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it's a HOLLOW PLANET we reside on

and the Entertainment Industry WANTS Us to Know!

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Rendezvous with Rama

Film Genre : Science Fiction/Adventure.
Release Date: 2003 or 2004
Premise: ..... a mysterious, immense alien spaceship dubbed 'RAMA' enters the Solar System. Earth sends out an exploration team to board the approaching craft, which appears to be a giant cylindrical tube. Once inside the vessel, the explorers find themselves in a self-contained world of alien wonders and unknown purpose - seemingly abandonded. Perhaps.
* Jason Bishop said, "The film takes place INSIDE an "Alien" HOLLOW WORLD".
The 50 mile long cylindrical tube is spinning, creating it's own gravity. The fantastic buildings, rivers, lakes and land masses are on the INSIDE walls the the Hollow "Alien" World, within this interstellar SPACE CRAFT.
Comments: While amongst the science fiction community this story is one of Clarke's better-known works, the general public best knows the futurist as the writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Clarke's novel is set primarily inside the hollow (and behemoth) interiors of the alien spacecraft as the scientists try to determine the purpose and reason why the vessel is empty. In some parts, the novel presents the silent, alien corridors of Rama like the forboding rooms of a haunted house .....
Rumors : Are the "Aliens" Ghosts? Are they "returning" Reptilian Humanoids from a previous Earth Based Civilization, Ages ago? The investigators find Bio-bots. Could the Bio-bots be being controlled by the Minds of Beings, being held in "biological" suspended animation? This is a kind of Virtual Reality film.

The budget for this picture will top $100 million.





In the recent Entertainment media there is mention of Hollow Earth Planets.

It appears as if LucasFilms, Warner Brothers, Hallmark Entertainment and FOX Network have the bug.

Are we only seeing the beginning...?

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Just a reminder:

Max McCoy's 'Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth' has been his best selling book to date. There has been some talk that the idea of a 'hollow earth' will be initiated in the upcoming Indiana Jones' movie.


Naboo, the planet, is geologically unique, and its puzzling structure remains a mystery even to the few planetologists who have studied it. Whereas most planets present a magma core and a rocky crust, Naboo is rather a very ancient planetary body which lacks a molten core. .

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Lucas's last Star War's epic, Queen Amidala's home, Theed Palace, is in the Interior of her planet Naboo

Large solid bodies of rock, thousands of miles in diameter, are surrounded by an immense honeycomb structure. This cave-filled rock formation pervades much of the planet's interior, all the way to the surface, where it creates innumerable swampy lakes between the interior land masses and the open seas. These swamps, traditionally avoided by the Naboo people, are populated by bizarre creatures



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In the movie MATRIX Reloaded

 we are be invited to gaze into the city of Zion, located deep near the Earth's Core.   


In Matt Groening's animation 'Futurama' on FOX channel: Sunday evening, one of the characters of the animated show described their home planet 'as hollowed out by mining engineers - very strange'.

Very strange? No need to be apologetic for the conditions of one's home planetary history.

Are we seeing the beginning of a new megatrend in the dissemination of 'Hollow Worlds' information through the media? Is the World Public at large, ready to know what kind of planet they have been sitting on all this time?

After experiencing the San Franciso earthquake in '89, I observed that there are many who still can not let  true nature take control. If one can not accept the shift of a surface quake, what kind of acceptance is needed to live with the knowledge that this planet  Earth is indeed hollow, and there are beings dwelling inside.

How much easier it would be if the education system was not controlled by the men who have only their self-interests at heart.  But, it seems this has always been the center of  strength - given by the weak minded to a small group who have set upon to punish anyone who gets in their way, with what every means necessary.


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Agharta The Hollow Earth Game

January the 6th 1967 the ESSA-3 satellite took a peculiar photograph of the north pole. The photo showed a very large hole, aproximately 2000 km in diameter. Two years later the ESSA-7 satellite took an even better photo of the entrance to Agharta, the hollow earth.

Both of these photos were published in Brinsley Le Poer Trench's book "Secret of the Ages--UFOs From Inside Earth" 1974.


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Ongoing Triology of the Middle Earth Kingdoms

2001 New Line Productions, Inc. ™ The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Tolkien

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coming FALL 2002 to ABC

Hallmark Entertainment


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Of recent years, an author/artist James Gurney has come out with his theme books on ancient times where dinosaurs were integrated with humans. The third of the series "First Flight", is in the works. Previous to this there is Dinotopia and The World Beneath, with Turner Publishing.

A movie on the James Gurney's Dinotopia world is also being developed and we should see this coming to the theaters in the not too distant future.  

In 'The World Beneath', there is a bi-section of the continent on p.143. Which reveals another world, the cavernous world that exists below. In it there is a large statue of a reptilian god in gold sitting in human form of a Buddha statue, with the head of a Triceratops.

James Gurney worked for 5 years on the first two books researching dinosaurs thoroughly.


Interesting note: James Gurney was born in the same city Olaf Jansen (teller of the Smoky God) died - Glendale, California. Is the one pure cosmic consciousness leaving little crumbs for us to follow outside the forest of forgetfullness.

You may buy signed copies of his books directly from his online store.



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A 128-page Dungeon Master's Sourcebook, with everything the DM needs to run an exciting campaign in the Hollow World. Also in this book are extensive entries on all the Immortals represented in the Hollow World: their interests, their allies, their enemies.


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The popular series Cleopatra 2525, released through Studios USA, depicts a future world where life on the surface is controlled by a barbaric technology and people must get a life in the depths of the planet accessible by shafts that allows gravity mechanisms to control the free fall.

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The Portals into the Hollow Earth are opening to those who wish to astral travel inside with their light activated bodies using the power of the ancient VRIL Force, the Divine Inner Current