More Stories of Lemurian Encounters with the Telosians

Subject: The Singing Voices From Mt. Shasta.   From Donald.       July 17, 2003.

  In the past, while Nola VanValer was living, she told me about the music that she recorded on the sides of Mt. Shasta.  It was the sound made by the people inside of the mountain and it sounded like an angel's chorus.  She was not able to find the tape recordings so I was not able to reproduce them but then I guess if you've heard an angel chorus they sound about the same as all the rest.  Here is the information about a person who has heard these voices lately.

Our Mt. Shasta Experience---

Our first trip to Mt. Shasta we all stayed at a hotel on the side of Mt. Shasta. There were three of us, myself, my wife and our good friend Paul. I had awakened from my slumber at about 6 A.M. as we were going to go hiking on the mountain that day. As I was waking
up, I became instantly aware that I had heard a very strange and unusual music just before awakening.

It wasn't like hearing with my ears, but like hearing music from another room being played very, very softly. I describe the experience as having the music played directly to my soul. The music had a very regal and noble quality to it, with a strong slow majestic beat to it. I was not aware of any voices singing at this time. I was quite surprised by this music and quickly asked my wife and friend if they had heard it. They indicated that in deed they had and described it in a very similar fashion.

That day we went hiking using a compass up the Northeast face of
the mountain, to tree line, which is what we figured was about 1/3
of the way up. On our long drive to Mt. Shasta, we had studied
some Sanskrit words of greeting, which we felt might jokingly come
in handy should we come across some Lemurians. To our surprise,
while hiking on the mountain, we called out "Ha joo ha" loudly and
received an almost immediate "Ha joo ha" back to us, in a different
voice back. We assumed that our friend, Paul who had learned the
Sanskrit greetings along with us, on the drive up, had responded
to our call.
    Joining up with him a few minutes later we questioned him
intensely, figuring he was pulling a prank. He very clearly had
not been the one to respond to our call.  We figured it might have
been an actual Lemurian responding.
   Another very unique experience we had on the mountain, was during
broad daylight, while I was sitting on a log chatting with another
person we had befriended while hiking, right in the middle of our
conversation, we heard what sounded like a women crying loudly for
about 5 or 10 seconds. There was no one around, including my wife,
who came up the trail a good several minutes later. I heard the
sound and so did the gentleman I was chatting with. This experience
was one of the more unusual we had while at Mt. Shasta.
    But our most unusual experience by far, was as we were coming
down the Northeast face of Mt. Shasta in a fairly remote area, using
nothing but our compass to guide us. There were no trails at all
in this immediate area. We had reached relatively level ground, and
had come to a beautiful open meadow area. I had raised my gaze up from the ground to see a man dressed in brown long robes very tall with a full beard and mustache facing and looking towards me. It was as quick as maybe a 1/100th of a second
and he was gone. In the split second that I saw this man I gave out
quite a knee jerk shriek, as I was caught off guard.  I had been quite absorbed into my thoughts previous to seeing him. My wife and friend Paul had not been looking in the same direction and had not seen the man. (darn-it!!)
    On our subsequent (three more)  visits to Mt. Shasta while camping
in our tent, all three of us heard Men and Women voices singing
separately and alternately, as part of a chorus, as well as
"Ohming". In all occurrences it would seem like the hearing of the
music was played directly to our souls, not heard with the ears.
Also, it was heard most clearly when we were drifting off to sleep,
although we heard the "ohming" even while we were awake, (this was
while we were camped deep into and near Military Pass road, with an
incredible view of Mt. Shasta). I remember going outside of the
tent to see if I would still be able to hear the "ohming" and I
could still hear it ever so faintly.
    We explored a lava cave, known as "Pluto Cave" with ceilings as
high as about 10 to 12 feet. Part of the cave ceiling had already
fallen in. We hiked as far back into the cave as we could into the
pitch blackness. It was at this point that we all felt like we were
being surrounded by unseen entities on either side of us.
    I'd love to hear about other peoples experiences at Mt. Shasta or
other places.

  Donald M
  San Diego, CA




The following is an excerpt from "Doorway to Eternity" by Kiara Windrider*

"One day, in June of 2001, I had a dream. In my dream, I have returned to Mt.Shasta and am driving up the mountain. Suddenly I am being pulled into some kind of vortex. There is a blinding sheet of rain in which I lose all sense of my surroundings. As I emerge from this sheet of rain I am in a clear valley unknown to me. I encounter a group of men I assume to be miners. They lok different from anyone I've ever met,and came out of an opening in the Earth. They speak of their companion that has been trapped in a mudslide, and after a moment's hesitation, I offer to go with them to see if there is anything I can do to assist.

The "miners" take me down long dark tunnels and passageways. Suddenly we emerge into an illuminated cavern. There are hundreds of people here, all of them copper-skinned, all of them radiantly beautiful. All of a sudden, I realize I am in Telos, the Lemurian city underneath Mt.Shasta, and begin to sob in the great wonder of this discovery.

