March 2012


   Guardians to the Interior of Mother Earth




Volcanoes, Guardians of Mother Earth’s Inner Environs

As the planet Earth moves through the cosmic spaces, it molts. That, which we experience as catastrophes on the planet is the Earth moving into and through another molting period, effected by the cosmic winds that change her re-evolution. Such is the very molting process that a creature: a snake or bird in rebirth enters, burning and shedding the outer cells, insuring in nature’s design their bodies are continually freed of parasites, remaining cellular refreshed. No great mystery here, the Earth is always changing and those who are her family’s surface bound residents, remain in duty to Her supreme wishes.


For those surface humans who do not allocate their energy to combine in consciousness expanding DNA aligned with preserving the nature of Mother Earth’s supreme presence, these humans are known in deed as parasitical entanglements to the free flowing chi nature of this nurturing ever changing home planet. 


 In seasons, the planet molting occurs, and the intelligent priesthood of each culture seeks in each season the necessary wisdom to survive their season, in order to be better able to provide for their young, to be able to move their people off planet or deep into the Earth where the changes are not that catastrophic.


As each culture sets up its residency on surface Earth, surging pools of magma buried in the Earth’s crust are readied to erupt through the surface volcanoes, a methodology lacking in mortal sentiment engineered into the original design of the creation of this planetary 'mother ship ark'.  Thus this design initiated through what we claim as beginning times is made of an order solely to protect the Inner Earth environs containing the mechanics of Mother Earth ship with Her VRIL Light Sentient Beings, to distance those who may wish to do Ancient Gaia’s purpose harm.  


These protecting guardians of Mother Earth evoke fear of calamity throughout the scribed histories of civilization.  Memories known of volcanoes through-out ancient time, today, still evoke trembling in surface residents, however so very long ago in occurrence. The demographics of our personal DNA have in them etched these memories. So great is this fear that human sacrifices, even children and babes have been offered up to the gods to still their temperaments, offered over to gods thought to perpetually dwell in these volcanoes whom revenging all manner of trepidation were thought to enter the surface human homes.


As the Sun’s magnetic flares pull the fire from the ground, such is the invisible magma pulled to the surface ever fiercely through the tunnels both narrow and wide…upward spreading out upon the land this magma becomes visible lava seen sparkling from distances…erupting from volcano mouths.


This burning project may last for a short time or for many years – even into the deeper tunnels the fire spreading out destroys all that has found haven there, of man and animal of vegetation having rooted there– the lava moves through miles and miles into the Earth destroying housing, cities, all that of biological existence – pushing a torrential flood of burning material, a veritable terror to the subterranean residents.


And in the period of ionic exchange, as meteorites shower the Earth, as the Earth’s regenerated new species arrive, plankton fills the oceans, the seas and lakes thrive with teeming erratically formed exotic creatures, we see again another Earth, a new Earth. The season of molting is over…a bold new adventure in the alchemical re-alignment to the stars has occurred.


Our Turn Again to Enter Inside

One does not need to look far to see that the Earth was originally created to house exalted species within along with their many friends…their alliances for protection. Where do we fit?

The Earth is an embodiment of cultures designed to house the most precious spirited ones on the ‘inside’ while allowing a toughened species to protect from the outside.  Is it to say that we are all here out of choices of free will? And, are the crystalline beings inside of a caste system we wish to belong to?… many times such thoughts visit the mind spirited with the desire to enter the hollow earth paradise.


The Earth itself has been engineered with layers protecting the inner zones by several mechanisms in place, of those the community of volcanoes that surround the globe insure the removal of many species not willing to play Earth’s game,  those that may adhere to the surface of the planet and cause future injury to Earth’s inner majesty. They have forgotten that they came from the origin of Her Spirit, not from some strange nihilistic dimension squandering all the resources its members can get a hold of.


All TALES of weariness, of distillation of the many species contained in the coils of this 3D planet, of war and savagery, of evil in the form of pestilence and persuasion of biological contaminants speaks this: the Earth is built to house the exalted beings within; this is first and utmost the purpose of this planetary garden – those inside must remain undisturbed. This is absolute law, built in the bedrock foundation of the grace of the Cosmic Will of One.


There are perhaps a million questions surrounding this mystery of these star crystalline beings deep below the surface of Earth. What are these beings left for, what power have they, in what design are they kept, why are they kept so secreted from us?


Now, we humans view the time chain further down the course, whereby we must arrive at a future place of peace and prosperity, and not find ourselves members of a wooly cult driven mad by religious deviation as so many despotic cracks in ancient history have so far revealed. There, further along, we regain a place of purity and majesty where we join in building the crystalline communities of Earth not only inside the subterranean realms but on the surface as well. May this global grid of crystal pyramids house our future destiny as we enter into the Golden Age again!



Is it Too Crowded inside the Planet? – the petty jury has the ear

As we wait on the surface watching, seeing the fraudulent residue forming around us as the food GE companies, banking cabals and drug companies pilfer our human spirit to add to their already vast layering of wealth and seeming power, one may often wonder: is there still room inside the planet Earth for us.


