Mt. Shasta, The Door to Eternity                                   written September 10, 2007

I have visited the mountain of Mt. Shasta in Northern California 3 times, 7 years apart, over the past 21 years. Each time has been inspirational, powerfully activating my inner current. This last visit during the first week of September 2007, I passed over to a place where physical and pure spirit are as one. This was a unique experience. I call this experience a ‘miracle’.

I realize that all the work, all the personal work with myself and all the work that has been done on this website, has lead to the opening of the door into the true world, however very far away it is or so very close, it is revealed when the intent and the clarity of the mind and heart are one. Here, inside our Self and inside to the origin of planet Earth, there is a bridge created.

I first wish to build a short introduction by describing a few events in the days leading up prior to the experience.

We, a group of friends and myself, are staying at a house retreat the last week of August in the city of Mt Shasta 12 miles from the mountain area called Panther Meadows. On the 3rd night of the arrival while sleeping in the house, I was woke by a strong voice speaking perfectly clear, “hey Greg”.  I looked about from my bed bug eyed, my head barely moving, gazing at the outlined features of the room, which was bathed in full moonlight through the window; no one was there. The voice was of none of the people of our party. After several minutes passed I slipped back into sleep. Approximately two hours later I was awakened again, this time I saw clearly before me at the foot of my bed a woman standing. She did not have human density but was ethereal, her form clearly seen before me. She was dressed in a white and gray criss-crossing swaddled robe, her face was not visible and her hair was barely seen as light blond color. An aura of pink and light blue came from the base of her neck. There was a beatific nature in her graceful poise. Her words spoke through spirit “we are the People of the Northern Mountains”, her arms were to her sides the hands opened, the spirit of her people accepting me I slipped into the grace of this natural exalted realm.

I felt so very calmed by this experience, and rested deeply till morning looking forward to my stay in Mt. Shasta even more than previously my anticipation of the coming days. I woke telling my friends of the experience, a great peace had entered me.


For the following three days the ‘people of the northern mountains’ downloaded incredible knowledge to me on many, many things. Finally on the third night of this ongoing light journey there was before me a sheet of energy unfolding, on it thousands of symbols of all kind were shown flowing about on this sheet of energy, each symbol separate from each other in the same perfect distance. Then one symbol came out of the sheet and was shown distinctly, viewed magnified to my eye; “this is what you must follow” the voices spoke. I recognized the symbol to be the Omega sign Ω. That night the energy of the People of the Northern Mountains slipped away, and I then entered the many gardens that Mt. Shasta offers in the cosmic substance known as Panther Meadows. It was as if the many gardens grew and moved, their energy ever captivating the mind. I was in a part of paradise.

After my friends stay of five days at the house retreat in the town of Mt. Shasta they bid me farewell with my full camping equipment, on the mountain at the Panther Meadows campsite, returning to their homes in New York.  I had chose earlier to stay an additional 8 days camping on the slopes of Mt. Shasta so as to become more thoroughly energy saturated by the mountain. My last visit being 7 years earlier, I truly needed Mt. Shasta mountain to help in changing my spirit and mental outlook and wakefulness. I had spent the better portion of the past two years working, buried in my studio in New Jersey, and now the forest of Mt. Shasta was to remind me of the primal natural life that exists in God’s Kingdom, a natural life I had allowed to slip by out of my experiential reach for too long.


A New Campsite

The camping stay limit at Panther Meadow’s main campsite is 3 nights, and after the third day camping I began looking for and decided on a new camp spot approx. 500 yards to the south of the Panther Meadows campsite down the very steep slope. The night air was becoming rapidly cooler each night and I knew that if I were to camp on the high slope to the east, as I previously wanted, the mountain air would soon be very cold. I was not prepared to camp through cold nights. Therefore I decided to set my tent down on the lower slope, a ways south of the Panther Meadows camp. I measured the directions using my compass as directly south, drawing a line off the apex of Mt. Shasta through the main campsite, down to where I now set up my tent in a beautiful grove of large 70 foot plus high pines. I figured the compass fixing off the mountain apex, through the Panther Meadows main campsite would give me sufficient point for the time being that first evening, to set up camp. In the morning I would scout out the area and make a thorough assessment of the lay of the wood and memorize the feature points.  I felt secured in the grove of trees which would be my home in the forest of the shadow of Mt. Shasta for the next five days. How beautifully the green moss hangs on the trees there. I was enveloped in the beauty and bliss which make up Mt. Shasta. I felt I had returned to my true home.

