Manhattan Deep Subterranean VRIL Astral Journey

      Manhattan Deep Subterranean VRIL Astral Journey 

       (schematic below)

VHEC October 2010

Though I have been very curious on the subject of the subterranean regions below Manhattan, due to the  close proximity of this area where I live and the importance of this location, I was hesitant to introduce it to the VRIL Hollow Earth Circle until recently. 

Looking back on what I previously speculated the subterranean would be beneath Manhattan, and what I found, turned out to be surprisingly very different.

After this first journey 3 weeks ago I continue to gaze below during opportunities of relaxation, trying to understand better what I am viewing. One may return to these locations, viewing many times using the inner VRIL light energy arc, and acquire new insights.


Remote-viewing Below Manhattan

Presently I accept that the reason for New York City’s location, other than it has good harbors, is that there are a number of large caverns in the depths leading to a tunnel opening into the Inner Earth at the 35 mile mark. Below this mark there is a star city haven, a place one with the determination to awaken their ‘VRIL light body’ can visit today with true awareness of the surroundings.  This ‘star city’ will ascend into the 5th dimension as will the many other star cities of the planet Earth - in the coming ages.

Down below Manhattan these large caverns have sheltered various groups through the centuries. I am seeing one major Native Indian group taking residence earlier (for some time) deep below, with access to an entrance into the heavenly realm which lays still deeper underground. This area and corresponding entrance was cut off prior to the 1600s, most notably prior to the increased emigration of European settlers. Over time this cavern was visited by Europeans who mixed with the native Indians below, having accepted themselves also as deep underground residents of these large cavern areas.  

Going north is viewed a larger open cavern stretching beneath Long Island. Over the centuries there are several Indian tribes seen who found entry points on the surface into this large cavern below.  

In previous remote-viewing sessions it has been observed that during the 1500s many of these entrances leading into the Inner Earth were being closed on the same time line in other parts of the world; this leads one to the belief that there was a major transitional period during this time – a time where the veil was coming down on humanity and a new age of darkness lasting some 500+ years being initiated: the removal of light giving immortal VRIL from the surface populace as a whole. The reasons for this action are not fully known, but may be revealed with further study.



Engineering in the Depths Below

During the VHEC session in the beginning of October 2010, I am looking into the depths below Manhattan and seeing numerous stretched steel (metal) cables coming from above down into the depths. I can only imagine that these cables served as a means of moving materials, equipment and workers from above down into the depths, and back to the upper area. From my viewing angle near the large cavern chamber ceiling(?) I am seeing the tops of houses and buildings, reflecting on an earlier account of an elderly retired Army colonel that below the major cities of the world there are likewise other cities, often described as replications of the cities as above, in some manner.  As I look into this underground environment I see there is no movement, sound or people – nor things – about.  Everything is very still – abandoned, total quietude.

I am very curious from where I can see down below past between the cables, curious that the roofs of these building are covered with gray dust, not a thin layer by any means, but a ‘very’ thick layer. This dust lay on the buildings as one will see 6 feet of snow laying on houses in the Midwest after heavy snow storms in great drifts, covering the roofs and windows down to the ground.  This struck me even more curious as to wonder where the source of this thick layering of dust came from.  One would think it would be volcano dust, as there is so much. But I did not sense this as a source of volcano dust.  As the following days past I remembered that over here in New Jersey there are tunnel openings that have been barred off so that people would not venture down through them and get lost or hurt; I also read that the winds clocked at the entrances of these tunnels were as strong as 45mph. This lead me to the belief that the dust I was seeing beneath Manhattan came from many tunnels linked to varying areas where structures were burrowed -  mines that had drawn the dust to this area over a very long period of time, due to the neglect of using a control fan system that would move the dust out of the area below Manhattan. More recently I have been speculating that there is an ancient anomaly in this area, a magnet which attracts dust.

Still this did not bring me to the most curious experience I witnessed. As one enters into these portals the time line opens up and in past history below New York City- before me, I see these massive reptilians. Large reptilians of a predatory breed. I was quite alarmed – dramatically trying to figure out why were they there(?). I am hearing the time is the early 1800s. Why were these reptilians brought into here(?) – other than they were watchdogs that were used to remove all the humans and other animals that had wandered into or advanced into the depths. These humans of that time were not players in the secret societies’ agendas.

I had to concur = accept that there were indeed reptilians used as ‘controlled’ scavengers, who at designated intervals were released to hunt down the human and animal wanderers into the depths; and following the commands of their masters these reptilian watchdogs were then corralled back into holding pens. However strange this is, I did mention in an offhand manner what I had seen to another viewer without details to a timeline. This viewer said that such reptilians were recorded in the 1800s as being below New York City.  After hearing this, I decided that I would pursue this in future viewings.

Further on in the session I am sensing there is a man who has been appointed by higher ups in our government to control this area – their wish is to excavate the caverns below Manhattan making more room. His budget was basically infinite, being provided by the various government black projects which were in full swing (1920s-50s). Then there was another location discovered off the east coast deep below revealing a large circular formed cavernous area made of alien technology, in addition engineered by Atlanteans.

There was some discussion, a power struggle, infighting concerning these two locations: the one under the city and the one off the coast. In the end it was decided to abandon further excavation below Manhattan and pursue the already very well developed, large circular cavern area off the coast.


Following Thoughts

While viewing the various portal locations in North America, I am seeing there is an individual primary leader, benefactor, a Native American chief or high priest who controls – allows, travelers to go into the Inner Earth paradise. In order for one to enter into the Inner Earth the ‘light energy body’ must be strongly activated, whether one is VRIL astral traveling or entering in their ‘physical shadow body’.


For the one who pursues raising their light energy vibration to that of the Inner Earth, immortality and great wisdom is realized.

As is the divine true nature of humanity.


Peaceful journeys,

Greg Gavin – VRIL Hollow Earth Circle Coordinator


Use the Immortal Tools, You are There.
VRIL Empowerment 2010