IMMORTAL LIFE is Here for Us Now
Our Book
Immortal Manual: Re-Awakening the Immortal Current

"Conquering death through true Self-knowledge  

philosophy and agenda
introduction to what you are capable of -sustaining health no matter what
the objective: Creating Your Next Life Here, Now
Living Immortals
Removing the Death Brain Virus - Permission to Live
300 Years and Counting
Guides for Immortal Life Guides for Immortal Live 2nd vesion
Ten Components for Mastering Physical Immortality
Immortal products - tools
Immortal Crystal Chakra Activation

Immortal Think Tank

Interview on Human Immortality with writer Ben Bova
Food - lemons
introduction to - The Probability Clause
The Black Death, and How it Laid Down the Stone for the Beginning of the Renaissance
Reclaiming your Natural Immortality
Influencing Others - the importance of a pure environment
You Are not Ready Yet
The Brain Death Virus - how to be free from it
Re-Hypnotizing your Self
Immortal Sun Goddess
the movement
Immortal Revisionists
Temples Lands
A Perfect World of Immortals
Claiming Your Own Inner Dialogue
Where do Immortalists go to live?
Teleportation - gift of Immortality - Opening the Pineal Gland
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