After smoothing the ground beneath and setting up my tent my first night, I decided to walk East over two ridges on the slope to the creek and wash up. It was a lower section overflow of the creeks from Panther Meadows, and there were very few people who visited this area. I left all my personal things in the tent, including my I.D. and compass, only carrying a small sized pen flashlight in my sock and my plastic jug with water. I had no shirt on, only my walking shorts and hat, carrying my washcloth. I judged there was approx. a half hour of sunlight left, and I planned on only spending a few minutes at the creek to wash up and then I would return directly to my tent. I was calm knowing there would be plenty of time to clean up at the creek and head back to the tent before the Sun was down. I was feeling very good how things were going. I was very pleased with setting up the new camp in the grove of trees far away from any other activity. I would have my peace to meditate on Mt. Shasta over the next several days. After these thoughts passed through my mind, I steadily made steps to the creek.

After washing at the creek, I was taken in by the creek’s beauty and walked further down the slope south along the creek, continually caught by the rapture it created, water being ever magical, hypnotizing, soothing. Shortly, I realized I should be getting back to my new camp, I was running rapidly out of light, the sun was nearly down. Still I had plenty of time to make it back to my tent before darkness would set in I assured myself. I began the walk back to my tent, believing that I would find it easily.

As I walked along I began to realize that I had walked a greater distance down the slope along the creek than I had thought, having not calculated the distance properly; I had clearly passed too far south from the grove of trees with my tent. The sun now had gone down, and as I continued in walking I soon came to the 1989 avalanche area to the west with the many broken and fallen trees. I knew I had completely missed the grove with the tent, and I was a little alarmed.


The Night was Just Beginning

I decided not to back track, which would make my situation even more difficult; I had crossed a lot of land without seeing my tent and now I would have to get my self out of a fix, the problem of getting seriously lost was on me. I had no shirt on and the night would soon be cold. Neither did I have my compass, to calculate or approximate as to a close placement of my new campsite.

I decided to go through the avalanche area and up to the road; the forest to the right was too steep an angle, too thick, too difficult to climb upward; I could see car lights passing up above the avalanche area on the road leading up to Panther Meadows. I decided to get up on the road. Using the silhouette of the peak of Mt Shasta as my guide, I gathered my strength and began crawling carefully and steadily over the many fallen branches and trunks in the avalanche area; soon it was necessary to bring out my small flashlight from my sock to see that I would not trip. Seizing the small flashlight carefully, fearing that if I dropped it in the cracks, and if it went out as it fell, I would surely be lost in the dark. I continued to move on what became a very tedious climb over hundreds of high thick trunks and twisted branches. A thought sharpened my mind, and I spoke out to myself – “I come from a family of woodsmen, I know what to do”. I repeated this, this thought gave me more confidence, still I realized my night was only beginning, and without a shirt the cold may be too much. I became a little worried of becoming then ill, and I would have to return to New York directly, some thing I truly wanted to avoid.

I moved carefully up the steep slope with the fallen trees, up to the road, very careful not to catch my leg or ankle in the elbow of a fallen limb. The supreme difficulty of getting out of a sand pit was also stressing my mind. There were steep sand hills all around. Mt. Shasta, for the unaware, can be a very dangerous place in certain areas, especially after dark. Alone, without a guide or compass, one can panic and feel a deep incomprehensible dread.

