February 2013


The Closed Environment for Protection and/or Control




Given sufficient time, under the absolute control of a closed environment, people can be convinced of anything.


It is our right to take the initiative and regain control of the Earth’s environment in every manner of freedom and goodness to the land and humanity for the truly balanced prosperity of All now, and into the future. Those who have joined in seating the heavy imbedded carbon footprint in our land and atmosphere will return again to this planet… during one of its more difficult times; neither will they be blessed with sincerity or bliss, becoming enslaved by a dreary entrainment accompanied in tides of seeming endless irritation. The one who seeks to burden the world with pollution will again be recycled into a realm dominated by remorse and make their dues.


Create your own individual green footprint, influence your community as best as you can and see the heavens on Earth and the many exalted dimensions open before you. This is freedom from darkness…as you want it.



There is only the Self, the Spirit of Infinite Consciousness is its transcending experience.  All else believed here on this planet of any thought-full importance dissolves upon experiencing the Infinite Mind; the Infinite Mind having no scale or measure as One enters the river… the eternal ocean.  Do not forget, there is no [greater] need for anything else. Sanction your life’s energies accordingly to the awakening of the Infinite Self, wherein all duality and its powers of illusion…dissolve.  


Myopic contrition and the control of all the lands through a centralized government that feeds off the people is in our wake; in this planet’s immediate [as it is happening now] future.  The challenge is upon us: an elitist company of fools wishes to own that which is for All, given to All, indeed has been created by the One, for the  blessings of All.  Why these silly elitist thinking men claiming a greater sophistication of mind and duty seek to carve up a planet that in the deep past they helped create in their true identity of the Divine whim… is truly a perplexing trying mystery fused in darkness. We are those who sincerely care and want that all people of Earth have a non-secreted transparent fair share of the biological wealth of this planet by innate divine freedom(s). We seek to create again our own gardens, by this stabilizing our lives in sweet harmony and sustaining the higher and sensible established common needs of the children…on into the future. The people who follow the will of Satan appear now to be strong, to have greater dominion, but in the generations ahead they will not have the fear of Death nor the Church crutch to dumb people down.  As we gain steadily inner Immortal wisdom, new protective powers will be given, our knowledge established as divine.  Soon…we becoming purely Light –acknowledge Our True Self…in our holy humility we dedicate our acts worshiping the true Divinity within. The ancient regressive dual-programming religions which over the centuries seep up from the dark subterranean places entering the surface churches, wish to enslave humans in their dogma, piously lacking in powers of spirit and spirit’s divine inertia. These reptilian-minded seek out the complacent, the susceptible, placing irons upon the ankles of the minds and hearts of once free men.  Let them know that their treacherous ways must come to a halt, for we are [again] self-aware conscious beings, those no longer manipulated by their ancient dark material wealth fetching ways. We are not their possessions!


The Children of the Sun May Fear Us…by viewing our barbaric acts in a theater here on planet earth seeming as never ending.  Still the Sun’s ritualistic acts of stunning us, mutating us, readjusting our molecular makeup…can this be seen as the God being awakening in Us? Must we visitors, travelers on this planet Earth sustain, endure the onslaught of what the Sun has planned for us…for this inner God consciousness to awake?

Are we learning the discipline of becoming more aware of the potential of who we are…and is the grand gift of teleportation being reawakened again in us… will there soon be the cosmic unveiling of human teleportation to the stars and beyond?  


Judgment is for the unborn in Spirit, and there are the many who wish to hold high seekers back that they continue to gnaw on this bone of judgment daily- not hearing nor wishing to hear the true heart which is always pure. The pure heart seeing the will of God – moving through the Spirit of God…being God. In the instant of this ‘knowing’ nothing is obscured. The VRIL transformed PSI seeker is enabled, knows they can go anywhere, experience the purest knowledge of the Akashic Records, know they are one in Spirit resonating with all the animals of the wood and sea…in telepathic awareness of the living substance in All.


 The Situation at Denali in Alaska

As we of Onelight.com spoke of earlier, Mount McKinley at Denali, serves as housing for the reptilian agenda, its influences pass through Area 51, and is supported through the puppets of several key congress people keen on the actualization of mayhem created for the New World Order on into the future.  These persons seek to be the future gifted princes of the dark aspect-ed Niburu. We can observe each turn of events unfolding as we gaze on the politics of this country and the influences that these beings bring on.


[further information has been gained by the remote viewing of VHEC members that the underground pyramid’s occupants, just east of Mt McKinley have a sinister agenda]


Identifying with the Rules of Immortal Inertia


Those around us who have the benefits of immortal inertia, the quickening, each day practice the opening of the deeper breath. The deeper the breath the greater the bliss. For those who suffer from depression, paralyzed by negativity breath deeply in the morning as you awake and through the day. Seek out the immortal resonance that heightens the inertia, immortality is a fountain within, which once established reveals the inner true will of invincibility.  Repeat the mantra of your identification with the godhead you best harmonize with.


