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The Power of Immortality Exists in One's Self,

Not in Another Being, Not in Another Life.

Immortality is the infinite awareness that 'I am alone with God' in perfect bliss, all power, all knowledge...

...the Kingdom of the Eternal is now my Home

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The use of this wand awakens the subtle energies, releasing them into the current of the body evoking the latent supernatural awareness inside all persons. This ancient current, the flow through and into the dynamic source, is the heart of the preservation of Kundalini as it rises from the threshold of the spine and arcs in the crown of the head.

This ring of fire, repeats itself again and again until one is fully immersed in the powers of invincibility.

These supernatural powers allow the user of the VRIL Generator to enter into countless realms unknown. Wherein Gods walk, for indeed all we are Gods, how often ill equipped we are at discovering this deepest truth.

Through the use of this magical tool of 'light giving energy', the frequency of the human body is adjusted to the Light Grid and receives contact in Earth's boundless life power. In practice, deep waves of life energy are accessed and  brought into the body from the energy well of Mother Earth, surprising the user.

This Gift of Light Energy acts as a conduit, a springboard off the Mother Earth Chakra, awakening humans to their true lineage as powerful energy extensions of the Immortal Gaia.

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Through continued meditation the angelic portion of the mind can be accessed. This powerful light energy is released into the vital makeup of the 'soul body consciousness' as the Realm of Visions is awakened. Wherein, Balance, Stability and True Power is granted to the aspirant.  

For Further INFORMATION on How to Order this tool for the awakening of the Power of Immortality and the opening of the conduit of supernatural power in Mother Earth go HERE
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Go HERE to download (free) the MANUAL on HOW TO USE THE VRIL GENERATOR, which gives practices, applications, and esoteric knowledge for the USE of the VRIL Generator (.pdf format readable in Adobe Acrobat)

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presented by Onelight.com Publications