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Has Anyone Seen This GIANT?

I am certain that there is a family somewhere who would like to give this fine being a proper burial. Not to mention reveal to some of us who anticipate the true knowledge of the existence of these giants, a little crumb of pleasure knowing that there are indeed wondrous beings of great height that once walked the Earth, if not inside the Earth now in ascending progress with the Divine Essence of One.


Can we believe that there are those who still keep back from us the real nature of Earth as a container of All Her different species? Is this the path that we are still on, one where only a few out of millions truly know what makes up the true construct of the Earth, an Ark carrying the many species of the most exalted and pristine of creatures?


Who, and How do We ask...that we may honor this being...where is he being kept?

Is there ANYONE out there who will  help us find him?


read the article in .pdf format on the origin of the Strand Giant  in NEXUS Sept/Oct, 2001 Issue

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Gaze upon these hands...what do you see? Are they not the hands of an ancient craftsman, for building fine tools, dwellings and artworks?


The Portals into the Hollow Earth are opening to those who wish to astral travel inside with their light activated bodies using the power of the ancient VRIL Force, the Divine Inner Current