As the original creators of the universe we often forget how expansive our roles were at one time, some may say we have entered a sealed encasement of amnesia brought on by evil gods ever wishing to have us play in their dark useless games. As one ascends into the higher frequencies one realizes the accomplishment of listening to the inner voice of the Higher Self, a place the scribes have tried to communicate in words lost in the dusty bins of conformed religious prejudice. Being and breathing in the One takes endurance and the strongest desire of desires.


As a seeker drinks from the cup of the old religions one believes that they are drinking from the source – the actual fountain of purity. These old religions that come from the Atlantean past cannot hold themselves up as our future, they are too entangled with their own obsessions of order, chaos and congested rituals. In ancient Crete a ritual would be carried out absent of change for hundreds of years, thus empowering the priestess hood and the practitioners of the rituals’ greater austerity and thus freedom from judgment, containing a strong though repressive character. In time this empowerment of the priestess would take hold as clannish- unchangeable, stiff, resistant to other ideas that would enhance the creative intuitiveness whereby the rituals could increasingly evolve.  Make your rituals rich in the character of creativity, always broadening your adaptation with the new wisdom and high energy you receive.


The ritual of any progressively enlightened group need lead to the higher vibratory state – one where the high character of self-esteem is released…and full-filled - realized. We can never compromise to the austerity of simple dogma, but move relentlessly forward until the constant stream of the inner energy represented by the VRIL of the inner Agarthian realm is on tap, moving us ever forward deeper into the vibrational current of High Light VRIL. However incomprehensible in its primal nature this energy source is deeper than any presented through the old religions brought onto surface Earth.


The serious comprehension on where we once were and where we are today may be described as ‘gods on vacation’.  Still as multi-dimensional beings, in placement on this surface Earth, the universe holding this planet is experienced as ever balancing itself.  In our minds the Earth and neighboring planetary spheres move along grandly when we are in a good state of mind; they do not move along grandly when we are in a bad state of mind. For those who have dropped out of heaven into the perilous realms, the universe is seemingly cruel havoc; for the world to come back into focus one needs to clear their minds, rebalance their sense of self-esteem.


In this perspective, the universe is as Our Mind sees it, and truly exists by the power of Our Mind alone which plumbs the depths of Spirit.


How deep does one have to go inside the mind before becoming aware that they are as an individual One creating this universe as well as a myriad of universes?


The Earth indeed is not some ‘thing’ that exists, it is what consciousness creates.

Be not afraid, rest knowing in courage the Spirit is unlimited, all powerful, all knowing, sacred…expansive. The divine balanced Imagination is there to guide One on the VRIL light journey… ever further in the endless blissful journey.


Drift into its alchemical power as the Inner Mind of Spirit creates exciting new worlds.



Use the Immortal Tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment



-Onelight.com Publishing 2013





from Koin Magnus:

The Vril generator has been a great help to me and I even sleep with it in my left hand in the Void posture...all night.


I have some pretty [strange] stuff happening too. All I will continue without fear.


Thanks a million.


PS. I think it is amazing that the Smokey God refers to the electrical charge in the air as the reason for prolonged life and virility and the vril generator is made of brass , a copper and zinc alloy.  My point being that the Brass is a compound and thus...in contact with the body and its natural fluid system begins to generate a charge merely by holding it.


Why do you think even in the Smokey God there is so much biblical jargon added to it? And so much fear garbage out there that even many sites say its Satan and his buddies in there. None of that makes any sense and do not think for one moment I believe it.  




Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you for opening myself and so many to this gift. I
received the VRIL over two weeks ago. I was very excited and knew the moment I
held it in my hand I was just reunited with something that has been waiting for
my return. Which leads me to wonder... do we knowing choose our VRIL Generators
even before we get them? Because it feels so personal, so spiritually

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that the first night I sat in
meditation with my VRIL I felt many blockages, so I decided to envision a white
healing light enter my heart chakra and into the VRIL and asked the VRIL to help
release my blockages and any other thoughts or energy that no longer served my
higher purpose.... then I began to feel great heat growing in my chest (I felt
this before during my Kundalini awakening half a year ago) then I began to spin,
not a outer physical spin but one of the inner self, at first I was scared since
I never experienced anything like this not even during my K awakening. I was
spinning so fast I began to see a bright white-ish blue with an inner yellow
glow light at the center of my spine. It was due to my own fear of not
understanding what was going on. After a few minutes I began to slow down then
finally I stopped spinning. But there was a great opening and release at my
heart center, it felt like I could have fit the whole universe in there. I felt
so light I could have floated away, there was also a great sense of peace and
gratitude. (I speak to and thank my VRIL often.) After reading the VRIL manual
further I realized this could have been the Chakra Spinning that was mentioned.

I have gone through many of the messages in the HEC & HE yahoo groups and
appreciate all of your guidance and insight. I am putting much of it to use and
I am living the results each moment. I am still working on opening my third eye,
it has been a challenge but I always feel that Mother Earth and Inner Earth is
cheering me on. Any other advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
This email is mainly to thank you, I see you much as a teacher /guide and thank
you for sharing your inner and outer light with us.

wrapped in VRIL love and light,
C. of Austin




Use the tools, You are There.



Onelight.com Publishing 2012