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September 2009


Tunnel Bridges into Eden


Sink holes - Wells - Cylinders Into the Subterranean Crystal


Do large sinkholes exist in places throughout the world as designated future entry points for Surface Humanity to begin their journey back into the sacred interior crystalline paradise(s) of the Inner Earth? (in my house there are many Mansions)


Have these 'Sinkholes' served subterranean dwellers of a greater technology in Our past?



the Quito - Cuzco - Manaus System


Manaus integration with Cuzco - the Emerald Cavern

While viewing the mountains to the east of Quito - I came in knowledge of an Emerald Cavern. There, witnessing this realm in the 'always been space' - moving through this tunnel area viewing the carvings on the wall; the emerald frequency energizes the soul and through the illuminating eye one senses the inner majesty of the phenomena of direct heightened kundalini - one senses the Emerald energy opening the spine, one realizes new directions in the never ending ethereal connection and corresponding freeing adventures. The divine source of the Emerald Caverns allows the Seeker to enter an exalted level of reality and gain- renew, hope of a realized world leading into the Interior of the Earth which ever beckons the adventurer - healer.


As we follow this track through the Emerald Cavern tunnel we see a throne to an ancient one, one of divine substance, knowing the blessed Interior of Earth, and from that we view further along the tunnel path going deeper into the volcanic structure still another natural opening, blackened by the swirling fires which with combined force of gases pushed up this emerald vestibule...leading to an enclave deeper below. The attracting green light substance of emerald  serves as the tell-mark to the grander in-visitation of the divine deeper original - authentic - known by the guided heart, on the road back to the Human relationship with the Infinite Divine -as One - One expression.


Now, walking through this cavern we see that we have left in Our past great markings leading to one of the many mansions in the Divine Kingdom of the One Immortal Goddess/God being expression. That held in the ethereal eternity of Mother Earth.




Moving into the Subterranean Systems by First Observation by Astral Travel - Remote Viewing


In practice and in that believing beyond 'fatalist preoccupation' I advance the knowledge and by that accrued memories, that concentration on the satellite maps of this planet will awaken the individual in meditation to 'pin points' of light emission coming from the crystalline subterranean tunnel openings connecting the surface.


Adaption to the streams of the electromagnetic forces underground requires adjustment - viewing through many angles, objectivity in strength of mind: agility. The spontaneous flow, over enduring practice, occurs.


The truest danger is the lost of the 'little mind'. Which occurs quite readily. Why would one want to view the incomprehensible, a magnitude of energy that does not comfort the legality of the finite causeways? Because You, the Practitioner are of a Greater Mind - the Divine Immortal Mind - the Mind WITHOUT fear.


I did recently enter into the Manaus Sinkhole again (last week) and engaged momentarily whereby another sinkhole on the electromagnetic grid in Malaysia was revealed. After working with what we have discovered as a Cuzco - Quito - Manaus - subterranean connection of ancient higher Immortal origin and species, I will look further into the Malaysia area. Details to these ongoing journeys may be acquired by joining the Hollow Earth Circle of by first going to this link:




Cognitive Theory of Astral Practice- the Long Approach


Given over a sufficient period of time any person will discover that astral projection does exist, it is the 'practical application' of time well spent in astral travel study in our present time or edict, which is in question.


The influences of astral practice on the present laws of investigating that of a cognitive reality sub-struct, is that one can inherently experience the infinite through the opening of the pineal and crown chakras. The decided devotion to this required - is the questioned amount. How can one supplant their present view of the stability of the universe with one that appears too exalted to one's own grosser perception of the universe without then denying the comfort zone of the past?


The one who remains in constant meditation on the divine aspects of the Inner Earth will have great light images bounced back to them from the interior of the Earth. In the power of activated sustaining VRIL, One witnesses the physical and the ethereal state of – experiencing Eden.  The constant state of 'being there' in that holy place is acquired by sitting still, exhausting the imagination, the removal of all fear and paralyzing religious subtext, and purifying one's magnetism to that of inner infinite Self- acknowledgment.


One realizes that the Holy centered conduit of energy naturally in the human body, the structure holding the universe, reveals ALL the necessary knowledge for one to transcend and enter the realm of perfect unlimited constant Immortal expression. Being there takes endurance.


By our once STEPPING AWAY from the Eden conduit, one begins first in appearance losing the immortal circuit, the reflecting illuminating image of their original divinity. Then later losing their original Immortal DNA memories – thus becoming lost in ‘other worlds’. This is the reason that one must RETURN TO Eden - be reborn, in the Immortal Eden process- which we believe/know exists most strongly in the Crystalline Grid in the depths of the Interior of the planet. One meditating consistently on the 100 mile depth below will be the receiver of a great magnitude of light, healing, with Immortal DNA Memory Awakening. The first experience will lead one into many, many experiences of Light embracing wisdom.



By gazing on the maps of satellite photos of the planet’s surface, one is capable of acquiring a keen sense of what lies immediately below the area on the map they are gazing on. Through the continued process of gazing one will begin to see caverns, underground cities, structures both of ancient time and today. Through the continued allowing - drawing the mind to the target(s) underground, the VRIL practitioner’s consciousness itself will dwell in that area, enabling the seeker to gaze upon the many structures hidden to Surface consciousness. One enters freely, protected in the divine VRIL, gazing on the many curious and wondrous places and their causeways inside throughout Mother Earth.


Knowing is being there.




Flying Dream States

 - translate to: beginning of internalizing Bio-plasmic; preparation for induction of flight


By identifying with Earth one realizes the potential for flight, personal as well as group flight.

By absorbing Bio-plasma from the planet our electromagnetic life energy giving Earth, the human conduit experiences an overflow, an overabundance of kinetic energy which allows the human to transcend matter - gravity. In other words the more abundance you have, the more you are going to be able to access and use the 'spirit charge', the light VRIL to work with gravity.


When Spirit comes to visit and by that moves into your mind, the person gathering this bio-plasmic energy will be able to 'push off' the planetary surface grid. By using this energy one is able to address gravity purely; one becomes its inner workings.






Use the tools, You are There. Publishing 2009




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