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- posted online April 18, 2012

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Below are 8 questions emailed to Cherry Hinkle by the 2nd week of April, 2012 and their recently received answers. It is an honor to have a researcher of her great experience willing to share information with the readers of, as her basic principles and earlier contracts allow.




Cherry Hinkle is a UFO researcher with over 50 years of experience. She frequently contributes articles to books, articles, and blogs in the UFO community. She supplies information to anyone who needs it, and has surprised several writers by sending them in-depth UFO articles to help them complete their books. Since 1987, she has sent subject matter to scores of writers and researchers, both domestic and international regarding the infamous underground, genetic Dulce Base. Cherry raised four children and is happily married to Bill Hinkle; they live in Las Vegas, NV. She is on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and is always pleased to share UFO information. Interview with Cherry Hinkle Cherry, thank you for entering into this interview with We are enthusiasts of all that is of the subterranean world(s) and your study and work presents a special niche in the programming of our planet since the very ancient days, perhaps from the very creation of the understanding of what we presently call Time.


Cherry: Thank you very much for inviting me and I am very pleased and honored to be part of this the Experience!

(1) In our work on we are centered in the first quarter of 2012 on gazing remotely on the effects of other planets and the satellites on our planet Earth, presently that of the Moon and its relationship of the Sun’s influence on Us through a hierarchical format of families who adjust through alchemical processes our human behavior in this present epoch.

As living expert on the functionality of the underground Dulce Base in the depths of the ARCHULETA PLATEAU do you see a maintained system of integration by the entities and their corresponding gods or archetypes with these two local spheres: the Moon and the Sun?



Before I venture deeper into the subject of Dulce Base I want to take this opportunity to correct a common misunderstanding regarding Dulce Base. Many people imagine the Mesa that overlooks the town of Dulce, NM is the main focus of Dulce Base – certain features of that Mesa are certainly part of the Dulce Base, but this is a minor feature. Dulce Base is mostly round or pie in shape and is over forty miles across, (hesitate a few seconds and visual a circular subterranean city forty miles wide). If we use the “pie” shape to describe the base, then I would have to say that the cliff known as Archuleta Mesa would be but a small part of the north part of crust of that pie. Using that ‘pie crust’ mental image to help you visualize and understand that the size of this vast complex perhaps readers will fully grasp that Archuleta Mesa is but a fragment of the larger Dulce Complex. Thank you for a chance to explain the size of the Dulce Base.


And now, on to your questions. Your question is a little confusing – and I hope I understand the complexity of the posed question. Repton and the Dracon Leaders worship the last word in gods: the ultra-mundane. The ultimate in gods and very extraterrestrial - accord to the Dracon Leaders, their god created the universe in which our human god was created. The Dracon god ‘Sobnod’ shadows the historical Egyptian name Sobek –the fierce god usually depicted with body of a human and the head of a crocodile.  To the Dracon Leaders, (the reptilian beings with wings, regardless the size or functionality) the heavenly bodies in this solar system are without power. They scoff the legendary stories of solar or lunar gods, such as Apollo or Selene. According to them, such a little local god is worthless and not worth discussing.

(2)  In our mutual understanding of a distillation of the human spirit as reflective in the individual and group soul agreement, we are entering a period where the temptation to serve corruption is every at hand. In our wisdom of resurrection and judgment as portrayed through ancient script does the Dulce agenda and the corresponding agents represent a fate of those who not care to evolve our serve the higher good as we best understand that to be today?



The Dracon Leaders do not ‘believe’ the doctrine the majority of humans subscribe on  planet Earth – the ultimate life after death, the hope for resurrection, or the concern of punishment for evil deeds in your earthly incarnation. Beyond that, I regret that I am not at liberty to discuss this more than this simple statement, due to a signed document I signed that prohibits me discussing this subject. I am sorry.

(3)    In terms of the sacred egg of the Human species, do you see a mutation occurring presently across the board of our global human population that will greatly change the appearance and the forthcoming intelligence of the human body and brain functionality? Are there particulars on this subject that you wish to share?



