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August 2009


Everything is a Vibration, Avoid Cruelty

For the person who has ventured into a place of high or low, severely so, there
is a very distinct measure of vibration concentrated that visits on that person.
One readily sees - in their room, or bed, be it a walk in the forest or garden -
that vibrations are everything - everything is 'vibrating'.

When one takes a thing into their body, this thing has a history, a causal
vibration placed in it - this vibration being the thing's history. And one
taking in this thing with its vibration, whether it is easily absorbed in the
system rushed into the blood with no block, or stored in the fat of the human,
or caught as a terrible waste breeding disease in the system - all this is the
causal vibration. The continual drama of the brain birthing vibration = One's
force affected by the thing taken into its chemical body. And that thing
nurtures, creates or destroys: high light thought vibrations. By this we are a
chemical bath, and it is a terrible and most dramatic knowledge to know - that
we are 'only' that chemical bath, nurtured by the thought frequency placed upon
it. However strong our imagination is, we humans sit in the resolve of our
personal and society's mass brain chemical solution, day in - day out.

You are the Transponder

Therefore you hearing this again now, from another, place all good thought
attentive to you being as a living positively freeing chemical body by what you
take in your body, and sharing this with all around you. That your true self
seeks balance, harmony and more life upon more life...always. For that is the
high vibration of natural life to seek. That which is not natural, which does
not cause a higher vibration, is that which one needs not, must not take in.

Be free from all cruelty of that which is taken into the body, and thus breeds
more cruelty, even those thoughts you believe you still have no command of, you
are the willful transponder to all vibration. The inner fire of VRIL is yours.

By this - you have command of ALL thoughts, even in the stars and heaven above.

Do not be compromised by that given to you as raw energy to help you here in
your daily life, for support, that which has been unkindly seeded in darkness;
for when you enter into the higher heavens you will have to rid yourself of the
dark spell. You must survive the Sixth Plane.

Initiation Into the Sixth Plane

The Sea of Glass, the Sixth Plane will visit upon you many times. Like a
heavenly hand that pulls your hair, it defines a path. And One says- how perfect
this is. How grand this heaven in Spirit is.

The Initiation into the 6th plane can not be taken lightly...
...the ascension is direct, a self fulfilling prophecy of one's freedom through
and from inner turmoil - to find and awaken at the deepest subatomic strength,
in the keys of the Solar Plexus - spirit - the physiology of the aspirant must
be pure, by that freed of the density of meat, worrisome thought on trivial
thought, cast in emotional dramas of human mortal futility. The path to the 6th
Plane is most powerful, and requires the conviction and consternation of the
still mind and stillness in spirit. Mastery of One's physical and spiritual body
is dependent upon having a harmonious journey. Once all fears, all thought of
the inferior or subordinate mind set are removed, where one humbly enters and
identifies with the God One spirit - great Immortal fruit is given. One sees
they are the One giving the holy gift to the One.

This is most Perfect Union - this is the True Union.
Knowing you are God, you are stilled. Freedom is given, and the pure power.

Writing Your Spell of Grace

You are writing the spell...let us now write this spell. Let us write the spell
of union and wellness of All Spirits who seek to dwell on the Sea of Glass.

Let One write the corresponding spell. Let One write that they seek to choose,
to achieve the grace of the heaven of the 6th Plane.

One knows there is an absolute. Make your chant absolute to your heart.

One repeats the chant of Union with the Higher Self. The Higher Self allows the
seeker to enter the 6th Plane.

Surviving the 6th Plane, Entering The Sea of Glass

This Place Called Judgment by Religions of Fear is Truly the Realm of
Transcendence, Know It and Be There...Free

The 6th Plane represents the differential mind mass - and the ONE Mind Self
reflection. The wielding irony of which we exist in. One needs to know, to say
to themselves, the power to transcend this Sea of Glass is to witness it in the
glory of the "Illuminated Self". The presentation of the soul spirit at the
reflection of the Sea of Glass brings on the self acknowledgment of a great
sense of performance, high existence and empowerment. One realizes that this
place is the reflection of the purity of the Self, the Soul's perfection is

From this plane and the One in act of receiving the Word, the soul is made aware
of the Great Destiny, the Great Adventure of movement into the higher planes.
One's journey into the bliss resounding spirit of Eternity: Oneness, Infinite
bearing is clear - resolved. One has become again, in realization the

The 6th Plane is available to all who contemplate upon it. Like a tide that
returns back to the sea, the thoughts drift back onto the wonder of Timeless
Spirit where the 6th Plane is re-known as the initiation into the higher seas;
by entry, one senses triumph over the lower self, freed from demeaning thought,
scattered visions and lone bearing desire; entering the realm of the gods as a
king or queen - their heart's victory in hand.

The Sea of Glass

The oars that divide the waters that bring the soul to such a great place
require long deep strokes. The aspirant, the adventure into the Great Unknown,
must remain consistently appreciative, sincere, and most importantly the
greatest respecter of the 'sacred place' one enters. Each moment is calibrated
to the greater need of endearment of being there - into this holy place, again.
One wishes to return, the longing is great-centered in spirit. One's behavior is
known and must be akin to bravery, inner peace, yearning to the Oneness of High
noble spirit.

