There is a Global Subterranean Network at the 60 Mile Depth

When the excitation is too much, remember you will return.

I have found at the 60 mile mark depth while entering a tunnel in Brazil that there is a global tunnel network that connects all the continents and those that use the tunnels together. There are junctions which allow traffic up or down as well as many, many crossings.

Though I have understood that there is such a network, (I have read and heard of this place), it was not until I entered into one of its prime highways at one of its conjunctions that I realized immediately that a subterranean ‘global network ‘ does truly exist.

There are many agencies, peoples, colonies, and corresponding cultures that exist on these many subterranean passageways each handling their affairs according to their customs. This discovery in of itself will excite the journeyer with the hope of revelation of the incredible history, indeed ancient histories of these groups residing inside Mother Earth.

The key point I was on, revealed a strong straight highway from the northeast tip of Brazil to the southwest tip of Chile. From this highway alone there were many divergent routes patterning off into magical mind-boggling design(s). There may well be launch sites that astral visitors can take rides deep into our universe or other dimensions.

I look forward to examining these areas thoroughly and in time using these tunnels for adventures through out the globe, for many years to come.

Greg   11.5.05