Spiraling Upward - into past... 4000 years...length of light waves

One thing I forgot to comment on which I need to remind myself over
and over is that the process we use as humans is we measure our time
on Earth as a linear concept, and we neglect our light consciousness
as the truer reflection of our existence, that in maintenance, high
maintenance of our truer existence.

I had accepted for many years (my deal with God) that I would live
85 years and then accept that as the end time on Earth; that I would
be protected from any accidents - et cetera, until that time. I even
arranged my death by car accident at 85, very thoughtful of me so as
I wouldn't disrupt my 'deal'. Then some thing upset this whole
thing, and that was that on meditating on Telos inside Mt. Shasta I
was swept inside the mountain into some kind of temple with huge
thick round like gold pillars where I was given 3000 years of light energy. Threw my
earlier gig right off. I thought I was comforting God with my
willingness to cease partaking of the free air on the planet at 85,
a modest number I thought at the time of approx. 26 years of age
when I made the deal.

After receiving the 3000 years of light energy inside Telos I had to
start a whole new game plan from scratch. The top hat of my rational deal making
thinking was removed.

Now, I see that it is not the length of years one is, but the actual
measure of light energy (angstroms) that determines where one is
going/having/being. The Apotheosis begins as one gets beyond the
common measure of light (say 85 units of light by years) and goes
into the several thousand years of light. So, I am thinking that
3,000 years of light equates/recognizes/connects with 3,000 years
into the past where it was common to bump up with Immortals walking
the various paths of the planet Earth.

A couple days ago, I woke with that feeling that I was 3000 years
powered up
I was there again in that mode certainty...confidence. I do not
know for sure how it got jilted loose, but it was good to feel that
high energy again.

Immortally speaking,