I carefully chose my foot settings through the avalanche area of broken timber and avoiding the high sand slopes finally pulled myself over the rock abutment lining the road and onto the pavement, sensing relief. From there I walked on the paved road a good distance and then into the paths of Panther Meadows where I filled my plastic jug in one of the streams. I knew I would need plenty of energized water while looking for my new campsite with my tent in the grove of high pines, laying somewhere; waiting for me there was still a calm full night of sleep. I then walked through the Panther Meadows main campsite heading directly South, over the lip and down the slope at a very steep angle, determined to walk the forests all night long if need be, to find my tent.


As I came down from the main campsite of Panther Meadows, and down the steep slope, I chose my steps carefully. After walking down to the middle of the slope I became distraught. Though my small flashlight showed my foot settings, I became wrapped in a thicket of strong wiry small trees, apparently a thick wooded area I had managed to avoid during the daylight hours. Now the branches of this thick wood scraped the bare skin of my back and legs as I stooped making very little headway. The dread that I would soon be lost in some strange ritual of great discomfort enveloped me. At some point I would then need to return to the higher rocks and start over again, that is, if I was able to keep my wits firmly in place. And now, the test of will to keep my wits was coming on strongly.

Then in the moment of this pressing duress I heard a voice in my head calmly say “I want to help him out”. This struck me as very odd, even perhaps a manifestation of delirium. And then, there, in front of me, in through the thicket of trees I saw a light, a clear white light at the center with an aura of yellow and then red. It was perfectly still and I could not help but feel I was headed to someone’s campsite in the wood. There was ‘someone else out there’ I quickly accepted. I decided, though with some hesitancy to walk as best I could in a straight line towards this light, perhaps the people at this campsite with the bright light would not find my intrusion rude and would willingly help me find where my tent was. Anyway it was worth a try, I was running out of options, and I headed towards this bright still light in the woods.

As I walked further down the hill through the many trees over approx. 150 yards, the light did not waiver, did not move in anyway, but was perfectly still and level; assuredly not a hand held flashlight, nor a fire, or a lamp hanging from a branch in the slight wind of the forest. With my eye steadily on the light, I broke free from the wooded area of the slope stepping into a meadow area. In that singular moment the light was off. I looked about. The disappearance of the light struck me dramatically. I then walked several more steps now in the dark with my small flashlight, and there I saw to the left my yellow tent, sitting alone where I had left it approx. 2 hours before, set in the quiet night in the grove of high pines. Ever so thankful for my return to my nest, which of many things had my I.D. for my return flight to New York, I then looked about. No noise, no sound of steps, no table or flat rock for a lantern so still and level to sit upon. There were no foot imprints in the sand, no breaking of twigs heard on the many twigs carpeting the forest floor. There was nothing, not a wisp of smoke - the light that had guided me to my tent and who ever had placed the light - was simply gone!

I unzipped my tent and sat down inside. Overcome with the thought that I had just experienced a miracle of some kind, some dimension. I accepted I had just experienced an alternative reality on the slopes of Mt. Shasta and I was extremely overjoyed. Somehow inside I knew that this ‘light’ was a key to my future destiny with Mt. Shasta. I felt it was a bridge into Eternity, perhaps the Fifth Dimension, and I had just walked across that bridge and into the heart frequency of the spirit of Mt. Shasta… for some 30 seconds!! I felt I had been waiting 20 years for this experience to manifest. And now I just realized how great the journey was that lay before me. I had walked into and glimpsed a portion of the past and stepped into the Eternal Now. Totally refreshed in this experience, I knew my past personal world had verily collapsed from memory and now my new life near Eternity was beginning. Everything now was a projection of the Eternal Now, it had always been this way, however beyond my conscious mind – the Eternal Now always has been and always is, it is all that is.

The joy of being free from the irrelevant overcame me, as I sought to distinguish what would make me a better person through this new experience.


Four days later I walked off the slopes of Mt. Shasta with a greater hope. I know now that when ever I think of Mt. Shasta it will be of the first time I was lost in the forest, and someone out there, some force or power came forward and rescued me from a further nightmarish experience. It was a ‘true miracle’ - twenty years in the making.

A light of hope is secure within me. I know this light will always return me Home. Mt. Shasta and Eternity, will never slip away from my heart or mind.

Home, Mt. Shasta, Eternity – Now, are all One.



