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October 2009





Beyond Phenomena


At the heart of life stands the state of balance, a state in which we seek to transform our selves alchemically in that we may enable our selves to pass through and ‘beyond’ phenomena. In this place of contemplating on true self, true identity, we distance ourselves from that understood as phenomena, and, enter a state of salvation, into the state of Absolute Being: void of phenomena.  


path of leaving phenomena to absolute salvation – one without a second


Creating the ‘leader’

Taking away personal authority and personal freedoms (creating life long debt [mental and material] with compounded interest), instilling the ‘wonderful Imagination’ with thoughts of fear, trepidation, insinuating lack and hostility – warrior transactions, pride in posturing = great periods of fighting for appearances sake over territorial issues;  All security being presented as acceptance in the sacraments of religious creed – the artificial false absolute;  An order of all laws under one taskmaster – a leader offered up as absolute judge to all beings in all nations, globally, not only that of the individual tribe; working through this ritual mask of the many binding god spells, the human believes: they are most susceptible. And like the young kid offered to be slain in sacrifice to the invisible deity, the human offers their open throat in attrition. Not knowing that the chakra of the throat gives great power once balanced, releasing consciousness to great freedom, once redeemed to Nature’s true authority. This released ‘throat chakra energy’ opens the clouds as the sun shines through. No sacrifice required, openness is the healing fulfillment in practice- the true absolute.



Implanting the One Leader

The use of the ‘one single leader’ is to seduce humanity into the belief of a singular hegemony ‘one only consecrated’ (agenda), that of a person whose will is only perfect and thus ‘only able’ to make correct decisions. All others are deemed as most unfortunate, burdened by sins, pride, and feebleness in spirit – unlucky and very unwise.


Prior to planting the ‘one leader only’ idea into Humanity’s mass mind, Humanity was well capable of taking care of themselves having a distinct knowledge of their Edenic Nature and purpose, for they were not yet burdened with thoughts of self determining weakness – which respects a climate of rigid necessity, creating scarcity, coated in delusions of paranoia.  Members of Humanity in the times of Edenic Awareness were divinely endowed and respected as true Immortal beings as their strands of Immortal DNA were strong – well set, grounded in a climate of acceptance – having a pure diet causing a physical human conduit of flowing circulation.


With the coming of the 1200s there was a great deal of shoveling and the raking of coals onto the crowns of the general human population to properly meek them down to a state of subservience and compliant ignorance. By controlling whole towns – victimizing by that abducting them through the rage and fear of the Inquisition during the 1200s, many goals of the ‘dark forces’ were attained. But not until the eradication of Humanity in the sweeping arm of the black plague(s) were surface populations numbed to a state of idiot puppetry, set in a perpetual state of fear repeating (only) what their leaders would say is true by the ‘words’ of their one leader – the Vatican chieftain. Thus humans in their ignorance giving up their will, completed the magic spell of dedication to the whim of the Vatican. Now, only the Vatican by the power of fear of loss of salvation would sanction forgiveness of sins – through the only begotten voice of the martyred all saving hero – the invisible embodiment of god still walking among his herd of sheeple. A sentence for long term magical mind suspension if there ever was one: the self accepted execution of direct communication with One’s Higher Self – I Am Goddess/God, through the paralysis of artificially implied natural state of sin.



The Disappearance of the Leader as a Martyr

By creating a leader who is a martyr, the leader never remains for questioning – no quick miracle at the neighbor’s supper table, no fire side village chats on the practices of defying gravity. This knowledge and corroborating evidence is removed, whether it be by a real crucifixion or an imagined crucifixion.


And with any gang which forms under some moral ‘creed’, everything by appearance is done in the open, all that need be hidden is the actual undertow of ritualized acts. The slight of hand beneath the magician’s cloak manifesting the living dove - gullible children accept with great awe. Humans across the board accept what is truly false as very real. There is no end to this foolishness, until there is escape from the state of ‘phenomena’, escape, by that royal entry into the state of Absolute Being - the true victory of Higher Self.


