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Reentry below Skiros
In our journeys through the subterranean passages we have learned many things. We have been told by those living below their stories. One story I return to which has become in practice my personal meditation, is that of the woman living in the subterranean caverns below Skiros of the Aegean Sea, who claimed to be of the eternal spirit immortal Greek-Christos. She has told us that some 7000 years ago she and her tribe left western Turkey entering the many tunnels below the Aegean Sea and presently reside in the subterranean caverns deep below the island Skiros. Receiving the presence of her personal divinity she spoke with me in the Summer of 2000AD describing all that perpetuated on the surface through the Christian Roman religion following 50AD was indeed false, in that the dominion of this faith placed upon the many heads of surface earth bound residents by the Roman Catholic church was a form of debt by the ‘mental idea’ of original sin further binding all humans to a class of enslavement having no recognizable divine stature. Thus allowing the Roman Catholic Priesthood to further implement and maneuver the attrition of a continual flow of goods, money contributions and land with buildings back to the church from those who wish to remain in the graces of the crucified image of their god.

This sense of awkwardness in self denial was always made available as humanity continued its journey through the Age of Pisces, formed in the captivity of the fallen time which had began 5500 years ago (from our time) – by which was sustained a policy in the name of a religious martyr creating a manipulative force towards the control of all wealth, human resources and properties of the surface earth.

It is in this light and by the discretion of our contact below Skiros whereby we recognized the dark agenda resulting as a product formed over a very lengthy dark period, collaborated with dark religious invisible societies (from our eyes) formatted through reptilian ritual and guided through ancient Atlantean source, with many demon agents to bind surface population to their will, limiting surface humans and making certain that all precious metals and land properties are given to the church. Thus placing the church in a position whereby non-sublimation to other agents is insured.

It is for these reasons that I write this letter, in that readers may know the history of religion has repelled the inner enlightenment of the individual soul, it has done its best and apparently successfully so to dominate the working mindset of the population of the planet – one third presently claiming they are followers of the religiously affirmed Christian doctrinal faith. These souls have not as yet awakened caught in the net of a religion with such an intense drama containing a great supernatural security by the inference and ongoing process of first judgment and ‘then salvation’. This drama contained in mysterious intent as to deny further examination of the individual for fear of loss of the invisible god’s grace. Most religious minded individuals have little or no knowledge as to the very origin of their religion or the reasons for its creation; neither the inclination to observe with greater detachment … even encouraged to examine, to think intelligently concerning their religion. I ask: is guilt-ing the child at a young age by claiming our father in heaven would only forgive mankind once his son was sacrificed, a true spiritual path? The use of religion to collaborate the older ‘stories’ of sinful retribution is a means which has existed through all time. Humans once incarnated again forget and therefore are unaware of the deeper roots of their origin… become tools of their puppeteers. Now is the time to awake, own your individual will and follow the inner path back to the true origin of the divine VRIL. This VRIL will reveal the backbone of the true origins of creation, it will find the individual back into the very subatomic particles beyond the exacerbation of a manipulative world full of petty greed and false station.

Religion is likened to a scratched record – seekers will return to the well worn groove each time they get out of balance with the cosmos. Is it (?) not better to spend one’s free time meditating on the Higher Self, opening the Immortal Crown to heaven and own what has always been theirs: true divinity, godhood, access directly to the heavens …the freedom of flight through all levels of enduring higher intelligent cosmic awakening?

The responsibility of knowing the truth of awakened spirit lays with each individual, and along the way there are those who will help who have greater advantage, who have passed through the holy gates, experienced the true resurrection/ascended states; these angelic friends in human vehicles who assist us in our hour of reckoning assist us in seeking out what rock from which quarry we build for the will and the foundation of our new life. These are the god persons, the ones who have gone before whom we are drawn to, their virtue being self evident – kindness in their eyes and power of that kindness in their words.

There…below the solid rock of the Island of Skiros one can visit, one will visit in their meditations and as a visitor I speak of one of the holiest of places and of the residents: the divine people of Greek Christos.

Onelight.com telepathic contact - subterranean travel journal:

We are told by our earlier contact (2000AD) living below Skiros that Her people had gone from Turkey through the tunnels deep below the Aegean Sea and entered into the depths of 120-200 miles section in the area underneath Skiros approx. 6000- 7000 years ago. Victorious in the use of their high energy frequency they established themselves in a secure benevolent subterranean environment at the foothold (going down) of the ‘place of ages’ called Porthologos. Doing so they freed themselves of the mayhem of the coming lower band frequency as the density of surface earth cultures altered, intensified, whereby humans became more savage – dark, thick. As the change in the Earth’s frequency lowered making it increasing difficult for humans to see their true self, a guilt religion was presented to help control the savagery and force the inhabitants of the surface to offer up their wealth for retribution of their terrible sins against an all loving god. Wrapped with a promise of salvation, freed from the horror of their sins, a religion presented of many contradictions in faith would conquer most of the people of Europe into the middle ages creating the view of an all powerfully punishing god, a god who would send the black plague through Europe and into China – causing millions to die leaving no village untouched. In this manner the darker elements dwelling in the subterranean were able to use fear and foreboding to place humanity at the feet of a seemingly omniscient creator – bent on refusing peace under any contract of covenant than his own – an enterprise and monopoly…as mind control through fear was implanted and rewards to all those who readily obeyed, given.

Through remote viewing empowered by VRIL, by way of the Aegean Sea we have observed the existence of several cultures leading from the immediate subsurface below Skiros down into the depths…a discernible geological section of 450 miles to 800 miles, here the giants reside in the Place of Ages – the great library Porthologos.

“leading into Porthologos there are many passageways, the walls of which are covered with gold”
- from Mikos, the Librarian of Porthologos

As we train our 3rd eye, re-opening it to view the many cultures in the subterranean, we see and learn of the many castes and levels wherein different beings live, thrive – exist. Some closer to the evolutionary power of the Inner Earth light, others cast in places of dark – the lost caverns, many remaining empty of primal sustenance. Seek your path of the light – observe and discern that which will/would waste your time – this surface and immediate subsurface worlds are full of wasters.

In this grand section below Skiros of an area extending 200 miles deep we are told the inhabitants began preparing for their existence below some 7,000 years ago (from our present time) and had accomplished this journey, this mapping and moving their wealth to the deeper caverns over an approx. 1000 year period (much the same as the Telosians of Mt. Shasta); thus escaping the embattlement as the surface culture again turned in to the fallen times of an approx. 5,000 year period. We today can see the end of this fallen period approaching as the populous of surface earth begins to turn back in greater mass to the state/time of enlightenment…being freed of the human motivation of the consummate ghost of greed. As the future marches in bearing the banners of the Aquarian Age the determined self serving religions with their constant hand of distraction by their false centered church bound rituals will be weakened as the secret societies reveal their puppeteers moving ever closer to the domination of an entire human species. Will this great evil ever come to pass? From a distance we once watched, now we are in the theater of direct tangible experience. Our choices and actions prepare our future destination. We, in our human counterpart, this gross vehicle holding spirit, can and will decide if we wish to enter into the subterranean light kingdoms, or decide/realize our destinies align somewhere else.

I see before us a climatic ending and beginning. For still a short period of time we will need to show great tolerance and observe in a posture of unyielding grace, not to harm others, not to be bullied into states of anger caused by toxic fear.

Use the Immortal Tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment

-Onelight.com Publishing 2013

October 2013