Several of the dwellers of this underground city
place their hands on me. They confirm that this
indeed is Telos, and that they have invited me
here because it is nearing time for them to emerge into the surface
world, and they wish to
learn more about us before doing so. They say I have been one of them in
times past, and so
they have called me to them again. My heart is
so full. I've been looking for my home and my
people so long. Are these really my people?

Everyone here looks so young and vital. There
is a woman who tells me she has "dreamed" me here. I feel we have known
each other before and she smiles and hold out her hand.
We embrace, and I feel our souls becoming one.

Our communications are becoming more telepathic now. As I think a
question, the answers are spoken directly into my mind. The
woman says she is 253 years old, although
she looks about 40 to me. Everyone looks so
androgynous. There is a softness in people's
features. They tell me they can see from my
face that I have carried some pain. They say
there are changes being made now inside the
Earth, and that this landslide is the first sign
of their emergence to the surface.

"Will we meet people we can trust?"  they ask
me," people whose hearts are open to us?"
I don't know how to answer them. I am......

end of excerpt.




My Experience with the Telosians at Mt. Shasta, by Merel Sunde.

Date:  December 16, 2002 and June 2003.

Transcribed:  Taped on August 18, 2003, and typed on August 22, 2003.


ďI had arrived in Mt. Shasta on December 16, (2002). Three days later, there was a great deal of snow around.  We just had a snow storm. It was a beautiful day. It was a clear blue sky, and you couldnít walk outside for very long without very warm clothing on. So I was completely covered, I had my boots on, my gloves on, it was cold. And I had walked down the hill to the main boulevard. Done some shopping, on my way back up the hill as I was approaching the crest of the hill, I saw a man waking towards me. He had a long sleeve shirt on, a beautiful pale tan color, he had a tan color pair of trousers on, he had a tunic, blue sleeveless tunic on, and the thing that I noticed, the most was his skin. It was the most beautiful golden color, and in my mind, I immediately thought where did you get that tan from?  As he came closer towards me, we were on the same side of the street, as he walked up close towards me, he had long black hair down to his shoulders. And as he came abreast to me, he gave me the most incredible smile that just came from the depths of his being. Now I work with the energy of love, I use it, I am focused on it, all my actions are qualified through my heart, my thoughts are qualified through my heart, and so I had been working with this for quite a long time. And as he came abreast of me and he smiled at me with a brilliance of a smile, I was absolutely dumfounded. I could hardly smile back at this man, who was smiling this brilliant golden smile, full of love. Iíve never experience anything quite like it, he walked by me, I stood stock still in the street, and I wasnít in shock, I was just in a place of not disbelieve either. I was just in a place of awe, and do not use this word lightly, of what I just experienced.  When I finally began to look around and I turned around I could not see him, but there where a number of people walking down towards the boulevard. I could not distinguish his physical form. I want to see this man again, and I have not. But I strongly felt, that this being who had this golden color shining out of his skin, and who looked incredibly beautiful, was someone special! 


Since that time, I have been up on the mountain, and itís only been in the last couple of months (June 2003). I have been on the mountain with friends, we have done a meditation up there, and I asked specifically, the first time I have asked specifically to visit with the Telos, and in the stillness, a trunk of a tree presented itself and there was a doorway in the tree. And of course, I asked permission of the deva of the mountain, the deva of nature. I asked permission of all that there this, in, on the mountain there, and a doorway appeared and I walked down at an angle downwards through the mountain.  I didnít exactly walk, I floated down, my feet were not quite touching the ground, I floated down, and the atmosphere it was faintly red, it was, it had red a red, tinge to it. There was a group of people waiting, in the mountain, and it was a very short visit, just to acknowledge that they had granted what I had asked, to visit them in the mountain. So the visit was short, they were so kind and hospitable, very gentle. And then I came back up the pathway, the passage way back out through the tree on to the mountain. So those are the two experiences that I have had here. Tomís heart and my heart are very connected to service, like everyone else who hears this, we are all focused through the heart and we are all connected, and we are very open to be of any assistance we can. Thank you for listeningĒ.



