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Fly to Spain without a Plane


Why take the plane to Spain? - a journey on a plane takes what(?) 12 hours including shuttles; then there is the wait at the airports, some times luggage difficulties and then you have to sign into a hotel before you head to the beach.


Why not free fly to the beach for an hour or two and skip the lost time in between? This is a happening experience now for some. When your ready, you will see - how true these words are.


People are accomplished at many things but how many know they can be accomplished at traveling long distances in a very quick period. Sound unreasonable to you? Sound like irrational thinking?


Governments, secret societies -  those who run the mind control programs are betting that you won't go outside your 'rational-reasonable' parameters, in fact they are hoping you remain paranoid just by thinking about flight without vehicles.


If you were to hear from someone who practices EGGF: electromagnetic global grid flight, you would probably question their sanity.


Still flying solo (or with friends) without a vehicle is some thing we all think about, and some days we think about it more than others. Perhaps we had a flying dream the night before, or our inner subatomic engine became revved up from dancing, aerobics, singing, so that we felt our mind catching the never without end: global electric breezeways.


I can tell you there are many who do just that:  fly to Spain without a plane. In fact there are those who use the Electromagnetic Light Grid of the planet to fly anywhere they want. We, of our circle go anywhere on the planet without a plane, train, boat, or taxi. Prove us wrong? That will be the day.


Humans have known about vehic-less flight since ancient times - long before they became 'civilized(?)'. We humans however appearing downcast in our evolutionary place, are capable of doing many feats, and flying to any place on the planet requires only two things: belief and the willingness to practice it.


Taking the first step is always a good place to begin, starting with belief and adaptation to the task. Let's begin with turning your body into its original form - a machine of flight - let's talk about turning your body into a 'high energy' plane.

Think: 'to freely fly I need to free my center to the flow of the universal light energy grid which surrounds this planet'.  The Light Grid and the power to access exists always. One need only establish their connection to the global Light Grid to obtain power - initiating this frequency occurs by 'asking first'.


The body is made of seven centers - call them subatomic engines that have to work together as one to get the human plane aloft; and when these subatomic engines are fired up and able, then you get the go.  You are powered up due to the fact there are no longer obstructions in your personal light gravity field. No obstruction is the key. Remove the obstructions between you and the Light Grid and you will step into another kingdom; a dimension seemingly unknown before. You will access the power of the Ancient One. Once you release your PSI body into space, navigation and velocity comes natural - is natural. Plan to practice with your new 'most natural' ability. 


So, make sure your body is clear of blocks - dumpy food blocks, fear blocks, traditional rational inhibitors. Think - I can fly safely by walking around my home, taking a walk around the park, sitting meditating, laying in my bed, and learning - practicing, letting my body go like a rocket ship - as I will.


You need your solar plexus to be freed from confused thoughts. One needs a fire going on down there, to open up the other centers - you want to open up the crown and use the third eye for visualization.


When you are fully operational you will be able to go anywhere you want - immediately - your are in the grid and your moving in the light energy of Mother Earth.



Till you get to that place you will need to study how the light body is restricted if there is too much armor, too much fear, too much bad food, these blocks talking bad thoughts to you. No need to judge, just access your inner power and move it up, deeper and higher.


You need to get the VRIL moving, the crystalline immortalizing energy inside Mother Earth - whereby you feel 'detached' from your physical body being stuck on the surface earth, like flypaper. Surely becoming unstuck will happen.


One need get past the primate stage - enter the inner Crystalline VRIL Ring of self knowing, exalting -  ascending intuitiveness - self causal behavior - you know, star dust memories from the Big Bang - it is the Aquarian Age after all!




           get your solar plexus spinning and your crown to start opening - the electromagnetic power of Earth will reach out and grab you

           let go to fly - be certain your body is laying down in a comfortable place

           access the light grid by keying in with the immortal tools = power up and move to any location on the globe you want to go

           practice makes for certainty - endure to be sure


Thinking - imagining - meditating - awakening the inner fire of VRIL = all makes it happen.


See you in Spain - any time - any day.






Use the Immortal Tools, You are There Publishing 2009






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