Mt. Shasta, Put Here for Us to Learn Who We Really Are

Mt. Shasta, The Door to Eternity, Experience on the Mt. Shasta Slope

Mt .Shasta Apex and Perimeter 

Spiraling Upward - into past... 4000 years...length of light waves

Instructions for Using Mt Shasta Crystal

The Circle of Crystal, Opening the Healing Channels of Mt. Shasta

On the morning of the 27th of August 2007 I sat down before the computer at the house retreat on Alma Street in Mt. Shasta, seeking to best communicate our journey on Mt. Shasta to date. As I was sitting there gazing at the photo of Mt. Shasta on the screen something very strange happened.  The face of  the mountain appeared as if it had been sheered off and now I was peering into the very interior of the mountain. I was immediately shocked telling my friends that I had just been ‘shown the interior of the mountain and that it was full of crystal!’. It was not unlike the inside of a geode, completely packed inside with crystals.

Later that afternoon I watched and assisted the Shaman Guide of the Hollow Earth Circle lay out the circle of crystals for the Mt. Shasta evocation and the consecration of the crystals on the south facing slope in the portal of the Mt. Shasta crystalline matrix. As we sat at the points of the ancient Indian medicine wheel I knew that the Shaman Guide who had earlier bestowed on me the experience of Eternal Life, had woken deep Immortal Consciousness and had taken me through the many portals of the planet, was now preparing  for many to awaken and receive in higher consciousness the power of the Mt. Shasta portal.

The Shaman Guide describes their mission as the healing of Mother Earth and the helping of humanity to better identify with Mother Earth’s true needs.



Guardian of Mt. communication with this Guardian revealed the portal and the vast crystalline contents of the volcanic mountain....bringing the energies of the crystalline grid to the surface....releasing the wisdom of the mountain entity, a living being.  The pyramids were built to honor and replicate the great mountains and their powerful vibration, as temples of man's adoration of mother earth and her symbiotic relationship with the hu-man.