Through the feeding and then the bleeding of the throat chakra a great number of humans are experienced by the lower spirit through this ‘god spell’ in terms of ‘birth and death’ the two most dramatic issuances of human existence. By this continual coming and going, replication is addressed as purity, because the general human population is just too unclean(?).  This drama satiates the lower gods through the continual engagement with fear attrition– fear, the food of the lower gods. Once this pathos of mass anxiety is in place firmly in the human conditioning, it is near impossible to remove. Artificial Power and their corresponding edicts depend on this fear ever presented – artificially propped up on the presentation of the Death Brain Virus, under the will of one leader. In this method humans are controlled as a product from birth to death, never aware of their self empowering Immortal DNA.



Common Man is Judged Unlucky?

By weakening and by that controlling the mind as being not lucky so is that made manifest in the daily life, as each individual has the power to manifest their state of being – as they are One with Creation, the electromagnetic sphere, the power that reigns in the heavens. The VRIL is given to the one who asks, who receives.


Today in these modern times, birth and death in great numbers is accepted as the ‘real’ the real habit of the planet. Wars, disease, debts gathered from one generation to another accepted as real – ever natural. While in truth they are artificially created in abundance to give the appearance of human susceptibility, the herding in the phenomena, in present times - lack of ability to see the Absolute Will of Heaven Within.




Evolution and Enlightenment

For all those who are stuck in phenomena and by that stuck below the firmament, there are many traditions to abide in. In times of duress Humans will seek back to their ancestors for past information and guidance. When the elders of any tribe are corrupted, that tribe will generally follow the misguidance of corruption for several generations of thought, until the tribe is either destroyed and removed, or re-evolved and re-enlightened. What is told by a parent is thought dear to the child, and much is gathered kindly on the soul of the child for what the parent affirms as enlightening reality.


Through the denser fabric of life there are many pinholes by which light may flow in – whereby true intelligence may take root, hold, and free the members of the culture which seeks a destiny of light intelligence.



Several Days ago I wrote in my ‘to do today’ list

‘Timetravel procedure: Designate a year in 1770s –– look for a location of interest in this time period – go to and find a person or persons, an avatar who will inform you of a situation of pertinent interest’


The next evening I took a nap after holding my VRIL and crystal; as is often I will rest in the evening and wake up later in the night to work or read.


In my sleep state I was walking down a path I take during the day to the market at the bottom of a hill which begins at the end of the park some 6 blocks from where I live in Weehawken. In the sound sleep state before me is a man who I am observing from the right side; he has on a triangle felt hat, a blue bandanna around his neck and a white and red striped shirt. He is locking a gate, making a clinking noise with a motion of finality as if he is getting off work and now he is going down to the pub below on the wharf. As I gaze on this scene I realize there was a stockade in the 1700s across from the market place I visit today, where persons of ill luck were once gathered and sold. That life back then had little mercy for those who were in a bad stead.


I was then shown a very strange scene: inside the stockade there was a special area where people of great height were kept. They were made to lie down in small restricted compartments on racks behind rusted flat steel bars. These people were not Native Indians we know, though having strong features and olive/tan skin, they were clearly of a different type. It later struck me that I was looking on another species of humans, tall slim humans native to the north of here in New England – persons which nature had intended to wander about sharing in the practice of alchemical arts. The knowledge of the existence of these people was removed from out history books, as was the knowledge and practice of the power of their magical arts.


A week later, I spoke to a few friends who were raised in this area of New Jersey, telling my experience fore-mentioned; they informed me that in that location that I dreamt there were indeed several pubs on the wharf in that area of the 1700s. The knowledge of a stockade I am still looking in to.


I remind people who are interested that Time Travel is available to all those who seek it out. That it will come to manifest as one continues their VRIL meditations. This is not beyond our human capability.


Write down on paper what one wishes to experience and this will manifest. We have all the powers of the Universe within us. This can not be taken away. Do not give it away.


You are the leader.



Use the Immortal Tools, You are There Publishing 2009








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