Branton Interview with, "The Serpent People"

We presently identify in this time space continuum we share as surface dwelling humans, not of another species, but genetically and culturally inclusive of ourselves. The species of the Serpent Race brings up thoughts of misadventure, serious difficulties, even emotional or spiritual dread to the psyche of human surface dwelling mortals.

Branton, over the many years you have become known something of an authority on the subject of subterranean caverns and their occupants. Of these underground occupants there are groups made up of what we presently call the “serpent people”. From what we gather from ancient history is - these beings once dwelled among us and then through a break, perhaps a cosmic event, they are no longer in obvious contact with surface humans. Are there reasons for this break between serpent people and human surface dwellers, or stories you know of such a break?


Well, I suppose that the original ‘breaking’ came near the very beginning, or in ‘Edenic’ times some might say. There IS the story in Genesis chapter 3 of a ‘serpent race’ which walked upright on two legs, and which rebelled against God and man, and being under the influence of fallen angelic entities the serpent race tried to overthrow humanity from their God-given dominion of the planet, just as the Luciferians who ‘incarnated’ the serpent race tried to overthrow the Godhead/Logos/Creator.

Like a ‘spiritual black hole’ (so to speak), Lucifer and the Luciferians (the fallen angelic beings that Lucifer deceived into following him/it) focused only on feeding their own insatiable lust for power… and since they broke away from the Creator – the ONLY source of life-essence or life-force – they became life-force vampires, ever sucking the life energy out of those around them – and even each other…

In the beginning, all life on earth, including the ‘serpent’ and its seed, dwelt in perfect harmony… that is until the Luciferians deceived the serpent race with the LIE that they could be ‘gods’ OVER other created beings.

In the book of Genesis (3:15), the Creator states that there would be WAR between the human and the serpent races, even until the end... and you read – or imply from -- the book of Revelation (12:7) that the serpent race would be able to leave planet earth and conquer parts of the 2nd Heaven (the realm of the stars and planets - but never the 3rd Heaven from whence the fallen angels were cast following the original rebellion).

That verse talks about a “war in heaven” between Michael’s armies and the armies of the “dragon”. Most Christians do not realize that this REVELATION verse speaks of a LAST DAYS battle… since they believe that the Luciferians were cast out of heaven in the beginning and could not regain their lost ground… however they do not take into account the fact that the Luciferians “incarnated” into reptilian humanoid bodied.

These bi-ped reptilian-humanoids went underground or off-planet, and left only those non-biped reptilians on the surface. The reptilian-humanoids first went underground to escape the humans, who were getting pretty pissed-off by their vamperial atrocities against innocent humans on the surface. In order to escape extermination by the humans (which would have been well-justified) they went underground, and the fallen angelic entities which incarnated/possessed them, inspired them with the occult-technology necessary to build craft that could leave the planet earth altogether.

Then again, there is the Biblical account of the “tares among the wheat” (or serpents posing as humans – the so-called “reptilian shapeshifters”) … a verse that you can read as a quote at the top of this webpage:

Some take the Edenic story as literal, whereas other take it as a very condensed or symbolic representation of actual events that were much more complicated… I tend to take the middle ground between the two…

From earlier time in history, from our modern day perception, there has born a myth structured in dark and light. Preferably we humans are seen as beings of light and the serpent folk are seen as beings of the dark. Or, the Serpent People are more disillusioned and we humans are closer to the spark of reality.

Have you found information, which would lead us to believe that the Serpent People were victimized by us? And in this, the blowback, seek revenge on us for some past injustice, perhaps favor of us by a particular god?



As for the serpent race, we must realize that most of them are not of an ‘individual’ mentality as humans are.  The great majority of the reptilians are under the total control of an electromagnetic ‘borg-like’ collective or HIVE mind… and this Hive is ultimately controlled by the Luciferians themselves… those based in Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Zeta Reticuli… etc.  You can liken them somewhat to AIDS or CANCER cells, which are programmed ONLY to carry out the parasitical will of the central HIVE (or the ‘psionic black hole’ you might say).  So the reptilians are in essence virulent life-forms. 

HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER… it must be understood that many of the so-called HYBRIDS/HUBRIDS possess a human-like SOUL MATRIX… whereas the reptiloids themselves do NOT possess such a soul matrix. So when attacking the Reptilians/Draconians (or rather the HIVE, which IS our TRUE enemy), we must be careful NOT to attack the Hybrids, many of whom possess a human soul-energy-matrix (and many of them are even trying to RESIST the HIVE, which is an enemy to their own soul-energy-matrix’s’ -- which is the ONLY thing that gives us our INDIVIDUALITY and free will).

