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August 2009


Apotheosis Immortal Determinism

I was first introduced to physical immortality, while reading Linda
Goodman's Sun Signs in my early twenties. Though I was skeptic of
this information there was sufficient convincing reasoning in the
book to accept that it was not that far off in the thoughtful sphere
of `reality'; and over the years I entertained this information I
read as a `possibility', however difficult to comprehend.

It was from a death in my family and seeing people around me growing
older in appearance that I began taking the quest for physical
immortality, the youthing aspect of it, seriously; and sought out
dignifying information for this as a practical and functioning
worthy cause. For if anything I would want friends on this path with me no
sense spending the next several
hundred years as the only immortal walking the face of the Earth.

In this time today, I can claim to know and communicate with several
physically human immortals; whom have taken me to higher
planes, shown me doors to many `immortal places'. In this I have
realized that along with having friends who are immortal and seeking
immortality, an emphasis on a clean diet was one of the most
important factors in staying in the `immortal zone'. Along with this
was: creating a positive mental state where negative thoughts would
not enter or increase. To be immortal one must `think' as an
Immortal. And with this would be the training of the mind and body
through Immortal Exercises, deep meditation on Immortal reality, the
use of crystals, Immortal Tools, walks envisioning oneself as one
bathed in Immortality - light energies.

Now, I have reached a state where I entertain that there are many
more immortals throughout the planet waiting to come forward in the
not too distant time ahead. Persons who have been waiting for us,
those beginning to gaze on our immortality as real - viable, to gain wisdom in
what ever way we can. Those of us who have opened the Immortal vein of our
Hearts and have moved into the Immortal Zone, releasing entanglements with our
past mortal anxieties, emotions, lack of high intellect have transcended the
confusing ignorance that covers most of humanity in this day.

Death is not Nature's Way mentally or otherwise, it never has been. Death is an
artificially created implant of dark origin which has been placed in the flow of
Human consciousness as a block to True Freedom and Higher Divine Order. The trap
named Death has been placed to make Humans feel useless, accepting their
fate without experience of Apotheosis now.

There are many who say that Death is their caretaker and the clever strange
keepers of Death are always very busy coming up with newer ways to stop
humankind from Immortal Determinism. We humans are their daily experiment in
their death herding mechanisms. By the use of blocking of fear, a process of
envy is created aimed to create chaos by false wealth, which offers more wars
and fervent capitalism, the false death godhead emerging as king again and
again. All in the guise of excellence in performance, we surface humans
experience only another form of the Myth of Sisyphus.

We are in the process of rebounding, returning to the time of Immortal
Awareness. An awareness that has always been there which was hidden from common
humanity through the many plagues and wars, divisions of nations, religious

The Golden Age of Immortality is returning...each thought and action for our
personal immortality helps others believe - to realize its substance in the
roots of our essence.


Use the tools, You are There. 2008







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