Netherworlds Below

  The vision

I am below Kansas, there are many around me, a denizen of creatures as we surface humans describe, with scales and strange appendages. I think they are both reptilian and insectoid, long arms, reptilian elongated

heads, I see in the darkness...I am shown the skeleton hand stored in a box by two anthropologists. "This is what has been found below" they say,...I wake.

Holding my pillow I push up, no fear, just this what lies below? I see stretching out from St. Louis the colony in an oblong pattern out into Kansas, the subterranean made of many wide caverns sensing the hive- like mind of the residents. Gazing further I see there is a light issuing from a tunnel underneath the St. Louis area, a section leading into the lighter kingdoms below, holding I know not. And to the west there is a deep cavern bore from rock, ancient, bewildering, yet well formed... absent of light.

As I study on this subterranean place which holds the reptilian insectoid hybrids, my gaze is opened as I see East below southern Maine stretching into Massachusetts a similar colony. And this disturbs me.

The hive mind, the collective there... seemingly unaware of any existence other than their own dark world. Will they come to the surface? I think. If so, when? Not for a long time I am assured. I sense what work they do occupies their time where they are.  I can not promise they will remain below forever - 450 years or more.

Is this a cloaked dimensional energy field that we humans are unable to see even if we were physically in that space?

- Greg, 2014

Use the Immortal Tools, You are There
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 testimonial of a PRACTITIONER OF vril
It [VRIL Generator] has let me ascend to pure energy.
      I was suddenly transcendent in All and was able to observe how the spirit is a type of fluid produced in and of thoughts and consciousness.
      I became pure consciousness and the awareness was directly from me.
      I knew that this was my own.
      The experience has not stopped for several days and was almost impossible to finish.
      The [VRIL] energy never sleeps and I had no intention to let it go.
      I watch the thoughts and feelings and the mind constantly working, not distracted, building up pictures constructed with the mind and the imagination; I then came to rest and everything was lovely.
      I am barely able to describe this experience with words as the human language has not enough words.

        - Kim of Germany