic history, a time of the gods as children in training, the mount a tell-mark of many changes and upheavals on this point of the ancient light grid.


Evening of March 29, 2012

Vision during Session with Shaman Guide:


I am being shown Vesuvius from the side as a pyramid schematic overlay made up of 6 sections or 6 levels going downward into the depths of the crust. The 1st level, the crown of the mountain, is of an ethereal bank, housing etheric energy beings who visit this place as will high light entities visit the Tetons of Wyoming. On the 2nd level, which is as halved or split into two areas, are housed humans of various groups, appearing to have lived harmoniously in this earth shelter over the centuries. From here the source of our future stories [to be shared on Onelight.com] of tunnels extending from Vesuvius leading into subterranean Rome, come about, before and after the Vesuvius eruption of 79AD.


On the 3rd level I do not see much for I am being taken down by Spirit quickly, pulled down into the depths where everything is very dark… into the 4th then 5th level and into the 6th.  Spirit wants to show me what is in the deepest section on the right east side, here is some thing of the past, something secreted away which Spirit now answers. Passing down I see in the 5th level a range of giants, very large and somewhat reclusive similar in our form, by that human. But in the 6th level is where I am sensing the cerebral dominant mind is left behind as I view two large beings floating partially in water, and on land. Now, I study them intently, they are a couple. Their heads are very large, perhaps even fierce looking to the untrained eye, very solid in form, with what appears to be serpent tails; a distant bearing enshrouds them, living in the eternal moment, in these waters, protected – in timelessness, perhaps survivors of a past deluge.


I imagine that this water they lay in, leads out to a greater sea of water underground, a subterranean basin of almost mythical implications, which has been there for eons, where legends lay buried, forgotten, for surely these very large creatures are as created from the very ancient of times.


I feel the heaviness of this area in these depths of Vesuvius pressing on me. I see the many bones of humans who have entered this place, some old but many still new. Perhaps they entered here to survive wars, pestilence… I see they have entered even up to the time during World War Two. I am sensing there are parties that came down from Europe, esp. Switzerland where people were afraid of being hunted down during times of greater disharmony on the surface. I see that many did not last the experience. I feel pressure on my body as I watch the histories of these people, living in a place with little water or other sustenance. Their many bones are scattered through this deep cavern area.  I sense loss, great loss. This darkness pervades me for some time, as often in these places of a great history of distress I begin feeling cramped, unaligned - losing necessary calmness.


Then I see there is a crevice much deeper that is being shown as an escape route, a tunnel of glowing rock …is this the hidden subterranean tunnel leading out of this dark cavernous region below Vesuvius and into the subterranean places of Rome?


End of Session




      From the Time Travel Section of the VRIL Manual which comes with the VRIL Generator:


Accessing the VRIL Current, Time Travel, Acting on the Natural Resource

Time travel is attainable through the raising of the VRIL current and seeking out a place in the timeline of histories.


In deep meditation, many secrets are found. The Deity of Light and Harmony is within, the light substance, always awakening the inner VRIL fire - Kundalini.


The numerous energy lines that flow through a Time sequence reveals there is only one current with numerous modulations of one current.


Singling out the energy field that best determines what one is seeking allows for – manifests, the practical insert or doorway. A doorway, which the practitioner can enter, once compressing and then decompressing, and therefore expanding consciousness through by the force of magnetic VRIL Will. This practice naturally unfolds effectively by engagement into the light circuitry that runs along the Time Continuum. Once dormant in ourselves, the ability to move through Time is a natural resource in which the dedicated practitioner of VRIL can develop successfully and use for their own practical enjoyment, satisfied study and personal sense of well being.


For many the journey into the unknown process of Time Travel is too much of an unknown, of many veils – partitions; too far unseen and out of reach. There are those who wish not to apply the natural awakening power of VRIL transportation as they are not as yet aware of the organic electrical frequency in their carriage of transport, which is their own physical Immortal frequency. Everyone can Time Travel, though engaging is often deterred as this process is laden with confining thoughts, even contempt and aversion to.


