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February 2010
Tunnels of Gold Below the Amazonia Floor

To the Mortal one who sees the chain of golden pyramids within the depths of the Earth – this is a wondrous thing – one exclaims ‘how mighty are the ways of the gods’.

To the Immortal One who gazes on the fold of Humanity imprisoned on the surface of the planet Earth – One says – ‘look at the golden collar they must wear – will they ever be freed of their toil?’.

As the Earth travels closer to the Central Sun, the subterranean Golden Pyramid Ring is removed from the interior of the Earth. It is removed from the ethereal sheath of the planet.

As the Earth returns to the lower density, the Golden Pyramid Ring is placed back into the interior of the Earth again, the many pyramids of Earth are activated.

The atrophy of Our modern day climate is often deemed an insurgence against discipline. As caretakers of this planet and the sacred protection of our human species, We must become ordained as ‘gods’ once again.




Prior to the new journey into - below the Amazonia floor, I asked to enter. This process of asking in repetition increased several times with deliberate concentration prior to entering the fast, a fast for freeing the astral spirit from the electromagnetic physical gravity of the Earth’s surface.


January 28, 2010, 3rd day into fast:

In the night, in my sleep, I feel the current strongly as I am taken down quite quickly into the depths, alarmingly, as I feel shots of electricity passing through my body.  I had forgotten how it is to enter into this well, this cylinder east of Manaus near the Amazon River.  A huge cavern well where in native shamans squatting gaze - from their village homes on the cliffs - on the edge of an unfathomable place known only fully by Immortals.


Before I speak of this place again, let me tell you of another experience I had – the new great experience of what I found below the jungle floor, shortly after leaving the cylinder east of Manaus the night of January 28.




Tunnels of Gold Below the Amazonia Floor

Gold covered Tunnels - from the days of the Inca – pre Inca – pre Atlantean - used as a communication system - beneath the Amazon


Here I see with astral eyes – held in the sweetness of high spirit, the soul of the Earth echoes in all Her great compartments of lore, the presence of mansions within of godspeak:

There is a gold circuitry once built deep below the Amazon jungle floor to heighten the PSI abilities, enable global spiritual connection of those who would live in these tunnels; the circuitry is an enhancer, a transponder of an earlier very advanced society. That when the ‘dark crushers’ invaded the basin, coming through, they closed down these tunnels, - they cut off the people’s ability to access these tunnels by that blocking…interfering with the people’s ability to communicate with others of high spirit of this planet and of other planets. They sought to control, to enslave the people of this land. Their need to squash the freedom of the high spirited people was their goal.  Enslaving others to the dark spirit is always the agenda of these parasitical groups who do not ‘know’ the One.

There have been many such dark groups through time who seek to crush the willfulness of those who enter high spirit, those of high spirit who use the golden circuits beneath the surface Earth in their striving of the pure whim = One in Movement.  The dance of the light cascading from the Central Sun.

We see clearly that one such group has pervaded and controlled the earlier spiritual native - that by the creation of the Vatican authority of sin and redemption, the crushers were able to create a closed loop program of wealth – an agenda that served well the surface development of the dark secret societies. Control the wealth and the rest will surrender. Whereby the perspective of human thought would be established that the centralized Churches would own all the wealth, and by empowering the demon-strating zealots of the Roman Catholic society, advance such persons to higher and higher levels of domination, status. Thus making a strong connection of behavior genetics to the per-forming reptilian mindset beneath the surface.

On seeing these tunnels below I recognize there are several sets of these gold labored tunnels with corresponding stages in technical development of their era, each layer leading deeper and broader into the subterranean depths below the Amazon jungle floor. That there is a completed pre- Atlantean, an Atlantean or pre-Inca and then later an Inca system.

The deepest tunnel system is that of the pre-Atlantean builders, then the next layer closer to the surface that of the Atlantean and then the Inca, which is still accessible by some of greater awareness.

The case for the gold tunnels of the pre-Atlantean and Atlantean systems was to release higher cosmic energies for those inhabiting underground locally, near or inside the tunnels. The Inca kings then later implemented covering their tunnel walls with gold as a form of storage of their wealth.

On seeing the deeper tunnels of pre-Atlantean and Atlantean origin, many of which appear carved out in a square or rectangular manner, I immediately recognize that throughout the Subterranean Earth, much is made up of numerous tunnels coated with gold. They are everywhere. How wondrous this is! As I was told of and know now: the walls of the tunnels into Porthologos beneath the Aegean Sea are covered with gold. Such a high frequency – how grand, how one-derful Earth can be!

tifftunnels of gold brazil.tif


Further in my astral journey-

Now, I am moving along the shallower tunnels of the Incas below the Amazonia jungle floor, sensing the vibration of the gold covered tunnels, which are shaped by a fairly crude method compared to the pre-Atlantean and Atlantean tunnels deeper below which are very uniform, likened to a circuit board of interconnected gold tubing in an harmonic embrace of alchemical geomancy, a design created with an overall purpose by a knowing divine priesthood of people.

