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Enter the LIGHT GRID! The VRIL Generator, brings light energy into the body through the Earth's natural light power source!

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The Immortals of the Subterranean Kingdoms of Light, Agartha, are NOW announcing its reality to Surface Dwellers.

The VRIL Generator, is a blessed gift from 'the high astral technology of Agartha', by the surface and inner earth residents of the Agarthian lineage.  It is a synchronizer of the high frequency of energy-light, once activated in the inner space of self-originated consciousness, this energy is revealed through the act of practice, connecting simultaneously with the inner door, opening one's own inner and multidimensional reality to the external dimensional doors, which opens the space-temporal gates between the real world and the virtual one. Connecting One to the VRIL power, the hidden energy and awareness of Immortality.