As in - any great theme of beauty, dreaded darkness seeks to undermine its (as yet), incalculable powers.

Like the many positive processes we magnetically engage in, Time Travel offers a high reward. One can go back through Time and view a distinctive moment in history, walk through the streets of Victorian London or Ancient Rome; view strange happenings and unsolved mysteries. Great happenings and inspiring events can be experienced first hand, many times over. Through visiting a location several times from various reference points, an assassination may be viewed as to what really occurred, or the plans for a major conspiracy and following corresponding events can be seen as they are acted upon and unfold. One’s ability to travel ‘freer’ is determined by the loft and command they have through their powers of concentration and integration: enacting, establishing, stabilizing and sustaining the original VRIL Light power. All have the innate power of Time Travel within. Focusing on freeing this power, is the goal.


By the strengthening of the mind with the developing heightened focus, and by releasing the VRIL current through the light activated heart, the potential to move through Time is realized as the volition of deeper VRIL energy is released. With this supportive energy One will be mobilized into a distinct location, receiving the encouragement to act in that location. Seeing, smelling, feeling, are available by choice at will.


Awakening the VRIL Light Force, is the key manifestation. After this, the secret to Time Travel is revealed.



Use the Immortal Tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment



-Onelight.com Publishing 2012





from Koin Magnus:

The Vril generator has been a great help to me and I even sleep with it in my left hand in the Void posture...all night.


I have some pretty [strange] stuff happening too. All I will continue without fear.


Thanks a million.


PS. I think it is amazing that the Smokey God refers to the electrical charge in the air as the reason for prolonged life and virility and the vril generator is made of brass , a copper and zinc alloy.  My point being that the Brass is a compound and thus...in contact with the body and its natural fluid system begins to generate a charge merely by holding it.


Why do you think even in the Smokey God there is so much biblical jargon added to it? And so much fear garbage out there that even many sites say its Satan and his buddies in there. None of that makes any sense and do not think for one moment I believe it.  




Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you for opening myself and so many to this gift. I
received the VRIL over two weeks ago. I was very excited and knew the moment I
held it in my hand I was just reunited with something that has been waiting for
my return. Which leads me to wonder... do we knowing choose our VRIL Generators
even before we get them? Because it feels so personal, so spiritually

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that the first night I sat in
meditation with my VRIL I felt many blockages, so I decided to envision a white
healing light enter my heart chakra and into the VRIL and asked the VRIL to help
release my blockages and any other thoughts or energy that no longer served my
higher purpose.... then I began to feel great heat growing in my chest (I felt
this before during my Kundalini awakening half a year ago) then I began to spin,
not a outer physical spin but one of the inner self, at first I was scared since
I never experienced anything like this not even during my K awakening. I was
spinning so fast I began to see a bright white-ish blue with an inner yellow
glow light at the center of my spine. It was due to my own fear of not
understanding what was going on. After a few minutes I began to slow down then
finally I stopped spinning. But there was a great opening and release at my
heart center, it felt like I could have fit the whole universe in there. I felt
so light I could have floated away, there was also a great sense of peace and
gratitude. (I speak to and thank my VRIL often.) After reading the VRIL manual
further I realized this could have been the Chakra Spinning that was mentioned.

I have gone through many of the messages in the HEC & HE yahoo groups and
appreciate all of your guidance and insight. I am putting much of it to use and
I am living the results each moment. I am still working on opening my third eye,
it has been a challenge but I always feel that Mother Earth and Inner Earth is
cheering me on. Any other advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
This email is mainly to thank you, I see you much as a teacher /guide and thank
you for sharing your inner and outer light with us.

wrapped in VRIL love and light,
C. of Austin




Use the tools, You are There.



Onelight.com Publishing 2012