I can only speak for myself these days, but Tom Castello and I shared several animated conversations regarding the future appearance of the human species. Tom insisted physical changes of the human body have been repeatedly modified over the millennium; men became taller, rarely used digits became shorter, (notably: the pinky finger) and he pointed out he envisions the human race will change in many ways in the future.  He expects a future within a brief few thousand years tall humans with three digits and opposing thumb, as well as arms on men to have grown to four inches. 


I countered that mankind stop walking, except for pleasure or exercise, due to human’s dependency of mechanical transportation. One would expect future mankind will have smaller skulls to accommodate the delicate unused brain as mankind depends on computers to do our thinking for us. Calculating machines, computers for communication – the human race have created machines to do our thinking. It is a failure in logic when the educational system allows the human youth to escape the need for learning math, they learn to operate machines and let the machine calculate their mathematic equations for them.

(4)     Are you viewing in the depths of the planet a regulation of events that will lead to Humanity receiving the high technology of the Vimana again as described in ancient Hindu sacred texts; most importantly will individual humans acquire the use of the Vimana again, and if so – how soon, how many years (from now 2012)?


As it is mentioned in the works of Madame Helene P. Blavatsky, the Vimana and the Djin pilots, the known masters of the dark forces, created and used artificial created life forms as flying machines, as in mentioned in Ashtar Vidya. These machines required the blood of a pure man, to as fuel. The giant Djin masters, the “lords of the Dark Face” and their machines were something mankind today would consider mother-ships. The smaller personal vehicles barely large enough to man two used artificial automatons as pilots. On occasion, a human would steal the craft for their own uses, usually to his detriment – either by crashing the craft to the earth. Usually the hapless fool discovered himself captured and beheaded for his brash decision to steal from the Djin masters, never a wise idea.


The idea of attempting to rebuild one of this ancient flying machine is a grave mistake. I don’t mean the concept of building a flying machine – we already have them, thousands of them, however to recreate the Vimana, the evil intent and fuel required (the blood of a pure man) that thought has always caused the fall of mankind. The spiritual works of all races include the concept of mankind’s evil intent to simulate the works of the ancient gods. Not once did the spiritual works include mankind in successful attempt to recapture the works of the gods. So – when will the human race master the ability to build and use the Vimana? When the human race is successful, it will be the end of their cycle as the master of all they see.

(5)    I have been reading your stories on your Facebook pages, where I have found we both have a mutual interest in Bigfoot, Yeti, the Sasquatch being which has been seen by many throughout the back wood areas of North America and incorporated into native myth folklore as on other continents. One of the questions that keeps coming to my mind as I read on Bigfoot is: do these beings come from a priesthood of a very ancient race that is working off their karma presently while residents of this prison planet? And how would one describe their prison caretakers or protectors, depending how one views their karmic relationship?



Major Tom Castello, the controlling commander of Dulce Base, heard rumors from several workers inside Dulce Base regarding a small cluster of the elusive Sasquatch living deep inside the alien section of Dulce Base in New Mexico. The eastern section of the Base remains forbidden to human workers, including Tom. He thought it would be impossible to confirm the rumors until Tom requested a friendly female reptilian worker to physically confirm the rumor. Tom pressed her for information and Ka’Adella to confirm each Sasquatch is part of an ancient priesthood formed to safeguard or protect the giant sacred crystals growing near the natural hot sulfur springs east of the Base. She returned more than Tom expected, she was able to discover the local Sasquatch’s position and more. To the human race the Sasquatch leader or pontiff, or best described as a pontifex or high priest. However, the Sasquatch is not human but a hybrid creature created by the Lemurians and Atlantean races. The Lemurians used genetic selection to create their hybrid humanoid animal. Lemurians cross bred the largest gorilla and their strongest athletes or warriors their race to guard the sacred crystals. These hybrids remain silent, to endure pain and to obey instantly. Over the centuries, they have stayed faithful to their position without the need constant supervision. Their programming included avoiding humans at any cost. 


As a protector of the sacred crystals or the “En-Soph in stone”, (the first manifestation of Light) they do not consider their position as ‘prisoners’ or ‘victim’ to them, nothing else matters, they dedicate their lives to the crystals to prevent damage to the stones, and to make sure the crystals have the space or room to grow. In their lifetime they each choose a mate to replace themselves and teach the ancient wisdom of protecting the sacred crystals.