Peaceful awakenings,

Greg Publishing  co 2007, All Rights Reserved


Mt Shasta Visitation 2.23.08

Hyperspace – Beginning, Always

The Shaman Guide and I decided on a hyperspace journey to Mt. Shasta a couple days past. We agree to meet at the pool on the slope of Mt. Shasta at a specific time, a place we earlier visited together during the Summer ‘07. The pool is formed from a source of water coming from inside Mt. Shasta, located at Upper Panther Meadows.

On entering the area, I am struck by the coolness of the location. The atmospheric and nakedness of the igneous rock tell me that I have entered in a past primordial time. The Earth around is new cooled lava rock. There are many crater forming pools of pure water in the cooled rock. There is no dust, no trees, only a lichen type fungi which is covered over the rocks. I walk along shifting forward through several time cycles as the mountain is one of grassy paths and meadows. The voice inside tells me that this is what the primitive nature soul seeks to identify with, the renewing age, the primordial time just before the Age of Man. What American Indians dwell on. This is the building block of pure oneness of the conscious spirit with planet earth.

I glide further along the timeline.

I now shift focus to the tunnels leading into the mountain, which is the reason that I have come here. I am looking for an underground technologically advanced key location, a vestige of Telos.

I begin by gazing into the mountain of Mt. Shasta, while taking my VRIL and placing it on my chest – the escalating frequency moving rapidly, feeling the energy domain of the spirit-physical heighten quickly; I follow through the tunnels deeper inside the mountain. There is a jolt of power as I see before me in a large cavern area, a golden (appearing) tube wheel moving horizontally, with another tube wheel moving vertically. They are both intersecting, fashioned in some advanced alchemical model of seeming future content. There are people boarding onto this machine through an adjoining bridge.  Past this machine I see a ramp leading into still deeper tunnels and onto a very evolved monorail system, which enters a vast subterranean area containing an intricate network of light energized tunnels, running in many directions deep below the surface of Earth, on a plateau of geological substratum.

I am so struck with the evolutionary advancement of this tool, the cross-dimensional machine with the two wheels intersecting, that I come out from laying in my meditation trance and sit up, shocked at the experience. I begin walking my room, upset in the knowledge that the order, and the technologically advancement of the TELOS realm was so strong, that I would have to change my interface, my present process of observation and entry, that I would have to become as a child, with the mind of innocence to enter this plane of energy, to remain balanced, astute. Whatever magic accessible in the multi-universal-dimensional machine in front of me, was for those who accessed through purist intent. No predator-ial consciousness, no deprecating laughter, no surface culture decadence. The structure of this place, with its crossing-multi-dimensional machine, located before one enters into the subterranean network was of a strict and higher order. It was a place to confront oneself and build character as one receives new experience and higher knowledge. No one can go deeper into the Inner Earth structure without awakening their inner Kundalini, their pure VRIL. I had been speaking with my associates a few days ago how I believed Immortal power begins in the activation of the Solar Disc in the Solar Plexus.

Why is this order of the Inner Earth so strong?

One may believe there is a covenant with Mother Earth, in that the Crystalline Grid gives powers and capabilities severely opposed-distant from the lifestyle of the present surface culture. That these powers are of such a great order, that to dwell inside Our Planet – one must be consistently one in the level of worship: absolute divine cause - absolute benediction.

The activating levels found deep in Telos of Mt. Shasta await those who seek entry.

I went back into the meditation trance space and found myself standing on the down slope of Mt. Shasta, in the trees below the camping area; before me stood a man dressed in mail, that of a knight, no crown. He was looking at a scroll map, and now rolled it up, a sense of contentment/satisfaction on his face. He was now aware of territories that existed in places unseen. I realized that before, I had been seeing Mt. Shasta as a physical place, however magical in its content, still a contained place with borders. Now, I realized it was a portal to multi-dimensional realities. A Doorway to Places that we only think of in our dreams. Places that only Immortals of immortal awareness and immortal attuning consciousness are able enter.

This is a time of re-awakening to what we once were.

Greg 2008



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