What We Know So Far


1 The earth is not solid therefore the Earth sphere we reside on must be hollow. Or, the Earth is a hologram in which some may enter and others must see as solid. 

2 There are Elder Giants who are exalted in the nature of the universe and therefore perfect, who run the Earth. They are guided through the Central Sun, their higher reflection. They are kind and help those who show honor and respect and fullness of heart in character. Others, they ignore till they are more - ready.

3 There are many places in the Earth, some a surface human would be comfortable walking about in, other places are not so comfortable. There are palaces and crystal cities of great light and harmony wherein humans are allowed to have companionship with those of a more exalted kind.  There are great libraries in the Inner Earth where surface humans are welcomed to visit and read, and learn, and grow in themselves and of themselves with direct reflection of harmony and peace with the true reality of the universe. Not, hindered by those of the surface who tyrannize and suffer humans under a duplicitous form of savage conspiracy.

4 Through astral travels, telepathy, the interaction with Elders and persons of higher awareness residing in the Inner Earth, it is our belief and awareness that anyone, anyone who has the power of the heart fully opened and alive, shall be allowed into the Inner Earth and thence live a comfortable and paradisiacal life. Never having to re-incarnate or suffer the hardships that surface humans experience.

Unless, that is one’s choice.


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