The cluster of Bigfoot or Sasquatch living in Dulce Base are never seen by the human workers; they live in the most east section of the Base, and is a remote enclave near the sulfur springs, and past the underground river there. This exclusive cluster are reclusive and do not interact with the reptons or greys near them.

(6)    With legitimacy to our own personal paradise here on Earth, how much further along do you envision that Humanity in part or in whole should begin seeking other pastures with the necessary support systems as we have presently on this planet?



This is one of the questions I wish you hadn’t asked, because I do not like to deceive anyone. I do hope you will allow me to ramble just a little and perhaps fumble a bit while I attempt to mention ancient lore. 


According to several esoteric literature sources the human race - a created race, must never escape this planet. Their equipment could escape this planet, this solar system, but dare not attempt to leave the planet. This in a prison planet, not just a cute term bantered in various books or online sites.  Spiritual books confirm there was a major conflict in the celestial sphere - of the abode of God. During the war, one third of the angelic group were cast out of the heavenly kingdom, and with it came Satan, the one angel who dared to challenge God – and lost. These outcast angels chose – unwillingly – to live on a remote planet on the most outer edge of God’s galaxy.  For guards, God chose a fierce caste of soldier angels, the Cherubim, to patrol Earth or Terra.  Satan and his friends cannot leave their prison, but they have a complete planet to keep themselves entertained. They created several groups of beings to do the work for them, and from time to time, they destroy the race they created, and start again. One of their favorite games they play is pretending to be human.


It is natural a wish to long to travel through space and time, to visit long desired planets on most distant worlds, but it is just a dream, and all prisoners long to be free. Visitors do arrive sometimes, but they enjoy the safety of guarded for their long visit through human incarnation. They are the lucky ones – when their human body dies, they leave and return to their original planet. The other human races are recycled over and over.

 (7)    With this new attention today on Mars, as it is once again perceived as a place for migration from Earth, do you see in the ancient architecture on Mars (as proposed by Richard Hoagland) a configuration whereby we Humans can better realize what Mars holds for Us? Is Mars meant to be only a way station for Us as we go deeper into Space or do you see it as a world that will provide a long stable home where a new civilization will flourish perhaps with ‘others’ from distant places?


Mars the planet - is a dead world, and perhaps a sparse race inhabits the underground under the red soils of that planet, looking or hoping for a chance to be notice, rescued from the forgotten world. It would be the perfect place for a way station, not far from Earth, with polar winters, water pockets under the soils.  The two artificial moons would be the first place any intelligent beings would notice – and check for signs of life.  The visible pyramids, faces and other signs of life indicate this world at least once held sentient life. I would like to hope NASA and other private space travelers would visit Mars, if not in the human body, but at least in equipment. I regret that I can’t discuss this subject as much I would prefer, I have explained as much I dared.

 (8)     Are there any particular subterranean systems you envision that will open up as we humans continue to evolve into 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness? Are you seeing that the Pyramid of Cheops will affect the future fate of mankind as we gather momentum into the coming times?



The viable consciousness in the human race holds unlimited possibilities. Everyone can improve their personal lot by raising their awareness through meditation, prayer or study. It is possible to visit other dimensions, to personally evolve on this planet. One must strive for your own ‘personal best’ no matter your neighbor can or cannot do, but to do that, one must offer aid to others, it a personal paradox that few understand, or contemplate.  I do believe each human can remember that the best way to improve your self is to help someone else. In forgetting your own needs and wants and concentrate on the needs of others, your consciousness becomes raised. To attempt to evolve as a race, they first must help your neighbor. When one is constantly dwelling on ego, one cannot evolve.


In the future the Pyramids of Earth will continue perplexing the human race, challenging them to solve this ancient riddle. Through centuries the human race have measured, weighed, photographed and studied this memorial. The multitude theories regarding pyramids need to be explained, not only the pyramids blasted by the winds and sands in Egypt, or pyramids deep in dense jungles in Central and South America, Far East and under the oceans, all of the pyramids need be studied. They too, hold the secrets not just of the past, but the secret of the future. Pyramids withstood the weathering of time and history and the Fate of mankind; will the human race also  endure weathered by time?



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