Common Thoughts and Questions on VRIL


Can a person share the VRIL Generator with another person, or group of people?

 Two people, or group who share the same spiritual path may use the same VRIL Generator.


What is the VRIL Generator made of?

Bronze and brass.


Where does it come from? 



Who makes it?

Nepal Artisans.


Who originally gave humanity the VRIL Generator and why?

The Elders of Agartha in order to enlighten humans of the surface, return to the original will: VRIL.


Are there dark entities around the VRIL?

Dark or immature spirits are always around. True VRIL removes such spirits, who are still in slumber, from the practitioner.


Can I astral travel quicker if I use the VRIL Generator?

The VRIL Generator will assist in your ability to focus and receive quicker, greater amounts of energy, thus enabling the user to more efficiently enter into the astral streams. Effort in usage always equates results.


Will I be able to have telepathic communication with people in the Subterranean Kingdoms through the power of VRIL?

VRIL is central in the essence of energy inside the Earth’s Interior. With a full heart all communications are opened to anyone, anywhere, in the universe, of which the underlying force is VRIL. The VRIL Generator helps remove the resistance between two parties and helps strengthen alliance in communication. This is a very high level of communicating. Very pure will.


What measure of VRIL do I have?

There is a measure of VRIL in all living things. The greater it becomes, the more one is able to accomplish and become an immortal, or better stated, become increasingly aware of their immortal innate consciousness. The original state. Publishing 2007