Hi. My name is Dennis Crenshaw, as editor of THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER Research Report I want to welcome you to our web page at Onelight.com.
Someone once said that most scientists thought "the only "hollow" in the belief of a Hollow Earth was in the head of the believer, but it's that "except for" we at THEI explore.

Is the Earth Hollow? This intriguing question has attracted the attention of free-thinkers, scientists and a wide assortment of crackpots back through the ages.
A few years ago while looking into the Hollow Earth Theory I noticed that no one had seriously looked at the subject since the days of Ray Palmer and Raymond Bernard. THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER (THEI) was started to see if today's knowledge would dispel or support the theory. Either way I planned a book.

Also to my amazement I found that the theory was still up and running! Even after 30 years the Hollow Earth Theory couldn't be dismissed entirely.
Another thing I noticed about the Hollow Earth Theory - every thing that had been written until this point, other than some obscure stuff by Ray Palmer, was only aimed at the 'what'? of the story. Every story has many parts; Who? - What? - When? - Where? - Why? So THEI is designed to cover every aspect of what many call "the closest guarded secret in the world".

THEI has evolved into a 34 page underground magazine featuring information from a dedicated worldwide group of Insiders researching, not only the Hollow Earth/Subterranean Mysteries, but also reports on the UFO/Alien connection and other earthly mysteries, the New World Order and other conspiracies, plus anything else that is odd and unusual. If you are open minded enough to admit that no matter what the "experts" say you realize, "you really do not know" if the earth is hollow or not. That you really don't know if UFOs come from outer space. Of if there is a conspiracy afoot to control the world. Then, this is the spot for you.

Would you like to hear the latest tidbits flying around about the New World Order and "their" plan to control your every move, visit ancient underground cities, study other possibilities about the origin of UFOs, learn the true story of how the first American's really arrived here look at new scientific findings without the "establishment" spin...and gobs of other stuff no one else will mention as we study the evidence trying to unravel "the closest guarded secret in the world"? If you can honestly say you enjoy looking into every possibility, without pre-judgment.


Welcome to the cutting edge of the lunatic fringe!
If you think this is all a BUNCH OF BULL! If you know that what the establishment educational system, scientists, politicians, "free" press, and other media tell you is the final truth...then... adios, & happy surfin'!





Journey into the Depths of the
Earth in the Ancient Ship of a Mayan Lord



"The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report Vol III No. 3" presents perhaps the most definitive factual testimony that THEI has had to offer in terms of revealing a foundation in a true scientific format of inner earth examination, analysis, and report. The platform of knowledge offered here will boggle and push and pull on your established educational minds - presenting questions as to who is really in control of our environment and our source of modern knowledge. - onelight.com

Here are excerpts from one of the most comprehensive issues of
"The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report:
Vol III No. 3

dedicated to the late
Earl of Clancary, Brinsley Le Poer Trench,
author of "Secret of the Ages".


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