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 'hidden chambers within'

  The vision


In meditation, my mind on the Alps, a woman appears; she tells me she leads a meditation group in Austria and she has a story to tell me concerning the Matterhorn.

I can not tell if she is a spirit or a real living human alive today ...


 (located 45°58′35″N 7°39′30″E) the state of higher frequency I listen to her tell me the true nature and mysterious history behind the mountain called Matterhorn:  

"Prior to the war (2nd world war) my father had a position as a guide as well as an overseer for many years of the area surrounding the mountain of Matterhorn. My father shared information with me on the actual natural makeup, the ancient hidden secrets of the mountain and the history, specifically during and immediately following World War II."

I am now shown in my meditating vision a man on a dark brown horse/mule(?) he has a tan color wide brim hat on and a dull white long coat. He is elderly though physically strong, bearing a white mustache. I see he has been working this job as a guide for many years, where the secrets of this mountain have been forgotten with his passing, as they were soon closed off by the American allies entering this area.

[This is a fact which I have observed in several places around the planet, whereby the American military has gone into an area and closed off entrances leading into the subterranean. Recently I have viewed Brazilian soldiers killing underground species by spraying ammonia in the region of East Brazil some 200 miles south of the mouth of the Amazon River. Likewise, I have recently observed American soldiers slaughtering unarmed reptilians underground in the central area of the Amazon Basin.  The cause of this may be that reptilians can breed with humans readily - and form hybrid offspring. But more so - the intent is to build a human colony as this subterranean area appears to be very ancient, with many treasures and hidden tools].

Now being taken into the bottom of the Matterhorn mountain as she (my guide) reveals that the base of its interior is made of I follow her steps I am drawn upward through the center where I am shown that over the years many people have visited larger chambers through a network of tunnels inside the thick, high Matterhorn mountain.

At a point approx. 6/10s high from the base to its peak we step on a wood plank placed over a large crack at the center of the mountain bridging a gap from one chamber to another. This thin small wooden plank is all there is whereon many people have crossed to an unexplainable disruption of our prior understanding of civilization, one written in conformity of present day history books. What I see now fully bewilders me as I gaze on the many hand painted drawings in white paint and carvings/scrapings left by the ancient Mayans on the black stone walls of the huge major inner chamber.  I stand back and gaze on the many motifs and symbols, a written history of several visits from the days of ancient Mayan times, not fully understanding what I am looking at. I am hypnotized, stunned by the enlightening eclipsed eternal power revealed in these archetypal drawings. The absolute power which is to be revealed to humanity. On the walls: a many layered often overlapped and crowded symbol groupings depicting combined ancient intermittent visits, likened to a journal of archetypes further waiting for tribes of the future to realize the essence and appeal of their one true source. This display of energetic sacred symbols transcends the present state of the modern mind.

In my meditative state I watch as the head of the European allied forces  of World War II, General Eisenhower, enters the chamber with several of his privileged senior officers; they study the walls for the first time. I can not help but think what great mysteries the cosmos has laid hidden, which capture the mindset of these established military men. I know they are there to see for themselves this strange advanced intelligence and then to have access to the chambers for their own reasons. The powerful knowledge there was then closed down from the eyes of global humanity.

I now see President Franklin Roosevelt in his home at the American capitol having received the information of the hollowed chambered mountain called Matterhorn. He is easing back in his chair gazing with intuitive resolve the planet's interior, knowing that indeed the Earth itself is certainly hollow, and he, like ALL members of Humanity, have had the source of their deep family origins from some place inside the planet Earth.

Now, in my meditation I slip down to the great crystal foundation from which Matterhorn is born, following my current of thoughts on the Alps. I remember having heard many years previously, that the Alps are known to be hollow and full of crystal; those thoughts beckon me as I travel in my spirit mind through the mountain range.

Perhaps somewhere in these hollowed crystalline mountains many Swiss and Austrian citizens have pooled their collective means together and built themselves a safe haven where they plan to survive a future major holocaust. Perhaps they have even found the deeper tunnels and entered into the crystalline caverns of the Inner Earth(?).

I thank my generous guide, the lady whose father looked over the mountainous region of the Matterhorn. She brought me to this secreted place of many strange stories allowing me to witness another discovery of the majesty of the cosmos and all that remains still hidden.  Some day we may enjoy fully these truths in ecstatic awareness.

- Greg, 2014

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        - Kim of Germany