From Angelina:  a few years ago, perhaps i should say a lot longer than a few as i was only 24 years old, living in boston, mass....i was at a concert....and as i was walking down the aisle to my seat i was approached by 4 young people....they stopped me as i had smiled at them...they began a conversation about traveling....i mentioned i had been to calif. last year and they said they had just returned..they had been at mt. shasta....i was now intrigued as i had been very interested in the hollow earth theory since i was 17 and had heard about the admiral byrd expedition and read the government reports from the library of congress....which explained nothing really other than theory or tales....they told me they had been in contact with lemurians who lived in Telos.....a dimensional city in mt. shasta....they gave me a pendant they said would allow me access....i since have lost it....i don't have any idea where it went but i no longer am in possession of it.....i made a promise to myself that i would go when the time was right......about 2 years ago...i began having dreams of going into the inner earth.....being shown things and learning about the Love that holds the universe together.....i was in contact usually with a person who i believe is adama as i now ask for him before i sleep to take me into telos and teach me about ascension......and raising my vibration and increasing my was then that i started noticing that i could put street lights out as i passed under them....sometimes up to 9 in a row....this has been documented by others who witnessed.....this is now a common occurance for me.....i use meditation with the sounding of the aums as i previously sent you larry....and i have attended dr. todd ovakaitys' dna activation courses.....and i intend daily to raise my vibration and "see with my eyes closed" .....and i was called to the mountain this summer....and when i felt like home.....i was guided by my inner voices to sit and sound the aums ..this is when we (my sister lidia, and i) saw the shimmering we approached it i saw adama....he was hanging in the his knee down area was shimmering....and i could only see the upper half of him....he stood with his arms folded and was pretty much smiling and laughing at a good way...when i saw if to react to my surprise that he was only half there....then like in star trek....he shimmered away...he had a pale blue tunic and had shoulder length blonde hair...just like in my dreams......when i slept that night....i was taken into a chamber in the top part of the mountain and was very aware during this dreamstate that i was not sleeping...i was with st. germaine, sananda, archangel michael, adama, and ashtar....and i believe a few from the elven council that i also visit in dreamstate......i was given activations and initiations...and when i awoke i was still there.....i was in two places at once....when i closed my eyes i coul d see it as good as i could see my room with my eyes open....and i have had similar experiences since in my yard and in joshua tree calif....and a few more during my visit to mt. is very easy to connect to this energy shift with practice......i think the sound vibration helps create the merkaba which shifts the reality into the dimension where the telosians dwell......i was given the impression that telos is on the mountain, occuppying the same space as the mountain...only vibrating higher....there were times when i was invisible to those passing us by....they couldn't see me at all....i even spoke but was ignored....this is how i prepared myself for the sure if you look within you will find a way to be in this is the only way to do it until they actually emerge....acension process......i hope this helps as its all i care to share right is an ongoing evolution of my light body integration...i am very agreeable as to a meditation on the mountain next year and leave it all in the hands of the universe....prepare yourself for this by knowing that it can be anywhere at anytime that you can have dimensional contact.....the portal lies within....Angelina



From Viviana: 


For the first time I was in Mount Shasta on Sept.6th 2003, because I wanted
to do firewalk. I didn't feel to stay with those people and the firewalk was
canceled later on in the evening. Deep inside me was very strong will power
to go to Mount Shasta during the day. The lady who led the firewalk group
told me that I have to go to see first Native American Indian guy Jack who
can give me permission to go up the Mountain. I found him. He spoke with me
only few words but he didn't want to tell me anything more - but it was just
right for me to know where to park the car and where to go.

When I was driving I was praying. I felt I'm coming to the special place.
The energy which I felt reminds me on Indian Ashrams. I parked the car at
Green Butte and start walking up the hill. Soon I came to the place with
some greens. Something inside me told me that there is special place,. I
didn't give attention & I went forward. Than again - somebody telepathically
told me that there is Special place and I went back. I walked around that
space and I recognized the difference in energy. Later on (on14th Sept.2003)
I showed  my friend Da that place. He told me that there is Saint Germain's
Metal. He was trying to find this place for years. By the way he was also
the one who gave me connection with you Frank.

So, I continued walking up the hill where there was no pathway anymore. It
was steep but I was running up the Mountain. Although I was first time there
I knew exactly where to go. I was praying. Somebody led me and spoke with me
telepathically. I came to the place with bigger rocks which were different
from others before. All the sudden I heard: HELLO! It was man's voice, deep
and clear, directed to me - but I didn't saw him, although I was trying to
find him. The voice came from the place which was very close to me. I
continued walking between rocks and I felt the presence of deep, deep
silence. I recognized the difference from the crystal clear energy that was
coming from the top of the Mount Shasta and it flows all the way down
towards the country. The place with deep silence was my final point from
where I was telepathically told to go back.

When I went second time to Mount Shasta on 14th Sept.2003, Da waited for me
at the beginning of this place when I was called to continue the way up the
Mountain. All the sudden I started to walk very fast although I almost
climbed. There were different stones around me and I felt that I'm very
close to the entrance. After I picked up two stones: one was red & the other
was yellow,  the voice inside me said: These are volcano stones. Beings
inside the Mountain live inside of volcano. Go back now! I went back to the
place where was my friend waiting for me and I asked him if these are
volcano stones and he said: Sure! I couldn't believe, because I don't know
well the stones.

I feel a deep appreciation to everything what it is there and for me is
Mount Shasta a new temple. Viviana Furlan 2009