August 2011


    The Mississippi Sea to Come


In the United States here today there is a great bridge being created below our feet hooking the subterranean to the surface, that as one observes would shake the very foundations of their thought and capability of present humankind. For it is formed as from the works of science fiction.


When high technology is given it will be used.



 The Mississippi Sea to Come


In this present day if we were able to see, go down into sections below the Mississippi Valley we would witness a subterranean architectural engineering feat exceeding in size, more exceedingly wondrous in its capacity that would excel the greatest works of ancient Babylon.


Our human destiny with water is ever entwined;  like the plant and animal life water nurtures us, allows us to thrive and without it we would be but denizens on a forgotten desert with no hope of survival.  As  water sustains us so it is used to move us, to bust us up and move us downstream, down the water way, out into the ocean, into the terrible foreboding nature of Earth’s chaos. How perfectly pure for those who live in the spirit of Earth, that humankind’s pollution would be removed with the hands that had created it.


As we look down inside below the Mississippi Sea which is yet to come we see the marriage of such a great technology that overwhelms the mind, we see concrete dams, canals, tunnels carrying massive amounts of water – we see both a nurturing and a deadly control of water.




For those who will not bow down to the 'order' which has created this great underground architecture, who enter this area, by one’s own will, or as imprisoned worker, will be made to perish. The dictum is the use of the words: Jesus Christ. The arbitrators are the later Atlantean Priest Kings, for their description ancient arcane, let’s call them the Atlantean Guard…those who try weary men. 


We who again enter the birth canal back into this near heaven Christian place, this realm below deep in the wells of the Mississippi, now join into a caste system which is portrayed by spirit fallen and policed in to the confines of a subterranean hell, protracted for eons to come or for the knowing a moment. The realm just below is guarded by the 23 major demons and their minions shuffled into this area, to control all that are to be taken down into the depths, the prisoner slaves who will do the work of building this phantasmagoria of steel and concrete of mind boggling engineering.


When high technology is given it will be used.


Now into Tomorrow, many years... centuries, indeed thousands of years will pass, until that time that a great place has been developed. This is key to the ancient pharaoh kings who from the land of Egypt will return to the Mississippi and reawaken the sepulchers of their lineage thought dead by our standards of existence. These Children of Horus will once again awake the sleeping to the true Immortal Reality.


This time, this future into 4,000 years from now will herald a great age. Known by many as a place unto heaven, both inside the Earth under the Earth and in the Sky.



Beneath the Mississippi Valley, One Visits


I will tell you now in the strata below this place there is an ocean out reaching all that we surface humans would know within our mind of simple awe.


And below in this place, a plain, that with a cavern floor stretching out, upon remains a citadel of power, having survived the many fires and floods below.  There, center - sits a mighty pyramid, inspiring visitation, like a great oak tree, absent once a vestibule seen to that which is yet to come - blackened by the fires of ancient times, of strange metal cast out from a seeming alien foundry – the myth of origin…the center of the Earth, or other dimension beyond(?). How mysteriously wonderful this ancient instrument having survived the last deluge, indeed countless deluges where eternal magic and infinity have danced in this lone cavern, where surface men are yet to wander in. How great is this pyramid that brings down the stellar energies into this sacred ground, to be activated; and doors open we peer in and see the curve of immortal atoms open to us.


 We looking still… see the many denizens who with their strange weirding, cannot gain entry into this mythic place – how great and greater it is. They know not the rites, nor babble the words of Babylon’s sweet mysteries enshrouded in all her powers. The Subterranean Kingdoms- such a mystery divine!! How I wish to enter Her kingdoms again and again hidden, bearing shroud or not.  And now down this stairway carved of stone by those before, and over to this chamber with its wonderful display of archetypes always telling their stories: of Inca, of Maya, of Egyptian, of Babylonian, of Teutonic, of Rishi, Atlantean…the library and the hallway. Here we sit and meditate, on the many books of forgotten lore. Who but the spirit of Samson has reached this coiffeur of time and grace. How wondrous the paintings are, the grand sculptures. Samson show me the myriad of ways of these divine people, who now wait and wait. Tolerance is the vibration, we all share in. It is that which must be learned, accepted as One. In One Spirit we move.


In our travel using the VRIL light frequency we can see what is deep below the Mississippi Valley. We can view the drama as it unfolds into the future…we can see, these are always magical times.


Travel safely, prepare your magnetic aura – always be positive. Earn the right to know and be in true freedom. Beware of those seduced by religion, who know not who they are.





Use the Immortal Tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment 2011




Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you for opening myself and so many to this gift. I
received the VRIL over two weeks ago. I was very excited and knew the moment I
held it in my hand I was just reunited with something that has been waiting for
my return. Which leads me to wonder... do we knowing choose our VRIL Generators
even before we get them? Because it feels so personal, so spiritually

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that the first night I sat in
meditation with my VRIL I felt many blockages, so I decided to envision a white
healing light enter my heart chakra and into the VRIL and asked the VRIL to help
release my blockages and any other thoughts or energy that no longer served my
higher purpose.... then I began to feel great heat growing in my chest (I felt
this before during my Kundalini awakening half a year ago) then I began to spin,
not a outer physical spin but one of the inner self, at first I was scared since
I never experienced anything like this not even during my K awakening. I was
spinning so fast I began to see a bright white-ish blue with an inner yellow
glow light at the center of my spine. It was due to my own fear of not
understanding what was going on. After a few minutes I began to slow down then
finally I stopped spinning. But there was a great opening and release at my
heart center, it felt like I could have fit the whole universe in there. I felt
so light I could have floated away, there was also a great sense of peace and
gratitude. (I speak to and thank my VRIL often.) After reading the VRIL manual
further I realized this could have been the Chakra Spinning that was mentioned.

I have gone through many of the messages in the HEC & HE yahoo groups and
appreciate all of your guidance and insight. I am putting much of it to use and
I am living the results each moment. I am still working on opening my third eye,
it has been a challenge but I always feel that Mother Earth and Inner Earth is
cheering me on. Any other advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
This email is mainly to thank you, I see you much as a teacher /guide and thank
you for sharing your inner and outer light with us.

wrapped in VRIL love and light,
C. of Austin




Use the tools, You are There.


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