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“Under Down Under”, sends our minds through a series of eventful twists and turns, beset by strange subterranean beings, into the depths of the Earth through the portal of a dead volcano located in the northern section of the province of Queensland, Australia, and into the pristine kingdom of ancient Giant Elders. A unique perception to the riddle of a hollow earth and who and what exists beneath the surface, Gerry Forster’s voice is a master story teller that carries the reader through a labyrinth of hidden perspectives, as the near future, the new dream, reveals itself onto the central world drama, as it is turning, in our day.

A New Novel on the Hollow Earth by Gerry Forster published by Onelight.com Publishing


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Book Illustrations by Jerry Forster

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FOREWARD by Leslee Dru Browning  to 'Under Down Under'


Stories make our world. Stories are never memorized but always remembered, and they are the
means by which we explore the world of things, beliefs, and ideas. Stories educate, entertain and sometimes
explain the unexplained. Legend and myths combined over time can reveal truths that lift the veil of
ignorance from our eyes and show us that which we have missed.
An author brainstorms when he writes a story. He pulls from within him distant memories of ancient
pasts, sprinkles in present day events, and, oftentimes prophesizes with his pen, giving birth to stories
about future events. These stories hold clues to what we may expect to discover just around the corner of
life. It has happened many times; probably the most famous was the story of the Titanic, which was
written well before the big ship sank. Fiction writers write about things they see, or feel, they describe
events that most likely are true, but must be categorized as fiction only because they have yet to be proven
in the eyes of science. But, for a writer to describe an apple he must have seen and tasted the apple
sometime during his life. In this country apples are real, but I would bet that there are peoples in this world
who have never seen an apple, let alone tasted one, and would therefore tell you, if you were to describe
to them an apple, that the apple did not exist, thus, for them, the apple is fiction. I ask you then, can
anyone say that when an author writes fiction it is completely false, a total fantasy, a simple fabrication of
the imagination? I think not.

Gerry Forster is a storyteller in every meaning of the word in that he sparks our imagination; he
brings to life what others only dare to dream about. He makes us sit up and take note and wonder could
his story be true? His characters are unique and lively in that they are from different cultures and countries
that band together to bring the reader into a world where most dare not tread. They do this by introducing
the idea that we are not alone in this world, that we are not the only inhabitants of the Earth. Gerry
Forster's Under Down Under is a writers quest searching for the Hollow Earth. Many will say that a Hollow
Earth does not exist, cannot exist! I ask why not? Can any one scientifically prove that a Hollow Earth does
not exist? No. There is no hard evidence anywhere that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world
we call Earth and walk upon daily, is not Hollow. No one can say for sure that there is not a complete
civilization that lives beneath our feet. No one can say that the earth is not layered with cities on top of

Gerry Forster has no doubt in his mind that a Hollow Earth exists. His book sings the song of one
who has seen what most have yet to perceive. Through the window of his mind the vision came; pure
stories in the wind, currents of awareness from a less familiar part of the Earths realm guided his pen. He
welcomed the whispers and put his pen to paper so that we may all enjoy his story. He had no struggle
with this material, no strain. He makes no effort to persuade us to understand, to prove or disprove; to
believe or to disbelieve in his work. He wrote what the whispers had to tell and what belongs to him is here
in his work. His hope with presenting us with Under Down Under is that it may connect those of us who
read it with the Source from which it flowed, and perhaps allow us to imagine that a Hollow Earth may
indeed be very real.

Leslee Dru Browning, healer and author of Silent Thunder and Alice's Adventures into the Hollow

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