 However we must not forget that we have the power to GIVE our free will away to other entities by violating the free will of our fellow humans.  Let us say that each human has a psychic ‘wall of protection’ around them. This ‘wall’ represents their ‘free will space’. So when someone goes BEYOND their God-given ‘free will space’ and invades the space of others, they must break down this protective ‘wall’ which protects OUR SPACE AND THEIR space as a result, and in doing so they/we allow OTHERS to invade THEIR/OUR space. So the BEST way to protect ones’ free space is to protect the free space of others! It’s really pretty simple when you begin to grasp it.

By helping the HYBRIDS break free of the HIVE (through prayer, education, or whatever) we can then help them to help the reptiloids (those without a soul-matrix) break free also. The ‘serpent’ people were fairly beautiful in the beginning, before their fall, however eons of enslavement to the ‘Luciferian Hive’ has taken its toll.   However, there is a chance that the HYBRIDS can help the reptiloids break free from the HIVE and be TAMED !!!  The book of Genesis says that the serpent was created at the very TOP of all the animal kingdom. They were once the epitome of all the beasts… that is until they fell for the lies of the Luciferians and became (at least those on the surface) one of the least of all the beasts. So they were deceived into believing that they have to surrender themselves ENTIRELY to the Luciferians in order to regain their power, but in doing so they lost ALL of the little individuality that they had, as the fallen angelics began to incarnate them and use them as ‘physical vessels’ through which they – the fallen angelics – could control matter.

However, if the HYBRIDS are successful in breaking SOME of the Reptiloids free of the HIVE and TAMING them, then this would be the best possible route. Since the true non-hybrid reptiloids have no soul-matrix, nor individuality, they must be under the control of some force… be it the HIVE or the HYBRIDS.

I personally -- being an implantee and an abductee, and having been severely (emotionally) abused growing up -- all too often made the mistake of passing on that abuse to others… and it has caused myself and others around me much harm. However I am determined to break out of the ‘programming’ that I was fed during the abductions (through the implants, etc.), however my anger at the ‘Hive’ for what it has done to me, and also at the harm that I MYSELF have caused others by being under its influence, is growing.

Yes, there is the ‘programming’, however I know now that I STILL possessed free will, in spite of the fact that the HIVE tried to DECIEVE me into believing that I did not, and that I HAD to obey its instructions. But in the end it all comes back to free will. The reptilian aliens, in the end, have no power over you except the power that you GIVE them, and so long as you possess the power of free-choice, you can TAKE BACK what that power that is rightfully yours.

The fallen angels had individuality to SOME extent before the fall, however they gave that individuality ENTIRELY to Lucifer, and they can NEVER reclaim it…

Humans on the other hand CAN reclaim lost individuality (the only way to protect ones individuality is to respect the individuality and free-space of OTHER… it is a mutual defense mechanism)…

Is there evidence or speculation to: the Serpent People think of themselves as more exalted or closer to the supreme godhead than us, due to the fact that they have been able to hold onto their higher technology in the subterranean regions, while we surface humans seem to have to start from the cradle every 25,000 years or so?

Branton:  Well you must understand that the reptilians have an entirely different mentality from man.  You can learn a lot about them by watching the STAR TREK episodes about the BORG… except in this case the controlled entities have no soul and are not human (which in my opinion make them even more dangerous than the ‘borg’).  They are controlled by the HIVE, which is a completely parasitic Psionic control network which seeks only one thing… to DEVOUR everything around it… like I said, a ‘Psionic Black Hole’…

Do you see our two species coming together in peace and combined efforts of growth and prosperity in the times ahead. Or, do you think the Serpent People need to get smite-d several times over to behave, and stop using us as a resource?

Branton:   I believe that we should concentrate on helping the HYBRIDS to essentially ‘tame’ the reptiloids.  Now the fallen angelics do NOT want to give up their ‘material puppets’ that easily, so I believe that there WILL be those reptiloids who (with more than a little help from the ‘hybrids’) will be ‘tamed’, and then those -- the darkest and most parasitical ones -- which will remain in the HIVE.  I don’t know exactly where the center of the HIVE thing is, possibly in Alpha Draconis… but I hear that it is a gigantic ‘computer’ type affair that links all the Dracos together in some sort of mind-net (again, kind of like the BORG of Star Trek).  I don’t know if we could obliterate this central computer like Luke Skywalker obliterated the ‘Death Star’… ;o)

But I guess anything is possible…



February 2008



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