I agree with those who seek, there is a certain level of aptitude that must be reached for the natural thoughts of doubt to be removed. We as humans must consider that this recycling process of souls would also include Our time as a human species inside the splendid light giving energies of the Inner Earth and not to those still many, of wasteful inquisition who wish to do us harm and ferry us to dark godless locations. Do not these people see Heaven yet?!


There are many heavens inside the Earth and for the ignorant these heavens still remain distant, ever to remain obscure to those not willing to make the necessary effort to change their human frequency to that of the higher light energy. For all those who come forward and seek – who ask ‘how do I get inside the Earth?’, there has always remained one answer as first given by our friend the Inner Earth Librarian, Mikos: “seek with an open ardent heart and the Hollow Earth will be shown to you”.


It appears that there are those who wish only to show the darkness of the hollow places inside the Earth, this is likened to an injury to Mother Earth herself who only wants to console the child seeking the Light Places of the Earth. How easy it is for the clever mind to strategize against others when their dual mind is so active- seeming all they wish to know.


In truth we can only follow the evolutionary path, and by that to destroy the dual mind into the fire of the One Mind – the One Mind of high integrity and the truest pedigree of the light constant soul giving power. The Christian religionist who keeps falling to the perception of dual propagandist fantasy, returns again and again until they realize the true path of evolving into the higher Light Source.



  Moving about Underground using the VRIL current – remaining in the current long enough to ride the electromagnetic waves of the Earth – the electromagnetic sea that surrounds the earth – immerses us in it

After twelve years of consciously working with the VRIL current I am now able to enter any area of the planet on focus, virtually at whim - in the space spherical earth light grid.  As the more one practices any one task for a period in time the energy and direction is enabled, one can peer into and visit with full 360 degree perspective anywhere in the universe.  There is a divine comfort issued through the VRIL energy, a balanced light energy emitted and one may simply close their eyes and access any area of interest.


For example, one may look at – by that pin point a place on a map, a small size of a square mile. Drop down into the Earth and spend the next few minutes – walking about (knowledge quickens underground) – sensing that which was built there, see the measure of the character of the people who lived there in ancient times, view their passions, know that the very illuminated once walked these subterranean place of Earth, built wonderful pyramids and palatial homes.  We are indeed likened to these ancient Knowers of the past, we follow their lines of awareness and inner knowing power.


By looking Inside the Subterranean Pyramids, Viewing our ancient past, we will see the tools used to build the surface pyramids as are the many pyramids built in the subterranean by what we now describe as human hands.


Through the use of the VRIL, by concentrating on the Crystalline Grid we can see with our Immortal Mind’s Eye. No need for distancing dictators, we humans awakened walk on shores of oceans unseen by mortal man.

This is the freedom. This is the power.





Use the Immortal Tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment Publishing 2012





from Koin Magnus:

The Vril generator has been a great help to me and I even sleep with it in my left hand in the Void posture...all night.


I have some pretty [strange] stuff happening too. All I will continue without fear.


Thanks a million.


PS. I think it is amazing that the Smokey God refers to the electrical charge in the air as the reason for prolonged life and virility and the vril generator is made of brass , a copper and zinc alloy.  My point being that the Brass is a compound and contact with the body and its natural fluid system begins to generate a charge merely by holding it.


Why do you think even in the Smokey God there is so much biblical jargon added to it? And so much fear garbage out there that even many sites say its Satan and his buddies in there. None of that makes any sense and do not think for one moment I believe it.  




Hi Greg,

I wanted to thank you for opening myself and so many to this gift. I
received the VRIL over two weeks ago. I was very excited and knew the moment I
held it in my hand I was just reunited with something that has been waiting for
my return. Which leads me to wonder... do we knowing choose our VRIL Generators
even before we get them? Because it feels so personal, so spiritually

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you is that the first night I sat in
meditation with my VRIL I felt many blockages, so I decided to envision a white
healing light enter my heart chakra and into the VRIL and asked the VRIL to help
release my blockages and any other thoughts or energy that no longer served my
higher purpose.... then I began to feel great heat growing in my chest (I felt
this before during my Kundalini awakening half a year ago) then I began to spin,
not a outer physical spin but one of the inner self, at first I was scared since
I never experienced anything like this not even during my K awakening. I was
spinning so fast I began to see a bright white-ish blue with an inner yellow
glow light at the center of my spine. It was due to my own fear of not
understanding what was going on. After a few minutes I began to slow down then
finally I stopped spinning. But there was a great opening and release at my
heart center, it felt like I could have fit the whole universe in there. I felt
so light I could have floated away, there was also a great sense of peace and
gratitude. (I speak to and thank my VRIL often.) After reading the VRIL manual
further I realized this could have been the Chakra Spinning that was mentioned.

I have gone through many of the messages in the HEC & HE yahoo groups and
appreciate all of your guidance and insight. I am putting much of it to use and
I am living the results each moment. I am still working on opening my third eye,
it has been a challenge but I always feel that Mother Earth and Inner Earth is
cheering me on. Any other advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
This email is mainly to thank you, I see you much as a teacher /guide and thank
you for sharing your inner and outer light with us.

wrapped in VRIL love and light,
C. of Austin




Use the tools, You are There. Publishing 2012