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Doorway into Flight by Exalted Electrical Current

As the Earth spins in orbit around the Sun it creates an abundance of geo-electromagnetic energy.  We humans living on the surface drawing from this geo-electromagnetic force can practice and master dramatic and willful periods of long flight.


Our original human core, is that of the ‘immortal plane’ – we are now capable of lifting out of our bodies and flying to any place on the globe as were Our ancestors capable in Ancient Days. Before the creation of the ‘death histories’, before the presumptive and accepted as true globally enforced limited education with the causal fear forming religions, We Humans knew flight; we were entangled in ongoing flight as Our ‘free expression’.

Our Human Ancestors upon leaving the place called the Immortalizing Eden, came under the control of predators who were able to maintain their constant control over humans by implanting them with the beliefs: no flight, no knowledge of Immortal Eden, submission to death as a dutiful choice. Choice of DEATH given = one must remain noble and die according to the better will of the people and One’s All Seeing god - as projected into the Imagination of the Lost Human Mind- the Mass lost mind. Once submission to DEATH and the ‘death god image’ fully implanted, the completion of the Death Implant was accepted as ‘the Absolute’. Once the Death Implant was seen as absolute, Humans began the long term process of ‘forgetting’ they are able to fly – ANYWHERE. 


Flight can only be described as an immersion into a ‘positive electrical flow’, a freeing   up-liftment of the Spirit – one in which super abundant positive energy comes quickly, supporting a dramatic sense of high serenity and eternal native capability.  


Spontaneously born from a need, the desire to experience the greater ‘unknown’ electrical depths occurs rapidly. One has high vision of knowing why they exist – how great this Existence is of Freedom in Flight! Defined It ‘is’ the Immortal Sense of Flight we ALL want. And when one experiences it, when one has it, One knows – this is what they have been searching for all their lives. In fact One knows that everything else has lead to this – this Immersion into Immortal Flight. The sense of Flight is the most encouraging process of true nurturing wisdom the human conduit systemically embodies.

It exalts Existence.


The spontaneity is the charge. One who meditates on the symbols of flight will feel it manifest into their lives likened to a rush of the heavens. Now, in the past 2 months I have experienced 4 times this sense of awake flight, and by this experience, ‘know’, that by further immersions, I will be able to move spontaneously and by divine whim manifest to any place on the globe or cross-dimensionally I seek, by will. Through deeper purer states of immersion into the electrical frequency of the Global Light Grid One realizes there is no end to this depth, and by that no end to the harmonious enlivening levels of fine electrical empowerment.




Pulling the Energy Off – How to Do

The force field around the Earth – the Light Grid, can be accessed by using the Immortalizing Crystals and the VRIL Generator, while laying down comfortably or sitting in a meditation posture; or taking a walk through the park. I often carry a crystal and VG in my pocket or satchel on my walk which noticeably strengthens the force field of my etheric body.


The energy required for opening and accessing the global light force field, is the amount required for the removal of blocks in the circuitry of the native human body.


Through the relaxation of the body and the opening of the spine bridging the neck, the full sensation of the light current occurs, deeper and more readily. This is a powerful expansion whereby the throat and ‘back of the neck chakra’ will be freed, releasing an abundance of energy.


This energy will come as a rush and the practitioner will sense their new step is in another place of great energy surplus = the global electrical flow. By this, one senses a freedom, one senses they are dancing in pure energy - having left the struggling behind.


I realize that where I am now and where I once was is a great distance in my personal  ability to absorb and use the VRIL magnetic energy.  This energy is always available for surface dwellers to call on, open up to and receive. However stumped we may feel, We are all ‘flight capable’.


Five Levels of Performance on the Global Light Grid

Opening the third eye

1.    Remote Viewing by gazing on the target of the global map (watching the movie)

2.    Entering the Target (entering the movie)

3.    Opening the Hyper-spacial Portal (deeper immersion into the electrical conduit, accessing the Time Warp)

4.    Observing strands of DNA uniting - Immortal Conversion – full flight

5.    Bi-location, standard two places at the same time (may be witnessed); Teleportating anywhere, while the physical body is seen as invisible or visible at will


Knowing: what I speak – manifests. Repeat “I will fly, I will fly, I will fly…”.




Nippur – Exalted Portal

Examining the Nippur Index of Light

Why is this area so defined as the beginning place of the tribes of exalted immortals for the Western Mind? What ruined cities lay hidden buried 50,000 years past?


