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January 2010
Starry Vault, Our Destiny




A glance into the vision of a distant starry night, is knowing that we are at all places at once. Transmigration from this spot on Earth to a distant star is the simplification of direction. Waking up at a particular place on the path of our vision requires asking. Ask your self and it is given. We are the ‘anointed one’.


Our destiny is what we want. What we share, is:  we can experience everything – determined, we can enter the holy places.


Through the release of primal Kundalini, the VRIL, one can soar to the star of one’s true Inner Guide. One will heal their need to be in the vault of a distant heaven, or enter the crystalline depths of the high energy hollow planet.


As aroused from a long sleep we realize the ‘golden pyramids’ in place in the subterranean realm is a mechanism to waken people up to Our true balanced original all powerful self. Knowing that one has perfect virtue, is the source, the venerable transcending source is healing – all communicative awareness – the grandest of the soul in perfect poise on the planet Earth.  


As the Earth sphere moves through space ever approaching the Central Sun each pyramid in the ring of Golden Pyramids is activated emanating a sequence which in turn activates the subterranean pyramids closer to the surface, a hidden grand and most subtle design.


The Pyramid of Cheops centers the beginning realization and relationship of the surface human mind with this greater Unknown, the placement of the Golden Pyramids in the subterranean and the great mystery: who placed them there(?).


We Humans, prepared as a subspecies in training, will again be made aware of our Infinite Immortality.  True substance as a great blessing on the land is near.


However difficult, ‘believing consistently’ makes up the first few steps.  The chemistry of the alchemy of the human is ever blessed in the positive state of believing there is a great divine wave of perfect substance coming.





Open Communication with Subterranean Residents

Following the use of the minerals and the exhaustion of their importance to the surface engineering processes, the tunnels beneath the Earth will prove access for migration into the Earth. At a point of Evolution the surface economic structure will be changed, or more so – replaced.  Humans will be able to receive energy directly from the source VRIL – the use of metals and metallurgy for travel will lose importance. Teleportation will be known as a spiritual application.


Capitalism - Survival of the Fittest, or the Assuredly Dead?

The whole hope of human strength is that we are continually challenging ourselves to new and better ways of living – we are exercising our virtue, always improving on our methods. Capitalism in its present predator-ial scheme,  still remains a fatalistic methodology easily swayed by political power and economic sanction starving and killing by disease born from laboratories - destroying the lands for the power base of a very few. Our hope for a prosperous agrarian lifestyle, all seems to be lost as the bartering and sharing of power becomes more ensnaring in this struggle for money power; humans having lost their virtue, by joining in this race to power - beckoned by the dark ghost gods.

To remain effective the modern human who feels tossed about need only reflect on the Amazon Indians – their manifested higher will protecting the heavens.


Everything You Dreamt is True, and You Are  ALL  That Exists

From the Hologram to the Imagination to the Opening of the Third Eye… We Humans will know again who and what we truly are. Freed from the blinders of every day enchantment, the commitment to the grosser waves, our VRIL force will be freed as our constitution remains pure. We will see our higher dream awake - ‘everything is true’.

As we enter into the higher covenant of planetary peace, great prosperity for All will be. We will build the crystal cities, fill our great museums; every person of every walk of life will be seen and know that You Are ALL that Exists.

The Light Bridge will be re-connected. The tunnels back into Ancient Exalted Atlantis will open, and we will join in greater harmony with those of the higher light communities below. 


We are opening the vault to the Hyperspace, the door to the chamber which leads to the star gate aligned to the Pyramid of Cheops.  We are seeking entry into the Inner Earth crystalline chambers of immortal recognition.


The Youthing Movement which is to become the voice of  the nations of the world will sanction the knowledge that our original state is that of inner cellular re-youthing, organ regeneration. We are entering this awareness again -  we recreate our cellular condition by thought, word, nutrition, and act.  The human system left to the will of purity does not break down, there is no end button. That which is clear of poisons, receiving high light nutrition, given in abundance of spirit, empowered by grace, goes on and on…there is no laudable end.

Inside the depths of our genetic makeup, nothing is different now that 40,000 years have passed, since  the time our ancestors left the realm of Eden . We have at our broad genetic base the supreme power of Immortal Youthing.

The hideous death, the use of parasitical political divisions of our people, the use of the many plagues, the dumbing down of humanity by superstitious fear – this will pass.

Humanity will once again realize they are the Deathless One.  


As we enter the temples of the subterranean places we look upward and gaze upon the Starry Vault – the light holy bridge to our Infinite Immortal Self.


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