By exercising the mind and body, the wholeness in thought of contemplation of
Spirit, all that was less than perfectly magical will be cast aside. The freedom
of the VRIL current is received. To the One who enters into the Inner Kingdom,
the keys are given. This is a great moment for the soul. The Gods wish to share
their freedom with those who have been caught in Illusion, that they will be
freed - again and by that gain.

Why Study South America?

Within the continent of South America and that which encompasses its shores, the
practitioner of long viewing, will see magical places, unveiled to the common
eye. By going back in time one sees the centers of beautiful light bearing
cultures, cities connected together geometrically in telling divine design, as
in One electrical current of being Now, a 'living transcendence'. This miracle
of light is returning. Though we are still caught in a period ensnared in the
death expression, and the procurement of death rituals, the Life Immortal is
coming soon. We as the One will bask in the current again. Rest in One's seat of
meditation, One sees in this future time, for gods we were, gods we shall be
again - awake!

The Hollow Earth Manor

Within the great inner spectrum of Earth there is a gathering of holy species
illuminated, sacred of the purist of pedigree. Light perfecting beings, we gaze
upon them, those who are freed from the electro-magnetic cloud which embraces
the surface of this planet. Far from the surface 500 miles to be exact, one
turns and gazes on the light beings surging inside the Earth. How great and
spectacular this knowledge is. One knows, that which the Dead know - the Earth
is hollow - full in magnificent beings stirred in the powers of illuminating
VRIL frequencies. We humans mortal live ignorant of this now, through our entire
lives. We humans on the surface ever ignorant of what goes on below our feet
play a role as co-protectors.

One may contemplate on this: "is this wonderful(?), is this enslavement of our

How great it is to be neighbors of illuminated beings, but for this to remain
secret...the mind contemplates the timeless existence of the splendid Now.

The questions are many, - there appears to be a ruthless power gaining seed,
bearing on the surface human, today and soon. We are told that the species, the
illuminated species of the Inner Earth are being moved, taken by their Giant
guardians to the interior of still another planet. As is the cosmic timeline,
these great illuminated beings are moved to other shelters, the conditions of
harmony of the Earth planet shelter changes. The spin of the Earth, the gravity,
the location in the heavens, must all be perfect for the many sacred species to
endure, to grow, to be enabled to cross-dimensionally shift while keeping their
pure illuminated form...that the inner eye of the human long gazing - will see,
make friends, enter into communication with...receive light sacred light
learning with.

This path is not for all, gazing on great manors and receiving wisdom of the
past memories of Immortality are frankly only for those who are like high mind.
There are personal defenses set between the movement towards greater awareness,
and that of maintaining a superficial comfort zone. One requires reasons for
going on, deeper into purity, into the higher realms.

For one who wishes to enter the 6th plane, to enter this ritual - believe, this
is not a journey into a coffin. One is recycling their energies to enter the
Heaven State. This journey will not be taken lightly, can not be taken lightly.
By this remain somber in your effort - for those who seek and by that

...the Dance of Immortality is at hand - near - Immortal Awakening calls.

Use the Immortal Tools, You are There 2009






Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you for opening myself and so many to this gift. I
received the VRIL over two weeks ago. I was very excited and knew the moment I
held it in my hand I was just reunited with something that has been waiting for
my return. Which leads me to wonder... do we knowing choose our VRIL Generators
even before we get them? Because it feels so personal, so spiritually

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that the first night I sat in
meditation with my VRIL I felt many blockages, so I decided to envision a white
healing light enter my heart chakra and into the VRIL and asked the VRIL to help
release my blockages and any other thoughts or energy that no longer served my
higher purpose.... then I began to feel great heat growing in my chest (I felt
this before during my Kundalini awakening half a year ago) then I began to spin,
not a outer physical spin but one of the inner self, at first I was scared since
I never experienced anything like this not even during my K awakening. I was
spinning so fast I began to see a bright white-ish blue with an inner yellow
glow light at the center of my spine. It was due to my own fear of not
understanding what was going on. After a few minutes I began to slow down then
finally I stopped spinning. But there was a great opening and release at my
heart center, it felt like I could have fit the whole universe in there. I felt
so light I could have floated away, there was also a great sense of peace and
gratitude. (I speak to and thank my VRIL often.) After reading the VRIL manual
further I realized this could have been the Chakra Spinning that was mentioned.

I have gone through many of the messages in the HEC & HE yahoo groups and
appreciate all of your guidance and insight. I am putting much of it to use and
I am living the results each moment. I am still working on opening my third eye,
it has been a challenge but I always feel that Mother Earth and Inner Earth is
cheering me on. Any other advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
This email is mainly to thank you, I see you much as a teacher /guide and thank
you for sharing your inner and outer light with us.

wrapped in VRIL love and light,
C. of Austin




Use the tools, You are There. 2009

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