To know Nippur is to know the movement of Subterranean Immortal Species onto the Surface of Earth. A trail of many cities depicting their corresponding eras of exaltation and decline may be observed by the one practicing VRIL energized remote – viewing.  By ascertaining each depth the elder ancient cities are viewed, seen in corresponding depths, levels of greater and greater decay. One views (however ghostly) the beginning of the immortal human lineage as it once proceeded from the inner mantel - the Inner Earth. Now this area laid waste, we Humans can visualize and dream of these forgotten cities, we can flow back through time and witness these magnificent places as they once were. By accessing this area One will view great congresses of hybrid winged beings, deities which gathered deep in the hollowed places beneath the Earth’s mantle - below the area today known as Nippur.

Dramatically one receives this ancient regenerating energy, realizing there are mysteries so vast and abundant, that only over continued meditation will one receive a knowing balance of this ancestral phenomena. Truly immortal grace has no bounds.


As Our Ancient Immortal Ancestors declined over many centuries into a subspecies, Civilization was formed to prop up Humankind, to give it a mask of awareness: a soulless incumbent being, a driven robot-an figure made from clay to obey the imposed Outer Laws of the Surface realm under its thunderous penalizing gods. Laws that were to be enforced by the fear of violence, now that the human ‘divine immortal center’ had been corrupted. And eventually Humankind entered into the ordered chaos of the Death War Games – the human mortal clone as a warrior would now amuse the gods. Civilization was subtly manicured, fed great superstitious tales of terrible longing, scarcity, fear, and wantonness by the Subterranean Reptilians implementing cultic persuasions and encroaching religious dogmas. These violating dark acts were positioned to keep the now guilt ridden Surface Humanity from entering back into the subsurface realms and purportedly corrupt those inside.


40,000 years ago, as the planet Jupiter’s density heightened, so did the Giants of lower density move to a portion inside planet Earth, there interfacing with the subterranean reptilians to form a policing force, and by that an intermediate protective shield to the lands below. Thus, overtime a human possessing force was created, a power that would steal human resources, abduct and enslave those caught on the Surface under the agenda of a restricting manipulative status and greed enhancing technologies. Into modern day the threat of martial law ever apparent as the primal solution for civil disobedience; the buildup of weaponry would ever be advanced as a necessary crusade for the good of All.  By this the corporations, the puppet gods of the reptilian agenda, preyed on the human weaknesses and fears, destroying Immortal DNA; over 80 % of the world population today accepting the loss of Immortal DNA under a dominate fear binding god as their personal religion.


Those who left the Inner Earth were kept at arms length, the residents inside destined to remain separated from the debased human ‘savages’ Now residing on the Outside.



No More Immortal Dance for Those Cast to Ignorance

As numerous groups left the caverns of the area of Nippur and created settlements on the Surface, the immediate tunnels to the inside were cut off completely due to surface disturbances, severity of weather and general cultural differences which over time formed between those on the inside and those on the surface.  Animal and human sacrifices were continually given by the priesthood to comfort the Inner guardians that surface humans were too dense and superstitious, stuck in turmoil, to ever migrate again inside to Crystalline Caverns.


As exalted Human DNA became more ‘fear corrupted’ by the effects of living on the Surface, the blocks to the inner world were initiated as permanent stasis. Mythologies were built to deflect inquiry. Descriptions of a dominate inhospitable underground realm of foreboding were over time impressed into the established mindset of Surface Humanity through folklore and religious doctrine. Children who wandered too far from the villages, were told that once abducted they would be taken into abhorrent places underground.  As modern day arrived false scientific information was given through the Universities to keep humans from ever believing that the Earth was anything but a very hostile environment that would destroy anyone wandering inside, or better still – the planet Earth was nothing more than a rigid structure – a very large impenetrable ‘solid marble’.


The children of Abraham who in Ancient Times took the journey from the great hallway of Inner Earth tunnels onto the Surface beneath Nippur, Iraq, would now fester in insane dramas of hatred, war, and quests to destroy the ‘infidels’: their original sisters and brothers of One Immortal Home.




Through the steady use of the Immortal Awakening Crystals and the VRIL Generator the inner current opens up the backbone, rising through the neck connecting to the Inner Mind force – thus releasing the energy blocks, connecting to the Electromagnetic Global Light Grid – creating the divine zeal by which One senses as pure motion – the experience of FLIGHT, at Will...Anywhere.




Use the Immortal Tools, You are There
 Publishing 2009

September 2009

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