Use of Mt. Shasta Crystal, The Door to Eternity                    


The Crystal can be held during meditation to help the mind to quietly attune to the vibrational frequency that has been encoded from the crystalline grid ancient medicine wheel and the spirit of Mt. Shasta.  This frequency is a very powerful portal (vortice) that can help one communicate with those who dwell in the higher dimensions on the mountain, and also with devas of the mountain as an earth chakra.  This will attune you to the Earth, as the Mt. Shasta Chakra is the 1st Root chakra of the planet.  This will help ground you while you travel astrally, hyperdimensionally, or bilocation, or any other means of out of body experiences. The crystal holds the energy of the Portal/ if you were there in the physical.

Double Terminated Black Quartz from China.  This crystal is said to balance all chakras and meridians. It is also excellent for dissolving energy blockages and spiritually purifies, protects and cleanses the aura and the environment while grounding the body. It is also used in crystal healings of any type, removing  toxins and other impurities, while moving illness energies out of the body. In new age circles it is said to protect the wearer from energies of the lower astral planes and does not allow darker energies into your auric field while cleaning out the existing darkness that you may be unconsciously carrying around with you. Preventing further karmic debt by understanding and ceasing all acts of uncompassionate, cruel behavior, and awakening tolerance and allowance. Facilitates fasting and abstinence from that which one chooses. Enhances healing and meditation. Induces total centering of the self and has, when accessed properly, produced an energy conducive to awaken your channeling abilities and greatly enhances dream awareness.  It also attunes one to ancient knowledge and enables one to receive communication from positive beings.

The crystal tends to contain a very powerful "OM" vibration, prompting the inventive powers. Black Quartz also greatly expands your consciousness while healing your nervous system, thereby preparing you for exposure to very high frequencies. This is the reason why the Black Quartz has been chosen for Mt. Shasta, Lemurian communication.  It certainly has the ability to hold the higher dimensional frequencies that is required to “enter” Portals.

The Shadow body is in reference to ancient Egyptian, and Hawaiian Huna teachings, the darker self must be acknowledged and forgiven. In modern times, we often find it so easy to forgive others, meanwhile forgetting that it is our own selves that we must learn to forgive. We easily embrace the Light, and push all darkness away, ignoring, hiding and denying it from our consciousness. This inability to embrace our shadow side/dark side leads to disease, and unbalance, and a perpetual recycling of the body through death. Immortal awareness and Inter-dimensional travel prerequisites that one must incorporate….to make it part of the corporal body, this “shadow” self. Like Peter Pan, when he lost his shadow, he needed to sew it back on or he would loose his immortality and youthfulness. The old radio hero, the Shadow’s famous line, “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, The Shadow knows!!”

New Age channelers and visitors to Mt. Shasta have come to understand the vibratory rate at which one must expand to in order to be allowed entrance into the Higher Dimensions.

Double Terminated Black Quartz  attuned on Mt. Shasta within an ancient medicine wheel with Shamans and members of a special expedition to seek out the portal vibration and infuse these crystals with the frequency vibration to alter your DNA.  A tool to help Engage you into communication with higher dimensional frequencies, and help you to alter your vibration and raise yourself to the level of hyperspacial, astral, inter-dimensional, dream state or otherwise ethereal communication with the portals and vortices of Mt. Shasta.  Helping others to heal the imbalance of the male/female as with Mt. Shastina the female and Mt. Shasta the male. These energies are in need of this merger as it replicates our own need to blend the masculine and feminine, the dark with the light.  Allowing ourselves to prepare our bodies, minds, and spirits for the Emergence of the Lost Knowledge and Wisdom, Immortal Youthing (a you thing), time/dimensional travel, and even perhaps to finally know our true origins, meeting with our brethren that live outside our sphere of “reality”.  Mt. Shasta is known as the Root Chakra Energy, a very powerful grounding effect, linking one to the basic survival and creative process.  Very Earth orientated, whilst allowing the energy to rise through the body freely and balancing the body, mind, spirit.




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