The Gods Who Battle - for the Egg

The religion of Christianity's mindscape as a religious implant for behavior
control of surface Earth residents is not that set on a level ground - it's
process of psychological dominance is induced into our society's (created)
history for control by fear impressions. This is done on several levels, one
being the system of tithing, or ‘guilting’ for monetary support by the church.
This is a guaranteed tax placed on the soul of church faith goers, with the
precept that the will of god's actions requires assistance by a faith offering
to further the inner economic alchemy of the flock. In the case of the Roman
Catholic Church as the Federal Reserve Tax System - neither group is required to
make their money gathering known to their constituents. It is simply accepted
that with great cowardice and fear of ruin - those at the top will do what is

Why these organizations exist and the great power they have is a huge mystery,
their engineering and enhancement of surface and subsurface environments is
known by the those who practice PSI-travel; still these places engineered by
high technology remain hidden to the tithing members of the flock who have
helped in building these havens of security under the church mind control

For this period of time, from the 1200s and into the future We members of the
surface human species are left with the belief that we make up nothing more than
a vast chicken farm, our eggs used as tribute to stave off invasion by other
species; in so doing providing a protective shield to these strange monarchial
entities who dwell in their subsurface caverns issuing reports only to those of
their own genetic background, decreeing rules and agendas to those who carry out
their works through the surface churches and governments.

We humans, the entire planet, have been abducted from our immortal will, our DNA
has been stolen and our seeds cross bred with other beings, against our will.
This has been done by the acceptance of poisons in our diet and environment to
imbalance the natural human vehicle that our resources can be used to make us
unwittingly meek, accepting the illusion of duality as a correct acceptable
alignment of self.

Freedom and Resources

Our belief in performance, possession of our properties and resources, the
endurance of our offspring that they will have strong positive lives, requires
that we protect our selves from the exploitations of others who have no concerns
for our needs. They have masked themselves as our allies, and built empires of
greed all around, seeking and employing the many servants to the deeds of their
despotic tyranny.

Our wish to control our lives, to keep our freedoms is a daily battle against
the imbalances which continue to invade our natural way of life. Each step lost
is a step that must be won over again.

Meditate on protection, knowing that this world will go through many
tribulations before becoming a great paradise again. Sustain the high positive
light life giving matrix. Reawaken your original Immortal DNA.

Drink from the crystal immortal currents of the Inner Earth.

Bridge the gap to the Subterranean Crystal Light Kingdoms and be healed. Receive
the Immortal fire of the Earth's VRIL!

Use the tools, You are There 2011