Ten Components for Mastering Physical Immortality


Ten Components for Mastering Physical Immortality


1                    Desire – one must want it.


2                    Believe – the sacred intent must be made available in one’s mind – a philosophy of achievement, manifestation that Immortal awakening is available now, must be reached, actualized, cultured.


3                    The removal of: the Death Brain Virus and its needs – Death Wish – clinging to darkness - the Long Sleep – love of reincarnating – love of Religion for religion’s sake – Elitist death ploys – love of battle – psychological dependence on physical death as a truism.


4                    Cleansing the body of all parasites and the waste accumulation, and keeping it clean; development of self-educating and practice of long term sustenance with high identity of Immortal flow; positive will Immortal DNA building.


5                    Regenerating the organs to their original optimum re-youthing capacity – by establishing a daily diet of Youthing and regenerating food stuffs and herbs, and harmonious exercise – stretching, yoga, swimming, deep breathing.


6                    Opening, balancing and spinning the chakras for optimum power, awakening of the deep Kundalini by meditation, exercise, crystal empowerment.


7                    Protection from negative cosmic rays by underground living shelters or implementation of domes made of protective sheath materials.


8                    Work and professionalism that of immortal intent – your product, goods, services must reflect your wish to remain physically immortal. Your work must serve the betterment of your host and house – in this case Mother Earth and human physical body.


9                    Create and keep borders from those who do not want to be physically immortal, (i.e. prefer chaos and atrophy, religious fervor, dogma) – do not allow them to take you off the path – educating others as best you can but knowing there are those who are not ready, and allowing this to be a simple fact of the times, for now.


10                Influencing others to help return to the physical immortal state, so that offspring can know this.



One must KNOW they are Immortal, this must be discovered. This is not easy to obtain and is often accepted in its many artificial supportive states.


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