I see that the gold is made into the form of a paste perhaps mixed with a plant resin, and plastered in a rough texture in some manner to a thickness on the tunnel rock walls and ceiling (the measure of thickness I am not certain – an amount of gold that will still adhere to the wall with the correct measure of resin). This appears to be ordained by one king in control of each dynasty. Perhaps these Lords of gold are mimicking the past genetic memories of their original pedigree, that of a more advanced civilization; though unknowing of the reasons other than to protect their gold.

Walking through these golden tunnels was very enriching, and I encourage everyone in the study of the practice of VRIL travel to seek out the direct experiences through entering into these tunnels by astral spirit, while in the comfort of their physical body at home.

There appears to be a great amount of gold that the Incas were able to obtain, perhaps as part of their booty gathered as they traveled into other lands – perhaps taken from other temples, places abandoned.  I sense the abundance of gold flakes coated the land and had fallen into the rivers following a destruction of many gold temples of this area. I am convinced there was a war in this area and the many temple structures were destroyed by a greater technology leaving the caches of gold strewn over this area. Many crushers in their airships came into this area and destroyed the temples of gold. The temples so rich and abundant with gold once influenced the very geo-electrical powers of the Earth.


We surface humans under the establishment of a wealth system first based on gold primarily, would not see that the earlier ancient cultures used massive amounts of gold to create in the Subterranean these grand circuits of high energy frequencies.  We have been so dumbed down over the centuries, especially the last 5 centuries that our process of modern science has successfully usurped the blessings of the immortalizing schools of ancient Egypt – those revealing the portals of grace leading to the Inner Earth, whereby one begins by entering in astral spirit through meditation with crystals and VRIL empowerment.   

Use the tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment



Entry Again into the Cylinder Leading to the Crystalline Grid



I am taken down quite quickly, alarming, as I am feeling shots of electricity passing through my body, I had forgotten how it is to enter into this well, this cylinder east of Manaus near the Amazon River.

Before seeing the tunnels I find myself again inside the cylinder- well and I am being knocked around by various frequencies that are giving various quantitative values of their electrical force. I am happy to be inside the cylinder again – but now I am experiencing it as a very powerful electrical system that is emitting shocks through my body, likened to a corridor into the crystalline grid belling at both ends. These shocks are shown to be ratios of energy – as I am hit by a shock and cascade to a side of the cylinder I am shown a mathematical equation of the value and corresponding lineation. I begin thinking that the more pure-r or sustaining one is in this cylinder, one’s PSI body will heighten in its ability to move to other places, other dimensions. There is a hidden attribute similar to the waves experienced in the Bermuda Triangle, intense but not as radically intense as the BT.


This appears to be another reason why this cylinder has been built, formed. Giving substance that the Earth provides ‘many’ tools for the awakening of immortal energy in the human vessel. That the root in the Crystalline grid and the electricities of the surface meet creating a myriad of fantastic wavelengths, as yet still too sophisticated for our mortal mind to understand or develop in a harmonious flow.


This cylinder has a very strong ‘young man energy’. As though the cylinder is owned by an initiation ritual of young men; that this cylinder was an initiation, a passing test, a test of immortal strength, in one’s ability to enter into this cylinder and move about successfully.  One may only imagine this would be with wings made of some kind of material, but more probable the use of this cylinder was to increase the powers of levitation, free flight, through entering a highly activated – supercharged container of energy. A container of energy that may at one time equated the entire surface atmosphere whereby humans immersed in this VRIL kinetic energy were enabled to fly at will on the wings of their own desire.



By Entry into the Crystalline Grid through the Amazon Basin, One Realizes Their Immortal Inheritance

As yet we are a species that is incumbent to the many manifestations of daily living, not yet acquiring and establishing the arc of Infinity that will guide us to the Star seeds of our creation, thus echoing an expanse of knowledge of the supra-being that is contained and expressed through the universe in a constant. Through discerning management of our lives into the future the treasures of the abundance of energy will be given us, ushering from a once seemingly closed fissure in the boundless transport of expression.


By riding the frequencies out side of our physical bodies, removing the many bands that hold us to this Earth gravity zone, We humans will be able to attract great measures of inner awareness, higher self esteem.


Use the tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment 2010




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